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The INevitable – Impact of technology

Whether we like it or not, the impact of technology on our life is inevitable. We have shaped digital technology this way that this techology is now shaping our life! In this presentation, my focus is mainly on the following

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5 days – 25 sessions – 1 party – over 100 pictures! This was #SxSw Interactive 2016

South by (as locals call it) is by far the biggest and best showcase of what the interactive future holds.  Although I came prepared (check my post from a week ago), I was still struggling with the seize of SxSw.

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Connected moments enhance consumer experience #sxsw2016

Brian Wong, a Asian Canadian guy, took the stage looking like a 12 year old, but telling a story as a true full-grown (visionary?) CEO from KIIP. With KIIP he really wants to change advertising as we know it (especially

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Ready, set, go! How to survive #SxSw – 5 tips!

It is that time of the year again, where the entrepreneurial world meets up with the digital world in Austin (Texas) for South by SouthWest interactive (SxSw Interactive). It’s my second time into Austin for the interactive part, after a

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Why knowing your digital stage matters! 5 Simple quetions.

It only took 50 years for internetaccess to become a fundamental human right!  They way internet, and by extention, digital has transformed business is enormous.  With the rise of the commercial internet in the 90-ies, companies were the first to

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Building brands with digital in the core (2) – Your customer is taking over!

A second shift in the digital world is the changed customer relationship. Before the world became digital, brands were forced to use media, communication and organization based on a push model. In the digital world your customer is taking over,

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Building brands with digital in the core! (1) – Influence

Today, brands face a huge challenge! Sticking out! Back in the days (and those days are not so long ago 10 to 15 years) a good product would sell by itself. With the support of traditional media channels (TV, Radio,

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