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FHV-students – BA Internationales Betriebswirtschaft (International Semeseter)

All slidedecks from class will be added here!


SLIDES_Digital Messed Up Marketing
SLIDES_Social Graph



Creating Persona’s – OM_PersonaTemplate.png

You keep a digital record of all your assignments. You wire-transfer your portfolio to tom.fleerackers@kdg.be  on the due date through wetransfer.com.
Due date is  7/12/2018 – 12:00 (noon) – the stamp on the wetransfer-mail is the verification!

Please make shure to have a source reference where necessary, and that your name is on each assignment and your portfolio.
Please label your document with the assignment name and your name.
(If there is no name in the label, I will not grade it!)

Class Assignment – 20181119

  1. Choose a company you(r group) thinks, should have a online marketing update.
    – Low or inactive on social media
    – Only a basic website up and running (information only)Prepare a short presentation of this company
    – Why does the company exist? What do they offer?
    – Describe their customers (make persona’s for the differents customer profile)
    – Describe the current online situation of this company.

Class Assignment 20181120

  1. Create a customer journey for your persona.Describe for each stage the current digital/online situation.
    What is the customer want to do in each stage?
    What does the customer want to know in each stage?
    Analyse the customer journey
    Where are their opportunities to improve? (online/digital)
  2. What are your goals for this online marketing update?
    What are your (online) objectives?
    (Relate them to the why of the company!>assignment 1)
    What are your (measurable) goals that you want to reach?
  3. Define at least 10 relevant (search) keywords for your company
    Analyse 2 competitor websites (learn from their “key”words)
    Explain why you pick those keywords 
(show me the decision making proces – lists, data, …)
  4. Look for influencers/affiliates
    You pick at least 4 influencers
    You select at least 2 affiliates (program/people)
    (1 of them should be one of your classmates)
    Explain why that you picked these people/program
  5. What digital value can you create where your customer comes first?
    Select 2 social media channels which will use
    (make sure that your influencers match your social media channels!)

Class Assignment 20181121

  1. What are your customers saying about your company?
    Analyse 10 messages
    Who said what? What was the tone of voice? How did the company react?
  2. Build a content oriented campaign for your company for the next 3m to 5m
    -What’s the base of your campaign: what’s the story you want to tell?
    Construct a story board  for your story (= movie!)
    -Who are you targeting?
    -Which channels will you be using?
    Combine all elements/information of the previous tasks!
    (keywords, competitor analysis, influencers/affiliates, social listening, analytics)
    You present the value proposition of your content oriënted campaign 
on one poster  (company, persona, NEW digital customer journey, ….) and in one small video (max 1 minute.)
    Presentations start Thursday @ tba!
    PLEASE SEND ME THE POSTERS and movies BY MONDAY  26/11/2018 12:00 – over WeTransfer to tom.fleerackers@kdg.be

POST Assignment 
This is an individual assignment.

  1. Please read the following articles/infographics
  2. Reflect on your case – individualy!
    What do you think is strong about your case?
    What do you think can be improved in your case?
    Always build an argument connecting with the course content and the previous articles.
    (YOU NEED TO ARGUMENT out of those articles and the course)
    Please use this Peer Review Form.
  3. I’ll assign one other case (poster) to each student by Monday November 27th, 2018.
    Posters will be uploaded by Monday November 27th, 2018.
    What do think is strong about this case?
    What do you think can be improved in this case?
    Always build an argument connecting with the course content and the previous articles.
    (YOU NEED TO ARGUMENT out of those articles and the course)
    Please use this Peer Review Form.

PORTFOLIO due date 07/12/2018 – 12:00 (noon)
– Class assignment (50%)
send me all the documents your group made during the class assignment (full analysis, poster and movie)
– Individual assignment (50%)
Send me your analysis of both cases (1p per case maximum!)

Please make shure to have a source reference (course, articles, …) where necessary, and that your name is on your assignments and portfolio!

You transfer your portfolio to tom.fleerackers@kdg.be  through www.wetransfer.com

  • Level 0 – (0-6) Unsufficiant:
    The student does not give a solution to the answer.
    The student lacks to analyse the case.
    The provided solution is out of ‘scope’ of this case.
  • Level 1 – (7-11) Partial Knowledge:
    The student is answering the right questions, and is proposing a sufficiant solution. The sollution lacks sufficient analysis adnd/or inproper reference.
  • Level 2 – (12-16) Good
    The student’s solution is a suitable answer to the posed question. The solution is well analysed and has proper reference to support it.
  • Level 3 – (17-20) Higher Potential
    The student’s solution is challenges the question. The level of solution surpasses the suitable answers and tackles a wider perspective. The solution is properly analused and has reference to support it.

Case Assignment

Oberlaa Gabriel Ellen Hanna
Orient Lounge Jelle Annie Valentin
Lingcar Daniel Dziyana
Cafesito Christopher Olivia
Xtream Stefanie Sofie Julia
Handl Tyrol Sina Olga Natalie
Lendo Julian Maria Marije
Innauer/Vakanz Sandro D’Andria Satolu
Natur & Kost Larissa Linda Kerim
Oricks Lisa Kim
La Scarpetta Saara Erna

Cases (Poster & Movies)

Presentation Oberlaa

La Scarpetta

Orient Lounge





Content Strategy
X-Tream Key Words

Handl Tyrol





Poster_Julian Denz, Daniel Primus

Natur & Kost


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