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  • The World is Flat, 3.0 : a brief history of the twenty first century – Thomas Friedman (2007), Picador, 672p.
    You can also visit the author’s website:http://www.thomaslfriedman.com/ and read on line in parts of his book(s).
  • Socialnomics:How Social Media Transforms the Way We Live and Do Business – Erik Qualman (2010), Wiley, 296p.
    You can also visit the author’s website: http://socialnomics.net/ for more insights and a blog.
  • The New Normal – Peter Hinssen (2010), Mach Media NV, 202p
  • Media Morgen – Jo Caudron (2011), Lannoo Campus, 200p (only in Ducth for the moment)
    You can also visit the author’s website: http://jocaudron.me/ for more insights and background (in English)


  • Winners and Losers: Creators and Casualties of the Age of the Internet – Kieran Levis (2009), Atlantic Books, 352p.
    For more insights and information you can visit the author’s website http://www.kieranlevis.com/.
  • Superconnect: The power of networks and the strength of weak links – Richard Koch & Greg Lockwood (2010), Little Brown, 304p.
  • Business Model Generation – Alexander Osterwalder & Yves Pugnuer (2010), Wiley, 288p.
    You can also visit the author’s webiste: www.alexanderosterwalder.com and read the book online, or get more insights on the business modelling.
  • The Conversation Manager – Steven Van Belleghem (2010), Lannoo Campus, 206p.
    Also available as iPad-app!
    You can also visit the author’s website: http://www.theconversationmanager.com/ for updates and additional insights.
  • The Conversity Model – Clo Willaerts (2011), Lanno Campus, 176p.
    Aslo available in the Amazon Kindle-store
    You can also visit the author’s website: http://conversity.be/en/ for more information and recent topics.
  • Social Media ROI, Managing and Measuring Social Media Efforts in Your Organization  – Olivier Blanchard (2011), Que, 320p.
    Olivier Blanchard has his own blog on http://thebrandbuilder.wordpress.com/
  • Engage, Revised and Updated: The Complete Guide for Brands and Businesses to Build, Cultivate, and Measure Success in the New Web – Brian Solis (2011), Wiley, 336p.
  • The Social Media Bible: Tactics, Tools, and Strategies for Business Success – Lon Safko (2010), Wiley, 711p
  • The Big Book of Social Media: Case Studies, Stories, Perspectives – Robert Fine (2010), Yorkshire Publishing, 312p.
    More at http://thebestofsocial.com/wordpress/ 
  • Groundswell – Charlene Li & Josh Bernoff (2011), Harvard Business Review Press, 332p.
    The Groundwell blog, data and other resources: www.forrester.com/groundswell
  • The End of Business As Usual: Rewire the way you work to succeed in the Consumer Revolution – Brain Solis(2011), Wiley , 304p.
  • Smart Business, Social Business: A Playbook for Social Media in Your Organization  – Micheal brito (2011) , Que, 272p
    The author’s blog: http://thesocialbusinessbook.com/
  • The Conversation Company: Boost Your Business Through Culture, People and Social Media – Steven Van Belleghem (2012), Lannoo Campus/Kogan Page,  288p.
    You can also visit the author’s website: http://www.theconversationmanager.com/ for updates and additional insights.

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