It’s a new reality out there! An immersive one with Robots in it. – My day 2 round-up of #collisionconf @collisionHQ

A lot of talks on virtual reality today! Although (still) no breakthrough in the consumer segment virtual reality in any kind of form (immersive, mixed, augmented or virtual) is for real in the business/professional segment.
A top down approach in training using VR has a retention of 80 %, versus 20% through tradition training and is way more cost efficient. One VR set only cost a fraction of a simulator. Professional and military training therefore invest highly on VR or immersive applications in order to train their people.  To be successful the VR (or immersive) experience needs to be authentic and serve a purpose. To support both, storytelling needs to be part of the equation to build sustainable muscle memory.

Besides a new virtual world, we will notice robots taking the stand in our everyday life. Cobalt robotics has its robots working side by side with humans in security. Trained on the job to detect anomalies it can cover a lot of ground when human surveillance is not available (f.i. during the night). Through it’s screen people can interact remotely with the surveillance agent.
This cooperation combines the best of both worlds. A robot can have the best senses (smell, visuals, hearing) while humans remain friendly and build conversation.  To introduce robots in your organization, you need to make them part of your company culture. And the moment they (really) work, we won’t can them robots any more.
For now it’s all about a security ecosystem, but in the near future robots can be introduced in inventory, facility management, … This way they can be part of bigger ecosystem in which they communicate with other (smart)machines (IoT) and get the work done only using human interference when necessary.

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One comment on “It’s a new reality out there! An immersive one with Robots in it. – My day 2 round-up of #collisionconf @collisionHQ
  1. Niels Waem says:

    There is no breakthrough yet because of 5G. When 5G is pushed towards consumers, people will rush to the stores for their own headset. Also telcos are heavily investing in cinematic VR content because in that way they can burn your bandwidth. Imagine you didn’t have mobile internet on your smartphone, then what’s the use of a smartphone… Same goes for VR (for consumers). In terms of B2B market, companies are looking for ways to invest.

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