Collision Conference is ON! #collisionconf @collisionHQ – Opening night

Opening night in Toronto for Collision Conference.
After several visits of SxSw, I decided to take a closer look at Collision Conference this year.

This first blog is all about opening night where 8 start-ups already inspired me, Prime Minister Trudeau explained why you need to invest in (international) talent to remain competitive in the tech start-up world, Jessie Reyez showed us what entrepreneurial mindset realy is all about and Seth Rogen wants us all on canabis, but in an educated way…because less sometimes realy means a better experience.

vmYGl4lQS16spRM6oyrWqAThe centre stage at the Enercare Centre in Toronto hosted Collision 2019’s opening night. And boy, what an opening that was!
As a sort of warm-up act 8 start-ups pitched their case for a vast audience of over 5000 people. Without going into detail I realy want you to check out Persky and Flipd. They can use your support and usage.

After this pre-show, it was time the start opening night. After Paddy (Cosgrave) said hi and explained why we they moved to Toronto, it was time for the main star to go on stage; Prime Minister of Canada Justine Trudeau. Boy, is he popular in Canada! But I think I understand why…he’s a smart guy.
He explained that Canada’s succes is all about the focus on the war for talent. Educated Canadians are teamed up with the brightest people they bring in to the country.  Each (bright) immigrant is responsible for multiple local jobs. Now that’s a bold vision on immigration.
Together with the fact that a more divers society builds resilient solutions, it seems normal that Toronto (and Canada) are becoming the (tech)start up centre of the world.

Jessie Reyez and Michelle Zatlyn put a spotlight on Entrepreneurship, and how you become entrepreneurial. In brief it’s all about what you make of life! Opportunities don’t just a happen, you make them happen. So simple, but so true.
Also the fact that starting your business is (only) a matter of focussing on a real problem you want to solve, and the connection with people instead of a good team and (seed) money. Again so simple, but so true we tend to forget it.

When Seth Rogen, together with his pall Evan Goldberg, took the stage it became clear that passion needs to be involved if you want to become succesfull. With HousePlant Seth and Evan want to clear the pad for canabis (usage) in a well educated way. Canadian legislation allows the use of canabis within a legal framework. Within this framework Seth and Evan builded HousePlant, a canabis brand and network to deliver canabis and educate on canabis. Interesting to see people talk on stage about regulated drug use…something I woulded see happing in Belgium any time soon.
What I learned though is that sometomes it’s better to sell less, to create a better experience.

Finally mayor John Tory officialy opened Collision 2019 in Toronto….but by that time I already left the venue. Preparing for the night and tomorrow, the first real congress day.


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