The INevitable – Impact of technology

Whether we like it or not, the impact of technology on our life is inevitable. We have shaped digital technology this way that this techology is now shaping our life!

In this presentation, my focus is mainly on the following elements:

  • the impact of technology on the way we behave;
  • the impact of technology on our brain and attention span;
  • how technology is becoming more cognitive (and smart);
    the more we use technology, the smarter it gets!
  • The internet of experience; Virtuality becomes the new normal

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One comment on “The INevitable – Impact of technology
  1. Hey Tom,

    Just watched your presentation on the impact of technology – great job. The use of technology is inevitable, but if technology is used well, it can be extremely beneficial for businesses and individuals. As a society, we just need to remember to control technology and not be over-reliant on it.

    Thanks for the info,

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