Be creative, use data and build trust! – My round-up of day 1 #collisionconf @collisionHQ

With Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Timbaland I knew I was in for a treat on creativity. Both artists acknowlegded the importance of remaining creative. With the Hitrecord platform Joseph focusses on the collaborative nature of creativity. Together people can create awesome stuff, and the platform makes this creative collaboration possible. Timbaland, on the other end, focussed on the human aspect of creativity in collaboration with AI. AI could generate a massive amount of creative solutions and possibilities but it will always be up to humans to make final decisions in this creative process. AI as true enabler of human creativity.


A red line throughout several talks today was data usage to better understand your customer. Although a lot of people talk as if data is already the new oil, it still is in its toddler phase regarding relevant value creation for your customers through data and algorithms.
Dotdash, former, has used the power of it’s data to build trust with its users. They noticed that generic content sides (like generated less traffic, then a specialized site focussed on specific content. Consumers tend to find specialized sites more thrustworthy. So they used their algorithms to be and act like humans.m with their data.
This is really necessary beacuse consumers aren’t always a voluntary element in the digital ecosystem. But if you can use data to help your customers, and less about doing commerce, your customer will start to build trust (and in the end generate revenue!).


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