FHV – Global Channel Marketing

Welcome to the global channel maketing course.
This page will be the hyperlinked epi-centre of this course with links to the presentations, additional reading, …


Vaude Assignment – please click the link!

Global Strategy Papers:

Please use this Peer Review Form to analyse the strategy papers.
Deadline for your country strategy papers is December 10th, 2018 (12:00 – noon)

South Africa

Peer reviews:

South Africa Sabrina Melvien Aleksandra Krstic
Malaysia Melanie Isele Antonia Herwegh Lia Klimmer
Peru Julie Rust Christopher Schultes
South Korea Lena Richter Franziska Wild
Argentina Katharina Gartmann Andrea Plischke
Mexico Bernhard Bock Nicole Burtscher


Further reading:

Strategy in markting channels – linked!
How to creat a distribution strategy….that banks!? – linked!
Consumer value creating – linked!


Due date for your analysis of both country strategy paper is December 24th, 2018 (12:00 – noon)

Country Strategy Paper – 20% (Group Point)
Analysis of own country Strategy Paper – 40% (Individual Point)
Analysis of other country Strategy Paper – 40% (Individual Point)

  • Level 0 – (0-6) Unsufficiant:
    The student does not give a solution to the answer.
    The student lacks to analyse the case.
    The provided solution is out of ‘scope’ of this case.
  • Level 1 – (7-11) Partial Knowledge:
    The student is answering the right questions, and is proposing a sufficiant solution. The solution lacks sufficient analysis and/or in-proper reference.
  • Level 2 – (12-16) Good
    The student’s solution is a suitable answer to the posed question. The solution is well analysed and has proper reference to support it.
  • Level 3 – (17-20) Higher Potential
    The student’s solution challenges the question. The level of solution surpasses the suitable answers and tackles a wider perspective. The solution is properly analysed and has reference to support it.

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