Social media gets a grip on young Europians

A Eurostat survey in 2010 shows that the flat world is coming along fast in Europe. I’ve lined up the most impressive figure for the European Union. Countries will do better or worse, since the given numbers are European Avarages. The world reference numbers I’ve collected through Internet World Stats, the European numbers are from Eurostat (and they differ from the figures from Internet World Stats, because they only reflect figure in the EU 27, outside the EU 27 there is a far less acces and usage of the flat world).

As you can see there is a lot of difference in the use and access to the flat world. The world average is only 28,7%!

 The western countries are in the lead, but if you look at the absolute figures you’ll notice that Asia has (825 mio) more users than Europe and North America together (475 mio + 266 mio).  Only to show you that numbers are as relative as they are absolute. BUT what’s more interesting is that of those Eupopean users 80% the youngsters (age 18-24) use social media on regular bases. This is our future….the social media. In the education section is already a small part incorporated dealing with the impact of social media on your life and business…and the best is yet to come! A Nielsen survey from february 2010 sees on 82% growth of social media.

 If you want a chance to reach out and touch those youngsters, be shure to get hooked on social media as part of your business model, communication strategy and marketing tool! But then you read the next newspaper article, and know that the road ahead is long: “Social Media, we need to stand up before we can walk!” In the article Mic Adam (general manager of Vanguard Leadership) stipulates that many companies aren’t ready to incorporate a social media strategy yet since they don’t know how to use these social media. He appeals to all business men to start using social media, so we can figure out how it fits the corporate strategy next time!

I coudn’t agree more with Mic Adam, since the next generation is already steps ahead!

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