You can seduice us Vero, but that doesn’t mean we will quit Facebook!

Last few weeks the new social network app Vero was the new number one social in the app-stores!

An app with only your friends, no commercials, no hassling newsfeeds or company stories, no monthly fees….just you and your friends, everything we always wanted from our social network. And when celebrities take a peek and make a profile their fans will follow.


There’s onky one big but…you never get a chance for a second impression, and that’s where it all goes wrong for Vero. Due to its success developers can’t keep up, deleting your account seems impossible (but is not, just a bit hard)and the app crashes all of the time, or doesn’t work as it should be. Not to mention the owner Ayman Hariri, who’s past is a bit shaky!

The big rise will result in a big fall, and we’ll all return to business as usual; lurk around Facebook.

Although we all seem to dislike Facebook most off us tune in daily on the app. Just to check of they didn’t miss anything, because Facebook is your social network, social agenda, social memory….we all like it when Facebook reminds us of a birthday, we all like it when Facebook puts on a (long last) memory picture from this day a few years ago. It turns a small smile on our face!

Yes, we hate the advertising, sponsored posts, the timeline algorithm and the invasion of our privacy. On the other side we also like the convenience of Facebook: telling is what we want to know, reminding us what we forget and being our never-ending trip down memory lane!

So of you’re thinking on beating Facebook…think on how you can beat their convenience. Yes an app that works would go a long way (but know that’s not the only thing you need to do). Think how you can put a smile on people’s face and have them shares their stories, their passion(s).

Who’s next to challenge Facebook?

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