Thomas Friedman describes Ten Flatteners in his book “The World is Flat“. You can find a brief description on the Flatteners page (as found on Wikipedia).  All ten have played a role in the flattening of the global playing field.  Some are political, others are technological of business-wise but all together they give a great idea on what happened in the near past to understand where this new globalisation and flat world society came from.
For a digital native (or millennial) this is sometimes hard to understand, a world ‘without’ tech(nology) or Internet. But who is this digital native? Do they recognize themselves as different/digital native? And what does that mean? In the chapter on Digital native? Digital who? I’m outlining who he/she is, and what are the basic characteristics of this “generation Y”. Do you recognize yourself?

In terms of a global playing field and the use of internet as a way to communicate to each other, this medium has gone through a massive change. You hear everybody talk about Web1.0, Web 2.0…even Web4.0 sounds trough the hallways. Do you know what’s the difference? And is it wise to talk with this numbers (as a linear structure)? Most of the time these terms are just being used as buzz words and not clearly defined terms.
In the bird’s-eye on the definitions and web situation page I’ve rounded up a number off  ‘descriptions’ for these terms.  I’m not pretending to have “the one and only” definition but based on different sources and descriptions that I have gathered, I will use these terms with following explanation:

  • Web 0.0: pre (commercial) internet era
  • Web 1.0: read-only content and static websites/-use
  • Web 2.0: user-generated content and the read-write web
  • Web 3.0: semantic web, personalization , intelligent search and behavioral advertising

The last recent evolution is the mobile (r)evolution. From an ordinary cell phone to all you can use smart phones….mobile as taken over wired, and again this has a huge impact on business, society and lifestyle. In the last part of this previous section PC 2 Mobile [under construction] I’m rounding up the mobile evolution; Mobile 1.0, Mobile 2.0…. But who’s talking in numbers?! We’re all using mobile is an ordinary part of our life, but it’s true impact is way bigger then we expect it to be….but this is content for the intensify section.

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