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Building brands with digital in the core (2) – Your customer is taking over!

A second shift in the digital world is the changed customer relationship. Before the world became digital, brands were forced to use media, communication and organization based on a push model. In the digital world your customer is taking over,

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Building brands with digital in the core! (1) – Influence

Today, brands face a huge challenge! Sticking out! Back in the days (and those days are not so long ago 10 to 15 years) a good product would sell by itself. With the support of traditional media channels (TV, Radio,

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Making things better….it’s not Philips, but Apple! How a first mover probably won’t be the gamechanger! #apple #gamechanger

Apple’s live event exploded my twitter tuesday-evening. While the livestream took off on a false note, Tim Cook was already on the verge of announcing the new iPhone 6(+) with bigger (full) high resolution screens. Finally Apple follows the Samsung’s

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Old school entrepeurship is back! #shinola #entrepreneur #SXSWV2V

What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas or goes out on Twitter, Facebook, Blogs, ….especially when it talk about SxSWV2V! This isn’t contained to Las Vegas, but is being spread out all over the world via social and digital media.

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Leave behind little extra’s so people remember you! #entrepreneur #startup #sxswV2V

The big South by South West show landed in Las Vegas for a much more intimite version on entrepreneurship, startups and innovation! Although I like the Austin version, because it’s bigger then life and just seems endless, this version in

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Social (media) is not a fad, and mobile is not the future! #sCRM13 #thinkmobile #socialCRM

Once the holy grail, now the big disappointment….social media! Social media is not a fad (Eric Qualman said a few years back)….but talk to marketeers, CMO’s, CEO’s or read recent articles nowadays and they tell you a different story! Social

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Social Media UNcovered – an HR focus on Social Media #HRM #socmed

Social Media UNcovered deals with all the basics of social media behaviour. I still notice that most small and medium companies struggle with understanding social media communication, the changed communication paradigm and the GenY-ers who are there new customers AND 

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