Connected moments enhance consumer experience #sxsw2016

Brian Wong, a Asian Canadian guy, took the stage looking like a 12 year old, but telling a story as a true full-grown (visionary?) CEO from KIIP. With KIIP he really wants to change advertising as we know it (especially on mobile). The idea behind KIIP is to turn intrusive, disturbing and annoying advertising into moments that enhance the customer experience. Really easy, a brand (advertising or commercial) only enters the game as it fits the context of that moment.  At that moment you create a currency for high engagement between the consumer and the brand.

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At first the trigger was transactional, whenever a customer shows behaviour he gets rewarded. Rewards don’t define behaviour, behaviour should define rewards. And thanks  to our connected world, detecting those moments became easy. But to do so, you need to rebuild your marketing premisses!

7 ways to do so!

  1. Every screen seamless, and we have a lot of screens!
  2. UX + brands, From very easy (swipe left or right with Tinder), to very complex (a connected car which assists you when you go to the movies*)
  3. Connected devices create moments, pre-intent! Connected moments occur because of the connection and automate passive moments.
    The proximity of the device matters in that moment.
    And don’t forget! Rewarding is not just about couponing, it can also be (fi) about content.
    When a kid uses the GENUIS toothbrush from Oral B, he can be rewarded with content (a movie the kid really wants to see, ….)
    Or When a breath analyser indicates that you are to drunk to drive, and offers you a ride with Lyft or Uber.
  4. Predictive productivity/Artificial Intelligence
    Junes Intelligent Oven knows what’s inside, and will automatically know what to do.
  5. Instant gratification/on-demand. If you can not gratify them instantly, acknowledge them in the momento.
  6. New forms of content. Small chunks of bite sized content that people can bring back to you
  7. Messaging is connecting the input. Messaging is becoming the command line for all underlying processes.
    WeChat in China is the central hub for every Chinese person, from messaging, to paying, to connecting, …

This is second time that “moments” pop-up on my radar, first at Gartner (last year), and now at SxSw. Either way you put it, every moment can be a business or connected moment which enhances your customer experience. Whether they just happen (pre-intent), or you trigger them by your behaviour.
It’s clear that the way forward is to acknowledge the connected consumer profile, and start looking for that moment where you (or your brand) adds value!

*How can a connected car assist you when you go to the movies? It can assist you with picking the right movie, ordering the tickets, finding an empty parking spot, paying the parking, dropping you off at the theatre, jus in time, and parking by itself, ….


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