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Our Digital World
Digtal Evolution
Value Creation

You keep a digital record of all your assignments.
Due date is Friday 22/05/2020 – 12:00 (noon) – you upload your portfolio into canvas.kdg.be

Please make sure to have proper source reference where necessary, and that your name is on each assignment and your portfolio.

Please label your documents with the “assignment name_your name”.
(Documents that aren’t labeled properly will not be read, nor graded.)

1 Present & Future Outlook
You search for 3 articles on the web about the digital evolution. You link each article as a comment on the Present & Future Outlook page. You comment on each article, situating the phase the article is writing about.
These articles need to be in English and date between 01/01/2020 and 22/05/2020.

The title of your article = title of the comment
Hyperlink to the original article + resource of the article + publication date
Comment on the article (f.i. agree, disagree, experience, ….)
[Please be aware that for your comment to show, I’ve got to approve it. This can take up to 24h, so please be patient. After this approval you’re free to post any comments.]

2 Digital Businesses
Go to the webpage of Digital Evolution
Give for each phase (1, 2 and 3) a business example (of an existing business).

[Each company can only be taken once!]
You share your web-businesses in the discussion on canvas.kdg.be and validate at least 2 other businesses through a comment on the post.
Each student can only have 2 validations! All students need to be validated.
Your comment argues why these companies are (or are not) web 1.0, 2.0, 3.0 or 4.0 companies (use the indicators from class and presentation).

Prepare a brief presentation of each web business type
Each presentation (ppt, keynote, ….) has
– an up-to-date  company profile (name, description of the core business, company size, short history, number of employees)
– an explanation on why and how this web-businesses is web 1.0, 2.0, 3.0 or 4.0
For all kdg-students there are restrictions:
You cannot take Amazon, Apple, Starbucks, IKEA, Toyota, Domino’s Pizza, Nokia, Google, Snapchat, WeChat, What’sApp, Facebook, Twitter.

3 Persona or your cliënt
Create a persona for the (average) customer of your Web 1.0 company.
How Gen C is your current persona?
This is part of your persona!

4 Create a Value Proposition Canvas 1(VPC) for your web 1.0 company  (from assignment 2) which discribes the ass-is situation = NOW

You describe the job the Gen C customer want to get done, his pains and gains in the ass-is (current) situation.
Then you describe the current offer of your web 1.0, and how this offer leverages the pains and gains of your customer job to get done.
Write down the business/digital opportunityies for your company!


5 Create a Digital Value Model (DVM) for your company which allows your company to evolve in the digital evolution.
You reshape your phase 1 company into a phase 2, 3 or 4 by using the digital value model. The business/digital opportunities you detected in your VPC are the starting point
You only need to do part 1 of the DVM. No marketing plan!

Digital Value Model

Digital Value Model:
These movies and links will help you in using the Digital Value Model.

Check out my two blogposts as:
Creating operational excellence with the digital value model
The human side of the digital value model

The human side of the digital value model.


Have data help your value proposition


Intelligence Augmented empowers your value proposition


The user interface helps you simplify your value proposition


6 After you created a new offer (using the digital value model), you create an updated Value Proposition Canvas 2 which describes your new offer.
Your customer side remains the same!
You explain in maximum 1 page the new phase of digital evolution (which phase, why and how it services Gen C) and how this relates to the articles you uploaded in assignment 1.


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