KdG XM² – Digital Culture

KdG XM²-students:
You keep a digital record of all your assignments. You upload your assignments on canvas.kdg.be on the due date.
Due date is Friday 21st of December 2018 – 23h59.

Please make sure to have a source reference where necessary, and that your name is on each assignment and your portfolio.
Please label your documents with the assignment name and your name.
(If you give a correct name to each assignment, I will not grade your assignment because I don’t know who you are!)

1 Digital and Social = NOW
You search for 3 articles on the web about digital and/or social media, which you comment on. You can enter the articles and comments on the digital/social=now page in the assignment section of KdG XM2 students.
These articles can be in Dutch, English, German or French and date between 01/09/2018 and 21/12/2018.

The title of your article = title of the comment
Hyperlink to the original article + resource of the article + publication date
Comment on the article (f.i. agree, disagree, experience, ….)
[Please be aware that for your comment to show, I’ve got to approve it. This can take up to 24h, so please be patient. After this approval you’re free to post any comments.]

2 Digital is disrupting our lives
How do different generations deall with digital in their life.
Use a storyboard (pictures, drawings, short movies) to describe an actual situation of 2 different generations in a same situation and detect where and when digital technology has an impact on their life.

Besides your discription of this journeys, you need to make a conclusion!
What did you notice?
Where do they differ?
Where are they the same?
What’s the impact of digital technology on the lives of these people.

Inspiration can be found in the previous section – 10 Flatteners.

3 Digital Evolition
Go to the webpage of Digital Evolution
Give for each phase (1, 2 and 3) a business example (of an existing business).

[Each company can only be taken once!]
You share your web-businesses in the discussion on canvas.kdg.be, and validate at least 2 other businesses through a comment on the post.
Your comment argues why these companies are (or are not) web 1.0, 2.0, 3.0 or 4.0 companies (use the indicators from class and presentation).

Prepare a brief presentation of each web business type
Each presentation (ppt, keynote, ….) has
– an up-to-date  company profile (name, description of the core business, company size, short history, number of employees)
– an explanation on why and how this web-businesses is web 1.0, 2.0 or 3.0 (or 4.0)
For the kdg-students there is a restriction: You cannot take Amazon, Apple, Starbucks, IKEA, Toyota, Domino’s Pizza, Nokia, Google, Snapchat, WeChat, What’sApp, Facebook, Twitter.

4 Create a Value Proposition Canvas (VPC) for your web 1.0 business which discribes the ass-is situation = NOW = VERSION 1
VERSION 1 – VPC1 – You describe the basic (off-line) value proposition of your web 1.0 company and the customers segments this value proposition serves.
Then you descibe the value proposition which is delivered through the website of that company. Focus on what problem your company tries to solve or what need it serves.

5 Create a Value Proposition Canvas (VPC) for your elevated (digital) business (= web 2.0 or web 3.0) = DISRUPTED = VERSION 2
VERSION 2 – VPC2 – You describe the adapted value proposition for your initial web 1.0 business when you apply digital technology on your 1.0 business. (Your chosen technology has an impact on what your business offers to its customers. It can change the initial basic -off line- proposition, or it can change the digital/online value for its customers).

Make shure that there is a fit!
Regarding grading: I’ll check if your fit services the pains and gains and delivers on the job the customer wants to get done.

6 Describe your social graph
Make a social grahps for 2 social online networks where you participate in.
Out of each graph you describe a strong, weak and temporary tie.
Explain also why those people are this type of tie (to you).

Make an analysis.

  • Why are you active on these social online networks.
  • What similarities do you detect over both social graphs?
  • Which differences do you see when you analyse both social graps?

8 Take notes of the influential speakers and refer these to course content.
I don’t want a short description of this inspirational speaker. I already know the content.
Write down why this was relevant for this course.

5 comments on “KdG XM² – Digital Culture
  1. For the book assignment, is it ok if I take “Piracy” by Matt Mason ?

  2. Svenja says:


    is it okay for us Erasmus-people to choose the book “The Conversation Manager”? Because we didn’t have this book in any other course before….so the restricition doesn’t count for us, right?!

  3. Stéphanie says:


    I’ve missed a guest lecture. What can I do instead of writing a SWOT?


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