1 Build an emerging market report of a country

  • Build a demographic profile of your country with a the basic demographic statistics
    “customer information” – who are your customers?
    What’s the innovation score of your country?
  • Give economical insights in your country
    GDP – evolution, inflation, GDP growth Y/Y, …
    Key economic sectors
    Labour Market
  • Media insights
    Advertisment spendings
    Different media and their influence
  • Introduction into the digital landscape of your country
    Internet usage/penetration/…
    Mobile connections
    Mobile operators
    Social media usage

2 Introduce a researched/invented/chosen product in this emerging market.
During class you’ll get time and methods to build and introce a new product in your emerging market.
On saterday you’re presenting the introduction of this new product in class to a potential board of “investors”.

  • Present your product & strategy to introduce your product in this market
  • Convince me why and how this can be put to market in this emerging market
    (pay attention to value and targetted customers)

Evaluation criteria

    • Emerging Market Report (35%)
      Are your data verifiable?
      Are your data ‘up to date’?
      Do you have a full report with all concerning data?
    • Product Introduction (35%)
      Is there a product description?
      Is there a motivation on ‘why this product is relevant for this country and it’s consumers’?
      Is there a strategy on how your product is put to market?
      (Are the 2 key elements of emerging market strategy present?)
    • Reflexion on your market/product and the reflexion of a least one other market & product (25%)
      Reflect on the strategy and the key elements for a emerging market introduction
      Be critical!
    • General (5%)
      You have proper references in your report.
  • What do you deliver? (by 25 June 2014 via wetransfer to
    You deliver me your presentation of saterday 14 of June 2014
    You deliver me a personal report of your country and your product introduction. (max. 5 pages without attachments)
    You deliver me a personal reflection on your report and how they match the evaluation criteria (max. 1 page)
    You deliver me a personal reflection on one other country and product introduction and how they match the evaluation criteria (max. 1 page)
    Each document holds your surname and the name of the country

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