HdBW – Customer Experience Design

HdBW students – Master Program

This page contains all general information about the course Customer Experience Design

Contact info:
email: tom.fleerackers@kdg.be
skype: tom_fleerackers

Slides used in class


Further reading:

X: The experience when digital meets design – Brain Solis (2015)
This is service design doing – Mark Stickdorn e.a. (2018)
The Experience Economy – Joseph Pine & James Gilmore (1999)



Persona Sofia
Persona Gunter
Persona Manni

Customer journey’s & Idea Portfolios:


You keep a digital record of all your assignments.
You wire-transfer your portfolio to tom.fleerackers@kdg.be  on the due date through wetransfer.com.
Due date is to be announced – the stamp on the wetransfer-mail is your verification!

Please make sure to have a source reference where necessary, and that your name is on each assignment and your portfolio.
Please label your documents with the “assignment name_your name”.

Part 1 – Group Assignment (25%)

You apply the methodoly of design thinking.
1. You describe a persona.
2. You create a customer journey map for this persona.
3. You develop an idea portfolio

Part 2 – Individual Assignment (40%)

You choose two ideas of out of any idea portfolio.
You prototype both ideas (first on paper).
You test the faisibility of both ideas.
You test/iterate the best feasible  idea (5 times) and apply learnings. You document each iteration using the test and learning card methodology.
(Use the testcards – add them to your portfolio + learning card!)


Explain the context in your experience happens.
Create a story which suits this context.

You pitch your new idea and prototype on monday June 3th, 2019.

Part 3 – Peer Review (25%)

Use the Peer Review Form to review the your assigned case.
Motivate your answers out of the course.

Benjamin reviews Ruzica
Ruzica reviews Jannis
Jannis reviews Jörg
Jörg reviews Franz
Franz reviews Isabella
Isabelle reviews Arbia
Arbia reviews Ludwig
Ludwig reviews Philipp
Philipp reviews Benjamin

Please check with each other for the documents to do the review!
(These should be the same documents you send me for grading!)

PART 4 – Poster (10%)

Create a poster (1 slide/page) of your new customer experience
(a poster contains visuals & text)

Due Dates:
Please send your individual portfolio (all documentation of your idea and prototype including group part and your pitch presentation) before 14/6/2019 – 23:59
Please send your individual poster & peer evaluation form 30/6/2019


  • Level 0 – (0-6) Unsufficiant:
    The student does not give a solution to the answer.
    The student lacks to analyse the case.
    The provided solution is out of ‘scope’ of this case.
  • Level 1 – (7-11) Partial Knowledge:
    The student is answering the right questions, and is proposing a sufficiant solution. The sollution lacks sufficient analysis adnd/or inproper reference.
  • Level 2 – (12-16) Good
    The student’s solution is a suitable answer to the posed question. The solution is well analysed and has proper reference to support it.
  • Level 3 – (17-20) Higher Potential
    The student’s solution challenges the question. The level of solution surpasses the suitable answers and tackles a wider perspective. The solution is properly analysed and has reference to support it.

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