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Media opportunities…Change is bound to happen! – +55 yrs: We are traditional media

1019 people were surveyed during the last 6 weeks by my students Digital Culture (Cross Media Management @ University College Karel de Grote – Antwerp) on their (digital) media ownership and usage. Today I’m launching the fourth part of my daily

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Clicks instead of bricks – the future of (higher) education

In a recent PEW research report (in collaboration with Elon university) more than 1000 educational stakeholders and experts were interviewed, and asked for their view on education in the year 2020. Will education remain the same or will technology change

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Millennials, Technology & Education

Recent study of University of Ghent says most youngsters (millennial) own a smartphone (81%), BUT use it to text message ( an average of 71 messages a day).  This because online connection is to expensive (most of the time). Together

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eCRM and eMarketing Course at FHV – Powerpoints

Thank you very much for 2 fabulous days….It was fun working with you. I hope I could provide some insights on how Marketing and CRM are developing/need to develop in the “new” social web era. As I promised,I’ve uploaded the

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Facebook University – How Facebook influences the U-experience!?

Created by: Online PhD

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Flat Education – Share your story! Co-creation works!

Since some students ask me to share articles, links and other cool stuff. I’m opening up a post, on which can be commented with a relevant article, web link, … That’s what I call co-creation! Maybe I missed something, or

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Why #Edushock is a must read!

Education = it’s one of my passions (besides the fact that it is my job). I’m trying to figure out where our education can bring us , or wear it should bring us the (near) future. I hope everybody agrees

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Why #social better becomes the new normal!

We all know the impact of IT – flat world – has on our lives….it’s huge, it’s fast and never seems to stop. Within these 3 short sentences lays the challenge of the future…the learning decade as it has been called, where knowledge

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Social media as an educational tool

Education in the 21th century can’t be the same as education in the 20th century… As I already stated in my prior post I’m a true believer of collaborative education where a teacher is a facilitator, the guy who gives

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Co-Education = Co-Creation = Social Education = Engagement

I was blown away today (thank you #bnox) with an inspirational film on the new educational paradigm. Since I’m in education myself, I couldn’t agree more with the following: “We’ve messed up! Our students aren’t ready to build their career

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