A Digital Expert Model (DEM) to help companies create (digital) value

It’s been a while now that digital became of influence for our society and its organisations. But still I notice a lot of companies that struggle with digital….mainly because of there lack of focus on what realy matters, value….digital value.

Based on the Steven Van Belleghem‘s latest books I created a digital expert model to support a digital transition in value creation. Main insight is that you can focus on 2 axes to create value:  one where technology is your facilitator, one where you focus on true customer centricity.

To be extreme customer centric you focus on both the human side of your value propostion and the (best) operational excellence you can achieve. On the human side we try to harvest the added value of humans. (Where do humans make a difference over machine…knowing that machines don’t need a break, always smile, and have a great product knowledge).
With operational excellence the focus is on 3 subsets where digital technology nowadays can make a difference in your value creation (data, user interface & intelligence augmented).
In my next posts I will focus on each value creation differentiator (VCD).

My second insight is that you don’t need to focus on all (both digital and human) differentiators, and if you focus on one value creation differentiator , focus on that one for the right reason! To create added (customer) value!
That’s why I added a scoring mechanism to the model. This way you can score yourserlf (or let others score you) on each value creation differentiator. This should help you gain insight on each value created differentiator.

Once you’ve focused, and you have an adapted customer value proposition where extreme customer centricity is key and you use technology as a facilitator, you can start to focus on the story!
You can have created the best value for your customer, but nowadays you need to get your story out to be(come) succesful. Therefore the second part of the digital expert model, looks at how you could get your message accross

First step here is to explain the context in which your customer experiences your value. This helps you understand the channels your customer potentialy uses, which support your story and campaign.
In my next post I will also focus on the different channels, strories and campains.

Again the same principle helps…don’t focus on the channels, focus on what realy matters: the context where your customer experiences your value.



Further reading:
Steven Van Belleghem (2015) When digital becomes human
Steven Van Belleghem (2017) The customer the day after tomorrow

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