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Tackeling Retention in a #GenZ world. – My day 3 recap of #collisionconf @collisionHQ

Retention is the key word in a world filled with subscription models where you can get everything delivered per month. It’s all coming down to brand loyalty which creates customer succes. To have customer succes with your experience, it’s becoming

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It’s a new reality out there! An immersive one with Robots in it. – My day 2 round-up of #collisionconf @collisionHQ

A lot of talks on virtual reality today! Although (still) no breakthrough in the consumer segment virtual reality in any kind of form (immersive, mixed, augmented or virtual) is for real in the business/professional segment. A top down approach in

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Be creative, use data and build trust! – My round-up of day 1 #collisionconf @collisionHQ

With Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Timbaland I knew I was in for a treat on creativity. Both artists acknowlegded the importance of remaining creative. With the Hitrecord platform Joseph focusses on the collaborative nature of creativity. Together people can create awesome

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Collision Conference is ON! #collisionconf @collisionHQ – Opening night

Opening night in Toronto for Collision Conference. After several visits of SxSw, I decided to take a closer look at Collision Conference this year. This first blog is all about opening night where 8 start-ups already inspired me, Prime Minister

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Humans are taking it back! And 2 other trends I got out of #sxsw2018

This was my third time into SxSw (interactive) – or South By (as locals tend to call it). As always, I came looking for new trends, tech and insights….and oh boy did South By deliver on the last one. 23

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You can seduice us Vero, but that doesn’t mean we will quit Facebook!

Last few weeks the new social network app Vero was the new number one social in the app-stores! An app with only your friends, no commercials, no hassling newsfeeds or company stories, no monthly fees….just you and your friends, everything

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Creating operational excellence in the digital expert model (DEM).

With the digital expert model I want to help companies and organisations to create true digital value. The methodology focusses on 2 axes of value creation, and helps you communicate your (new) value. One the Extreme Customer Centricity axe I

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