The future?

It’s time to take al look in the future: 2020 – 10 years ahead. What will be happening! Through some video’s I’m showing you some ideas of whats next.  It’s up to you to make it happen, and together with the known knowledge you can (make it happen and survive)

But first some inspiration from a futurist

This presentation (already dating from 2009) gives a good overview on mobile, social and connected future through the screen technology.

A more recent study shows what real time will mean in the future. This study gives a fine overview on technological development, but also gives a clear insight on how lifestyle will change.

PSFK – www.psfk.Com
YouTube – Monty TV –
YouTube –
YouTube – IBMLabs –

2 comments on “The future?
  1. maria says:

    I think the future of mobile isn’t very ‘social’, because real personal contact will become less and people will stay in their home, because they don’t really need to get outside their home.. actually, I think that we have to be aware for this development. Devices will become better, flexible screens, visual search.. very attractive techniques.. but it makes me a little bit scared.. it is really ridiculous that people are painting mobile tools on their arms etc. But on the other hand.. I am (also) not able to live without my mobile phone.. (for ‘normal’ use..) 😉

    • Carmen Epacher says:

      I dont’t think that there will be loss personal contact. But I think that you will do other thinks when you have personal contact and that you will talk about other stuff, maybe only important stuff, when you are face to face.
      And in my opinion this an advantage, if you have time for the important thinks to do them when you meet in person.

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