Can Google handle the spam-pressure?

More and more people are getting annoyed with the google search results…Every algorithm can be beaten, even the google-rythm. What seemed to be a formula for success, is now stretched to his limits as businesses, people and spammers are applying the Search Engine optimization (SEO). The result of this SEO is tha search engine results in Google are less accurate and give more spam. Even paying partners of Google are getting confused through the SEO (-abuse).

People are fed up and looking for new ways to get better accurate search results with less spam. Different methods are already available….were you as the people participate in searching and keeping engine searches clear.  Take a look at the beta version of Blekko for instance. You can ‘rate’ or mark every result with like, or even give it a spam tag. With this information Blekko will keep the search result as clear is possible.  Again the flat world users are in control and helping the flat world. 
It can be seen as manually ranking and grading (like search engines used to work back in the web1.0 era). It’s called curation. With the curated sites, Blekko will be able to give search results without content farms, SEO spam, and nonsensical Q&A sites.

It’s up to google to deal with this new action off course….there multibilion dollar business model was builded around the great algorithm, but when people lose interest  in the core business (internet searches) will they still be interested in the added Google services (Google maps, earth, ….). Or is Google changing is business model and giving control to the people? But  what will happen with the paying partners then, becoming spam for the people?

Again creative destruction (J. Schumpeter) will get his share of the truth!

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One comment on “Can Google handle the spam-pressure?
  1. […] Because we aren’t there yet (completely), developers and users have come up with a ‘cheap’ intermediate way of contexualizing the search problem. You can read about it in my blog post:Can Google handle the Spam pressure? […]

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