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In this section I’ll set out the roadmap for the course. If you want to participate in this course, as a student you’re off course obliged, but as a visitor you’re more then welcome, this section explains how the course works, contains information on how you use this site and how you can/must contribute to this course.

I have made 4 “chapters” in this course. If you look through them you will see them as a linear course framework with a conclusion in the end, but it’s not ment to be that way.
Because of the speed of new thoughts, ideas, business cases, technology, …. everything starts over and over again. Every conclusion is a new starting point…So can you really make a conclusion in the end? We’ll see!

  • But for starters it’s best to have a look at the beginning of the flat world era.
    How were things organized? How was the industrialized world communicating?  With different short movies, some related questions you should able to get an image on this 0.0 world.  A short history of the communicating computer you receive insights on the technological ideas behind this new (communicating) world. With this information you can understand where the 10 flatteners of Thomas Friedman come from and what they mean, BUT I dare you to be critical on these flatteners AND creative to find more flatteners! (Especially try to reflect on your personal situation!) – All this in the previously section.
  • After the first readings and contributions are done (but then again make sure to look back at them because yesterday is already history…), it’ s time to take a closer look at the true impact of this new “flat” earth on the way we  do business, communicate and the impact on our lifestyle.  With different real life cases and background information you will work on getting better insights and ideas. In this section you’ll get a lot of crosslinks to the blog the flat world section of this site and the outside world, but with concrete questions, discussions, creative methods, … you’ll end up with more questions, more ideas, more structure, more insights, more….  Make sure you have a portfoliomap (preferably digital, but no worries if it’s in writing) ready at the end with all the information which is relevant for you! The intensify section is your guidemap through this part off the course.
  • The post reflexion makes time for a personal analysis of your information. Again guidelines will help you reflect, but this is your part! You’re rethinking your information, to finally share your knowledge in an open discussing forum.
  • Finally we try to overview the flat evolution and write down what is (not) useful for us. And from here we try to take a look into the (near) future and try arm our business, lifestyle, education, vision, … with this new ideas. The conclusion section is the starting point of the future with looking back and understanding the near past!

A few ground rules to make this course a success:

  • participate
  • participate
  • participate
  • share your information, knowledge and insights in comments
  • interact thanks to Twitter or Facebook
  • be part of the flatworldbuzz network

This course can be followed at University College Karel de Grote (KdG) and Fachhochschule Vorarlberg (FHV).


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