Assignment(s) – FHV Digital Culture & Social Media

FHV-students – Ba Internationale Betriebswirtschaft (International Semeseter)

All slidedecks from class!

You keep a digital record of all your assignments. You wire-transfer your portfolio to  on the due date through
Due date is  31/12/2016 – 12:00 (noon) – the stamp on the wetransfer-mail is the verification!

Please make shure to have a source reference where necessary,and that your name is on each assignment and your portfolio.
Please label your document with the assignment name and your name.

Post Assignment class

  1. Digital Generation?
    Which generation are you?
    Think of (at least one) personal situation (example) which shows your digital savvyness in each stage.
    You describe each example briefly and add pictures to the story (in total over the 4 generation types you are allowed to use 20 pictures).

Post Assignment class

  1. Go to the previous section – web 1.0, web 2.0, web 3.0 …. a bird’s-eye on a definition
    Give for each type of web (1.0, 2.0, 3.0…4.0) a business example (of an existing business)
    Prepare a brief presentation on why and how these businesses are that type of web business.
    Add a short company profile as well (up-to-date until now: name, core business, size, short history, employees…)

Class & Post Assignment – Creating value in the digital world

  1. Choose a web 1.0 company for this assignment.
    (f.i. Local pizzeria, local B&B, Garage,….)
  2. Create a poster which captures Customer Value for your web 1.0 business which lifts the existing value proposition into the digital era (the next 3 to 5 years).
    You give a brief introduction of your company.
    Your portfolio holds poster of your customer value.
    You explain briefly your new value proposition is all about.
    (max 1p)

    Process for a good customer value (proposition canvas)

    • Write down the present value that your company is creating for its customers.
      What/Why/How -> Who?
    • Pick one or more disruptors/trends
    • Open brainstorm starting from the focus (5min/company)
      What can this focus do for my company and its value proposition?
      In this phase there are no technological, business, sociological, … limitations = “The sky is the limit!”
    • Adapt the model and bring in the new idea(‘s)
      What/Why/how -> Who?
      Second step is to adapt your 1.0 customer value canvas to a workable new business model (which will hopefully generate revenue and survival for your case in the next 3 to 5 years.)
  3. What would your social media strategy be in this case?
    Describe the social media channel(s) you would choose, and why.
    Make a message (image? text? video? live?) for one channel.

Please make shure to have a source reference where necessary,and that your name is on your portfolio!

You transfer your portfolio to  through


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