Where there is mobile there is opportunity

Looks like mobile is the talk of town these days…after an inspirational STIMA evening last week, an IAB Think Mobile story this week. Held in the Google Offices on Tuesday IAB invited a collection of inspirational speakers from Google and others to talk about mobile, the impact and “responsive design”.  Bottom line of this day: Mobile is NOW! It’s happening whether you like it or not, and you better be ready….but when there is mobile there is always opportunity to connect and engage with your (individual) customer creating a (small) data set to even serve your customer more! Exciting times!

Let’s start with some stats on mobile in Belgium (from a Google and InSites Consulting study). By the end of 2013 70% of Belgians will own a smart phone (now 47% – with Christmas and New Years day being huge catalysts in augmenting this number!). If asked where they use their mobile device (or smart phone) the most? The answer was…at home! (Its like driving a mountain bike in Holland where there’re no mountains….) 20% admitted they used their smart phone while shopping. Needless to say that if 1 out of 5 of your (70%) customers (by the end of 2013) uses his smart phone actively while shopping this creates huge opportunities and threats!
In both the UK and US we already see “showrooming” as the challenge for brick and mortar stores. (Showrooming meaning that people go in stores with their smartphones to experience the product and then buying it online – even at eBay or other online retailers).

For sure the mindset of people has changed (thanks to the Google and Apple Eco Systems that made this possible.) Just take a look around a see how people behave during a break or while watching TV….mobile is omnipresent all the time. Mobile is becoming our interface (thanks to augmented reality and semantic search your mobile device is becoming a powerful and helpful tool).  It’s also interesting to see which device we use when. Next graph shows us that we wake up with our smart phone, use desktop (or laptop) during the day….but when we sit down and watch television we take our tablet out! Second screens come to live when we watch television….

For the moment we don’t live in an app-society….most mobile actions still use the mobile site instead of the app. (Probably because the app is to slow for the moment…and people are less patient – the younger your user is the less patient he/she will be!) Therefor it’s very important to build mobile proof sites, using responsive design! Again it’s not the platform that matters, it’s content, followed by design that matters. All your sites need to create the same seamless experience on every device and every screen! Size of the screen is no barrier for commerce!

We’re in a totally digital world where everything can be connected with everything creating a mass amount of data…the big data as it’s been called. Jo Caudron, founder of Dear Media & Social Seeder, argued that big data most of the time don’t serve companies because of the simple fact that it’s just to big (every company is collecting them, but only few use them)….and companies are more interested in the 1-to-1 service it can offer with a customer, so he introduced “small data”. Data which help companies understand their customer to give them an ever better experience, service and value! TRUE! Let’s focus on what data can do for your customer instead of building data that nobody uses.

Image – https://www.thepaypalblog.com/2012/02/paypal%E2%80%99s-%E2%80%9Cshop-and-pay-on-the-go%E2%80%9D-pilot-in-singapore%E2%80%99s-subway-stations/
Graph – http://www.aqueous-seo.co.uk/e-commerce/argos-are-taking-one-third-of-their-revenues-online-how-about-you/991251

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70 comments on “Where there is mobile there is opportunity
  1. Christophe Van Opstal says:

    I think that the the most important reason for the success om mobile devices is not the devices itself but the software that runs on those devices.

    Smartphones are not a new fenomena on the market. The first attempts came from Microsoft with their windows mobile software and Nokia with Symbian. However, those systems were no match for the Iphone when it was introduced with IOS. And later on Google Android, the first open source mobile operating system that actually made a mobile handheld device function like it should be.

    I am curious to find out what will become of those Operating systems in the future, with the introduction of windows 8, I think a new player has emerged on the mobile device market.

  2. Helsen Jonas says:

    I recently bought the new iPhone5 and I’m totally in love. I use it more than my ordinary laptop. In the morning to check-out news, schoolschedules,… In the evening I use the little thing to go on Twitter, Facebook,… It’s no big surprise because it’s faster than my laptop. So, it’s normal that the usage of the smartphones is growing more and more. If you have a good phone-provider, it’s easy to stay connected everywhere you go. I love it!

  3. Lina Chaoui says:

    I also believe that 70% will have bought a smartphone. People love to ‘go with the flow’. They don’t want to fall out of the boat and they will buy a smartphone. It is also so much easier, you can go on the internet everywhere, you can take pictures. I think that later on, there will be a raise of downloading apps. It is fun, useful,.. This will be one of the reasons how we get the 70%, i think.

  4. Manon Alonso says:

    I agree with article, because I have Iphone 4s also and use it every day for every things. For exemple for cooking, I have a lot of applications which helps me everyday. Also I can stay in touch with my friends thank to Viber etc
    One day I was in Macdonald and there was a game with barcode so I have just downloaded this application and took a photo of this barcode and I have won a cake. So I can say thank you to this way of customer lure marketing strategy.

  5. Magalie Descamps says:

    I totally agree with the fact that apps are still very slow for the moment. If you use the Kinepolis app you get totally frustrated because it is so slow. The mobile site is much faster and also easier to use. That should change to make sure that people keep using your app and any other app.

    The amount of people with a smartphone will definitely evolve, but I do think there are a lot of people that don’t want to stay connected . there are still people that want to have a nice dinner without any smartphones or any other technology. And not only dinner but also mornings and evenings. Or people who say they don’t need a smartphone. My best friend still has a normal phone and likes to keep it that way. He most certainly hates the fact that I use foursquare.

  6. Maud says:

    I think it is for each company an oppurtunity to work with mobile phones, for a food store but also for an construction or candy company. For example. I have an app from a specific clothing shop and they give me every morning an example of a clothing set, included with shoes, bags and jewerly. When I like this outfit, I go to the shop and buy the specific things. I as a customer have the feeling that the company react on my individual wishes and I am always satisfied with the product which i have bought.

    It is very important for a company to create through a mobile phone customer satisfiction and to distinguish themselves from the competitors.
    So be innovative and go for a challenge!

  7. Didier Van Hove says:

    I see it sometimes more as a hype, owning a smartphone. It might be easy and you can use it nowadays for lots of other things than calling and texting, but do you really need that? I personally own a Nokia E63 – a BlackBerry-ish model – for almost 3 years now and besides texting and calling I don’t use it. The first thing I did when I had it, was deleting all 3G/MMS/Wap configuration settings, because I have no use for all those ‘data-using-functions’. But why did I buy it then? Because it has a full keyboard and I really like that on a phone. And yes, it has Wi-Fi, which I sometimes use when I want to check my mails or Facebook, but I don’t have any apps for that, I just use the standard web browser that’s installed on it and go to the address myself. I see a lot off people being connected and socially active 24/7, and they love it and that’s good for them, but I don’t want to be. When I go running I don’t need an app to time-lapse it, when I watch tv I don’t want to be interactive with it, I don’t want to share every 5 sec an update on Facebook or Twitter, or use Foursquare to let people see where I am. And so on… I don’t want it to control my life neither as I want it to be part of, I’m happy living the old fashion way and not be dependent on (mobile) technology.

    • Shahin Koobasi says:

      I’m a smartphone user since 2010. And I really can’t live without it. I’m used to immediately check my mail, facebook notifications and other social media, I use my phone for GPS and google. I also use a weather app for checking theweather, the alarm clock,..I use it for everything. I have to be able to be on the net 24/7.

  8. mobile trade says:

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  9. I just love mobile development, as a bachelor in applied informatics we see the growth of users using a smartphone everyday. More and more people are starting to use their mobile phone outside of their home aswell. The first thing that comes to mind is the app for ‘De lijn’ or the app for ‘NMBS trains’. I think these onces are pretty fast. In any case, it’s a lot faster then surfing to their website! You have to try and be innovative in your apps. I think the use of apps will keep growing, also now that Windows 8 is also based on apps.
    As for design, I think this is an important step, webdesigners like me simply cannot create a website or app without using resposive design. A company wants his website to look ‘nice’ on every tablet, PC or phone.
    For myself I can say that I cannot live without my smartphone, I have it on me 24/7, you never know when you might need internet or an app to quickly look something up that you forgot or that could be usefull to you. I also like to check my facebook and twitter while I’m on the train, since I am on there an hour a day. Conclusion: I love my smartphone and I think more and more people will also begin to love it! (even my mom, that suprised even me ! )

  10. Yannick Vercauteren says:

    I think the main reason why mobile devices have become so popular is because of the apps. Apps like FourSquare, where you can earn points, makes people want to have more point than their friends.

    While you are waiting for the train or the bus, waiting in a queue in a shop, who doesn’t check their Facebook, Twitter?

    Mobile devices have become so popular because they get more and more usefull. You can check the when a train or bus will arrive and if they’re having delays. You can scan a QR-code and maybe find the product cheaper somewhere else.

  11. Nicholas Bellon says:

    When smartphones first came out on the public market, most non-business related people bought them to increase their social status. Nowadays, the technology has developped in such a way, that it has become a part of our social life, not just our status anymore.

    The success of the smartphone in my opinion is due to the fact that you can stay connected to your friends at any given time and place using different kinds of media (facebook, twitter, foursquare, etc.) and because of the useful applications which facilitate our lives i.e. iCoyote. But the biggest factor of them all is that smartphones combines many technologies (GPS, camera, calling, texting, gaming, etc.) into one very useful device.

  12. Jassin Uddin says:

    I think we can’t underestimate the power of smartphones in the future. It is going to be used by almost everyone, from kids to business men. It is however important that iPhone gets some real rivals on the market, because now they can ask whatever price they like and people are still buying it because they just own the market with their quality phones. It is time for companies like Microsoft or Google to step up and make a phone that can conquer the existing smartphone market.

  13. Vince Campforts says:

    I’m one of the few that is still using the oldschool cellphones that can only call or text people. This doesn’t mean I don’t want a smartphone, I just can’t finance a decent one at the moment. My only ‘go to’ for apps is my Iphone touch, which I use for music and not to be active on social media. I still need to be caught by this virus.

    Recently I read an article saying that more and more students are changing their smartphone for an old model just like the one I have, the smartphone needs more time, maybe even more as sayd in the article, to realy get through to people..

  14. Max Heylen-Buelens says:

    The XMM1 students saw a documentary during the class of Digital Culture, which made very clear that mobile devices will be playing an even bigger and more important role in our (near) future. Living without a smartphone or tablet computer will soon become incredibly difficult, as our society doesn’t stop evolving.

  15. Hans Francken says:

    I own a smartphone myself and to be honest I can not live without it anymore. It helps you basic life in so many ways AND it is a timekiller. Checking out the latest news, statusses, travelschedules, take a quick photo, etc. Mobile is quick, on the go and it doesn’t require much attention, yet you have everything you need right in the palm of your hand.

  16. Mats Blankers says:

    When I wake up, the first thing I do is checking my messages on my smartphone. I can’t miss it anymore. You become used to the fact that you can find everything you need any time, any where. Checking your banking details, bus or tram delays, fine restaurants, … Every day you get more and more apps. Yesterday they presented an app from Warner Bross where you can download series that are resleased in the US. A lot of providers include 2GB in their packages. I think living with a smartphone is a new way of living.

  17. adilkdg says:

    back in the time seeing someone with a normal mobile phone was so rare. Same thing with the internet wich was “oh so cool” to have in house!
    Nowadays its hard to know someone who does not have a internet connection or a normal mobile phone.
    Im sure this kind of revolution will be the same with the smartphone, in a few years almost everyone will own one.
    A smartphone made my life easier in many ways!
    some examples are: looking up when my train/bus arrives. browsing on the internet where there are no wifi connections thanks to my personal homespot on my smartphone, etc etc…
    There are already so many things we can do with a smartphone, in a few years we will be blown away by the possibilities!

  18. Anca Mihaela Scutaru says:

    I strongly believe that the smartphone is the trend regarding mobile phones. Of course, the first thing that I do when I wake up in the morning is checking my mobile phone, although when I sleep I let it to ring, so if I would have a message I would have seen it during the night. The last thing that I do before sleeping? Checking the mobile phone, of course.:-) I am really addicted to this device. But I don’t use my mobile phone for social media like facebook, just for text messages and phone calls, and maybe sometimes, but in extreme situations for skype. If my mobile phone doesn’t work once,,,,I start to think immediately how to buy another one or to repair mine, just to make it to be as fast as it used to be. It has to be perfect for these days, because I am used with this…When I didn’t have a smartphone, it was ok if it used to didn’t work at anytime, or it was blocked sometimes…I remember that few years ago my mobile phone was broken and I didn’t want to buy another one for 3-4 months…and I felt really good, because my father couldn’t call me to ask me why I am late at home, and so on. He get used that I don’t have a mobile phone, and me too. But now…IMPOSSIBLE. It is a crime not having a mobile phone. It would be impossible! If I shut down my smartphone for 1 day…people think that something bad happened to me…:-) It is an addicted world…

  19. Michal Kowalski says:

    Nowadays we can’t escape the technology. Traditional press will soon be gone, book will be only available as e-books (hopefully not), traditional TV will be gone soon as well. We can’t ignore these changes – we have to adapt to them as soon as possible,to gain the most from it.
    What is frightening is the fact that now we’re surrounded by electronic devices all the time. They’re collecting data about us all the time, selling it to various companies. It violates our privacy and we should be aware of any agreement that we sign and any piece of equipment we buy.

  20. Mª Teresa Poyo says:

    Mobiles are not anymore about calling or texting… Taking in consideration my own experiencem since I have my smartphone my number of calls have dropped drastically and I do not text (SMS) anymore. Without realizing it, mobiles have passed from being a useful tool if you have a problem, emergency,you are late… to an indespensable device to share and interact with your peers. In fact, I think smartphones have created for us even new needs! Now, we absolutely have to check our facebook every minute and each 5 seconds we look if there is a red light in the screen indicating you have a new whatsapp! Welive in a digital world, not being in it, it is like you do not exist. Companies need to understand it and get and advantage of it!

  21. I see this everyday in Antwerp. More and more people are using their smartphone for shopping, navigation or just to scan QR codes (yes I actually saw a couple of people do that).

    I’m going to do a bit of an experiment myself. I think I’ll order 100 stickers with the logo of my blog and a QR-code. Then monitor how much people actually will scan that sticker. Looking forward to it!

  22. Gabriela Dos Santos says:

    Owning a smartphone is nowadays more a status than a need actually. In the economy we have a term for that: it’s called “animal spirits”, i.e. People tend to behave based on each other’s behaviors. I believe that big percentage of smartphone owners doesn’t use their devices for more than calling and texting (ok, maybe for some quick surfing) but that they own it just for the status. It is “cool” to have a fancy phone, it gives you status, it makes you part of the group.
    Other factor that I believe to contribute to the “smartphones boom” is the price. A couple of years ago having a smartphone was very expansive, the price self was high and most of the devices were attached to an expansive subscription. Today you can buy an expansive phone and reload it once a month for 10/15€ and if you want to have a subscription you can even get a free device.
    Since that a lot of people use their phones as alarms, I think it’s very reasonable that they use more their phones in the morning. Due to the morning rush is also easier to have a quick look at your e-mails via phone while you’re on your way to work.
    So no, I don’t believe that apps aren’t used because the app is “too slow” or due to the fact that we don’t live in an app-society but simply because they don’t know how to use it.

  23. Gabriela Dos Santos says:

    Owning a smartphone is nowadays more a status than a need actually. In the economics we have a term for that: it’s called “animal spirits”, i.e. People tend to behave based on each other’s behaviors. I believe that big percentage of smartphone owners doesn’t use their devices for more than calling and texting (ok, maybe for some quick surfing) but that they own it just for the status. It is “cool” to have a fancy phone, it gives you status, it makes you part of the group.
    Other factor that I believe to contribute to the “smartphones boom” is the price. A couple of years ago having a smartphone was very expansive, the price self was high and most of the devices were attached to an expansive subscription. Today you can buy an expansive phone and reload it once a month for 10/15€ and if you want to have a subscription you can even get a free device.
    Since that a lot of people use their phones as alarms, I think it’s very reasonable that they use more their phones in the morning. Due to the morning rush is also easier to have a quick look at your e-mails via phone while you’re on your way to work.
    So no, I don’t believe that apps aren’t used because the app is “too slow” or due to the fact that we don’t live in an app-society but simply because they don’t know how to use it.

  24. Monaa says:

    My smartphone is like my best friend. I just can’t be without it anymore. I wake up first thing I do is I check my smartphone, even when i go out and i forget it i feel kind of naked. It is so easy, you can download all kind of applications.
    The things you can do with your smartphone now are so much better than you could in the past. Before you could only call or text your friends. Nowadays you can call, text, use free texting like whatsapp, surf on the internet and so many more stuff.. I couldn’t live without it anymore

  25. I couldn’t live without my smartphone. Time changes more and more people don’t use their phone anymore to call and sms. Mobile is taking over the world. Being online is getting important!!

    You could meet your friends easier. You can use alot of applications to connect with your friends faster and easier then ever before. You could watch a movie when you are on the bus or the train. Share any experience in no time with your friends and talk everywhere!

    Your mobile could help you with alot of things like finding your way with google maps scan products use other applications to make your life easier and get reductions or gifts every time you check-in at a shop.

  26. Denis Vandepitte says:

    I think in this article, being mobile is a bit overrated. There are many possibilities, I agree with that. But now still a lot of my friends, certainly more than half of them, aren’t interested in smartphones or mobile shopping etc. And I get that, I would only make the change once I’m really convinced that it’s easier to do something mobile, than just doing it the way I used to. Which doesn’t mean I’m not interested in it!

  27. My iPhone is my everything! My MP3 player, my Clock, my calendar, my schedule… Now that you have an ‘app’ for everything you don’t even need to surf to some websites (De Lijn, Parkeer App, Google, FB, Twitter, …) Love the Mobile Revolution!

  28. Stefaan Tiepermann says:

    Not all apps are slow! I use more apps on my smartphone then using mobile sites. Because if there’s an app, who uses the mobile site? To me, mobile sites can be much slower than apps. Ofcourse not every site or company has an app. But they can put in effort to make a mobile-friendly site. WordPress for example is quite mobile-friendly. I’m using an iPhone as many others and I have to say I use it not that much more than my computer. The interactivity between devices is sometimes outstanding. Take a look a the Apple products.
    I’m not surprised that so many people have a smartphone. It’s just a wonderful
    thing and it gives so many opportunities.

  29. Kevin Velghe says:

    When I compare mobile usage in Belgium to mobile usage in Indonesia, it’s amazing how far we actually are behind on this. Granted, most smartphones in Indonesia are BlackBerries but the amount of apps they have for everyday tasks is astonishing. When I was on a holiday there for a few months, my cousin got seriously ill, but he even had an app on his BB to follow his elementary school classes live from his bed. It’s weird to me that this is still “work in progress” in a Western country like ours.

    It’s a shame our country is still laptop/desktop based, but I think there’s a simple explanation to why African/Asian/South-American countries aren’t…
    Smartphones are relatively cheap compared to laptops, so they didn’t sell as good in these continents. But when smartphones hit the market, they were sold with contracts that made them much cheaper. I know for a fact that my family didn’t have more than 2 laptops say 8 years ago, but when smartphones came out, everyone over there had one immediately, this is why mobile usage is so much greater in these countries.

  30. Rocío Barco Durán says:

    Spain is the third country in the world with increased use of smartphones. I have one, but I think I could live without him. It is true that a smartphone gives you many opportunities, possibilities and facilities in the daily life of any person but the problem of most smartphone users is the misuse and abuse that make them. For example, having whatshapp or other types of applications are useful, very useful, reduces costs and allows you to get in touch with anyone at any time and it expands the range of possibilities. But the line between utility and futility and waste of time is very thin, and often use these devices without really need them and is what creates the addition to them. Personally, the only function of my smartphone that unlike my other phones is the whatshapp with wifi, which saves me a lot of money and the camera is pretty good.

  31. Julien Garnier says:

    I’ve actually an Iphone 4, i could live without it, but it can be really hard at the beggining. I mean, we are so used to use it now that if we loose it from one dau to another then we gonna be really lost !
    But i have a problem with the mobile develipment ! For me, this is only because of the consumption society ! From Iphone 4, i don’t see the point in changing my device. New mobile are going out almost everyday now, they have nothing more than the previous ones…..Manufacturers thinks that they have to produce the most beatifull phone with the best technology in it…..I don’t care about more technology in it !! They ‘d better work on their OS. Most of the OS have really big problems and the task we can do on a smartphone are not limited by the technology but by the OS. I would never bought an Iphone if we couldn’t crack it otherwise it’s so restrictive !

  32. have an iPhone and use it all the time. If you want to check your Facebook or twitter it is easier than your laptop! Why i use my iPhone at home is because you can walk through your home and still be online on Facebook. I use only apps like twitter and Facebook on my iPhone because that is more practically than the mobile Facebook site.

  33. pauwelsnick says:

    have an iPhone and use it all the time. If you want to check your Facebook or twitter it is easier than your laptop! Why i use my iPhone at home is because you can walk through your home and still be online on Facebook. I use only apps like twitter and Facebook on my iPhone because that is more practically than the mobile Facebook site.

  34. Carla Moya says:

    We use smartphones for everything, they are not replacing computers, but with smartphones we do almost everything because of the ease and rapidity.
    Companies are aware of this and they are focusing on bringing ease and rapidity to consumers for doing anything, which makes our lives easier.

  35. Geoff Hendrickx says:

    A few years ago I bought my first iPhone. Since then I’m totally in love with the products of Apple. I use the device every moment of the day. To check out Twitter, the news, bus schedules, etc. For me it’s not a big surprise that the usage of the smartphones is growing more and more, because a little device like an iPhone or iPad is much easier and more useful than for instance a Laptop or a PC.

  36. Antje says:

    Where there is mobile there is opportunity…ture story! But I have experienced the other extreme. I broke my smartphone and had to manage to live without. At the beginning I’ve felt almost lost bur after two weeks I replaced all applications. But I can confirm a normal mobile is not worth anything anymore. I actually never use my normal mobile. The future is about Smartphones. Nowadays you can simplify your life (in some countries) through shopping with QR codes. Smartphones will be even more important In future. The manager of google wallet follows the vision: that one day you can leave your house with just your mobile in your pocket and nothing else.

  37. Devin Hendrickx says:

    I see a lot of people having a smartphone but not using it besides texting and calling. I think that’s about to change because people don’t know how fun and practical it is to use Facebook, twitter and other apps on your smartphone. By people talking about it, the word will be spread and more and more people will be talking about it. You also see a daily increase of people using twitter and Facebook. I believe if you daily log in on twitter or on Facebook, you are more declined to use it anywhere you go. You can’t always log in on your laptop or desktop but you can with your smartphone. As more people keep using their smartphone to go online and stuff. People will be more active on their smartphone with apps and online in general and companies will have more options for promoting their brand in Belgium.

  38. Matti Verhaegen says:

    I first had a simple Nokia. With that phone I hadn’t the possibility to check my Facebook or Twitter account. I used it simply to text or call someone. When a number of friends had bought a smartphone, I could not stay behind with my simple phone. Therefore I bought also a smartphone. Now I can be online everywhere, with everyone. I can’t miss my phone anymore. The moment I’m awake, the first thing I do is checking my Facebook and Twitter. When I’m taking a bath or going to the toilet, I take my phone with me to check the newest updates of my friends. When I’m not at home, but I really have to know something it is very useful to have my phone with me. To check the opening hours of a store, use my GPS or to search for some random things.

    The people that have not a smartphone yet, will buy one in the near future I think. The smartphone with his apps is getting more and more popular. The phone suppliers are only just making commercials and advertisements for their best products: their smartphones. I think the older, most simple models will slowly disappear on the market. In my opinion, it is quite rightly!

  39. Annelies Mampaey says:

    My phone is one of the basic smart phones of Nokia. Everything is very slow on it. Still I really need to check my Facebook and Twitter account. It’s very frustrating that it takes a lot of time. But the need to be online and reachable is too big. That isn’t just me, our community is really getting online. A couple of years ago I didn’t thought that mobile would get so big so soon.
    The showrooming is getting more popular. I actually do it myself. I go to a store and fit some dresses or shoes and buy them later online. This has a lot of benefits. On the internet it’s most of the time less expensive and you don’t have to carry a lot of bags when you go out shopping. I am a real fan!

  40. Soon mobile will replace books, newspapers, coupons and eventually your whole wallet!

  41. Jasmien Hendrickx says:

    This is very usefull. We work a lot more and a lot longer these days. That means: no time for groceries.SO… DO MORE WITH LESS TIME! That’s the new thought in this digital society. I use my phone for allmost everything. Checking my facebook, twitter but also I love to search for recipies on my mobile phone. Imagine this: you don’t know what to cook and you find a recipe and after each ingredient you see: Buy this now! And then you got to choose which store you go to. Heaven!

  42. I can’t live without my iPhone 5. Everywhere I go is a hotspot or wifi you can use. The apps are so revolutionary and continue to innovate. I do think that companies can do more actions and campaigns with the QR codes. People are wondering what lurks behind the code and will be more likely to scan!

  43. Ernest Nwanu says:

    I never leave the house without a fully charged battery for my smartphone. I first started using smartphones in 2009 and have since then always looked for the best experience, even if it meant getting used to an entirely different platform. However, when it comes to shopping, I don’t actively use my smartphone (yet).

  44. Yolanda Van Mechelen says:

    This is exactly what Jo Caudron was talking about in his book “Media morgen” the mobile web has grown so much that it’s everywhere and in every form. It has become part of our lives and we use it everywhere to stay in touch with everyone at any place at any time.
    I don’t think I know anyone who doesn’t have a smartphone that’s connected to the internet, and like Jo Caudron said, 5 billion people have a cell phone, 2 billion are connected to the internet, I’m waiting for the day everyone has a smartphone that’s connected to the internet.

  45. Andreea Bucur says:

    Actually, I have a smartphone, it’s a Sony Experia Arc. Since I have it I use it a lot every day, some days I have to charge it twice … I think it’s a very useful device for every day, not just for fun or it’s use as a phone (calls and messages). It is a product that allows you to have easy access to what you need in that moment. For example, I often use it to watch my college website and check if I have any news of assignments, notes or my marks. Also, I use to read the newspaper on my mobile phone and is perfect for when you use public transport or you are waiting for someone. It is a perfect entertainment.
    For companies this invention has been a success too, because they can promote their products. The applications available are a very useful tool for those who do not have time or just don’t want to go to the store. I personally made purchases from a store using the application on my mobile phone. I think that smartphones are an indispensable accessory.

  46. Lina Chaoui says:

    According to the book of Jo Caudron, almost everyone will have a smartphone. Also the people in Africa, Asia,.. With this, he says that mobile is big and it will only grow! Back in the future, it was all different. Only in Europe. They were doing annoying. They would’t accept the fact that the world is chaining. That’s why we are the only one who are behind. In Asia is it the opposite and mobile internet is a huge deal there.

  47. I definitely agree with this article. It’s a fact that the whole world is going mobile. And I don’t mind. When I bought my Iphone4s last year, it was like I entered a whole new world. I use it every single day; I check different applications when I’m cooking, I compare products when I’m shopping, I look up my classroom when I enter school,…
    As it is now, all the applications are good for answering the common question; what are we going to do tonight? Wright in your status on FB or twitter it into the world; you’ll get lots of ideas to fill your evening.
    There are still a lot of people who use their smartphones for only texting and making phone calls. They are not really interested in the mobile-trend but they just want to be part of it because they don’t want to stay behind. Soon everyone’s vision is going to change. Like the article said: Where there is mobile, there is opportunity. And it’s up to us to grab it!

  48. This is true though. Even I have to admit that when I go to the store to buy something (a book or a media device), I’ll look it up online, and if I find a better offer I’ll buy it! Everything is now available for everyone at anytime, of course you want to check out the reviews and compare them to your own opinion. People want options, and they want the best. The sales person in the store won’t tell them that a different brand has a better product, their phone will.

  49. It is Bossche says:

    In this society it is all about time. And this technology is just pefect for it. This speeds up the neverending process of shopping on a Saturday morning.

  50. Christophe Van Opstal says:

    I wonder if one day we will have a world with everyone owning a smartphne, just imagine how we would be connected with each other. Nevertheless, a smartphone is nothing without a good dataplan :). Lots of people I know have one, but don’t use it to it’s full capacity. Which is a shame really.

  51. Sari says:

    Yes, mobile is now, definitely. I don’t have a personal experience about using a smartphone, cause I don’t own one, but wherever you go, you can see someone using his or her smartphone. Even when you are meeting your friends you can see them cheking their smartphones every once in a while. Peoples needs to be connected nowadays, is in whole new measures. If people are not able to check their facebook profile or e-mail account daily, it drives them crazy. For me that sounds a bit strange, but that’s how it is nowadyas.

  52. Andy Schnell says:

    I definetely agree with the article. Everywhere you go, you see people with their smartphones do something, writing, playing, surfing through the internet. People are kind of addicted to these thing, because it gives us big oppotunities. When people start their laptop or take on their phone they first check facebook or twitter etc. I do the same. It’s a pity because the Face-to-Face contact of people gets more and more lost. And this should be more important than writing, surfing….with your mobile. Because when you have a Face-to-Face conatct with a person there is more than only letters and voice.

  53. Andreas Bodenmüller says:

    Mobile devices give us opportunities – the opportunity to select the cheapest offer of a good or service, the opportunity to not miss a great party or possibility to meet friends, the opportunity to be continuously informed about things going on in the world, the opportunity to find a partner for life and many more. In other words mobile devices offer value. There is value available for almost every individual as the range of apps and opportunities are amazing. This is most probably why more and more people are “always on”. And they don’t want to miss one of the opportunities important to them. Still, like Andy Schnell says there are things such devices cannot give to us, which is the closeness, warmth and emotions of face-to-face contact. Moreover, time for us is not really supported by mobile devices. Of course they allow to do more in less time, but the issue is that they make the world turning faster and get caught in doing more and having as little time for ourselves as before.

  54. Michael Sickinger says:

    “A powerful and helpful tool” yeah that is my smartphone. Mostly while studying. I don`t like to carry my laptop to every lecture I have. So my mobile phone is a good opportunity to look up things while I listen to the lecture. What’s App and a translator are the app`s I use mostly. The rest is to slow for the moment like you said.
    I am a bit afraid of the gamma ray`s when the number of smartphones and other wireless products increases like everyone say. No one knows what this are going to do with our bodies.

  55. Eva Zuggal says:

    In my opinion the future needs to be full of responsive designs… mobile first concepts need to be developed now and in the future… Take mobile as basis of your concept not desktop!

    Here I would like to share two great talks from Luke Wroblewski:

    “Is mobile the next form of mass media? ”

    To learn the three reasons web applications should be designed for mobile first: mobile is exploding; mobile forces you to focus; and mobile extends your capabilities.

  56. Markus Mutter says:

    Actually i use my mobile devices just the way the majority does in this survey. My smartphone i use the most time at home (out of the house only for “classical” phoning and sending SMS ..). In the evening i use my tablet to watch tv, maybe there is a little difference …. 😉
    For me mobile is definetly an opportunity, it´s just amazing how fast you get used to these things. And i think you get that fast used to it because it´s so useful. For sure there are also Apps that have no direct use .. but even that can be interesting … 😉

  57. Sebastian Bühler says:

    Haha, the hourly illustration of the usage of devices is really interesting and reflects my day perfectly 🙂
    Starting the day by turning off the alarm on the smartphone, working in a company with a traditional PC, skimming through the Internet in the evening via Tablet. I totally agree on this chart 🙂

  58. Karin Lanz says:

    Karin Lanz: mobile is of great value to keep up with today’s pace. Customers expect to get an answer within 24h. However, the downside is, people think you’re available 24/7. In my opinion everyone needs some sort of recreation and the freedom to be off-line. I love my smartphone and value the benefits, but I also enjoy being off-line.

  59. Daniela Proksch says:

    Especially with the last paragraph I agree – the pure offer of information isn’t enough – first the allocation to the individual need of a person creates the actual added value…

  60. Brigitte Ortlieb says:

    Customers are used to be always connected and they want to have access to that kind of information that they want – anyplace, anywhere, anytime. That´s why multi channel marketing for companies offering also product presentations, product selling via mobile devices is essential and opens up new possibilities. But I totally agree that it´s the content and the service that matters – companies should not provide just information chunk, but valuable information and the best service to their customers in all channels.

  61. Alexander Ehret says:

    Today the smart phone has many different applications that make the every day easier. Through further functions such as internet, camera and MP3-players smart phones can be used in many different ways. The smart phone now plays an important role in our society.

  62. Benjamin Karl says:

    Mobile phones are one of the best innovations that have ever been made. You have so many possibilities just in one small device in your poket. You can’t get lost thanks to google maps, all your important files via dropbox, find out wich music is playing in the radio, know answers to all questions, …
    It becomes the most important device.
    But on the other hand you are always connected; everyone can reach you every when and everywhere.
    The devices monitor everything (like the scandal where apple created a file on the iphone which saved the GPS data and was automatically uploaded to itunes, without anybody knowing) plus you’re flooded with information on your mobile device.
    But I can’t imagine my life without a smartphone.

  63. Philipp Notheis says:

    Things I do with my Smartphone:
    In the morning I check the weather forecast.
    During my lectures, I open the script via Dropbox. If I didn’ t understand something then I google it. I regularly check Facebook, in order to be up to date.
    There are many other things what I do with my phone. The mobile phone is with me the whole day. The only problem is that we will be always available. This is one of the big disadvantages of the mobile opportunities.

  64. Mat Kappeler says:

    My smartphone is almost every time with me. As soon I need any information I’m looking it up on the phone. Is it in school, while shopping, cooking… For me the cellphone is an incredibly useful tool. But sometime I’m catching myself talking in a chat with a friend over one hour. Afterwards I’m asking myself: why we haven’t meet up somehow and talked face to face to each other especially when we would be close by?

  65. Hatem Louati says:

    I worry that people think less and less about things. If you want to know something people take out their smartphone and check it online via Google or Wikipedia. There are less discussions between the people because everybody can have the right answer within seconds. And what about the communication between people?

  66. Nicolai Lindel says:

    Mobile phones, and smartphone’s especially, have changed our behavior. It is affecting nearly every Situation of daily life.
    To me it seems that it has the strongest effect on personal communication and interaction. Many people do not communicate oral anymore, they prefer writing messages instead.
    I guess everyone who once got used to all the convenient aspects of a smartphone will not spare it anymore.

  67. Juergen Fink says:

    Interesting to see the graph when which mobile device is used during the day. I find myself fitting to this quiet well. When thinking about getting rid of one of these three things I find this quiet difficult. But I am sure that a lot of people in the world already think about solving this problem…
    Maybe some kind of google glasses will be the answer to it.

  68. Good day! I simply would like to give a huge thumbs up
    for the great information you’ve got here on this post.

    I might be coming back to your blog for more soon.

  69. Alexander Ceulemans says:

    This blogpost dates from november 2012 and says apps were still too slow at that moment. Well, nowadays apps have improved and are a lot faster and easier to use. I agree with the fact that mobiles will become more and more important to people, especially when we are outdoors. We can reach information at any moment. We are connected with the world all the time but this has a dark side too, people are scared or don’t want to stay connected during the entire day. But that is not the big problem, the major advantage is we have the possibility to be connected. To be mobile is an opportunity and in my opinion the big goal is to make people use it right. Do not use your mobile just for checking your Facebook or Twitter feed all the time but participate. Recommend the best restaurants, share pictures etc.

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