Ready, set, go! How to survive #SxSw – 5 tips!

It is that time of the year again, where the entrepreneurial world meets up with the digital world in Austin (Texas) for South by SouthWest interactive (SxSw Interactive). It’s my second time into Austin for the interactive part, after a very pleased visit at the V2V edition of SxSw in Las Vegas in 2014.

I’m ready for 5 inspiring days, and more I came prepared!

Let me give 5 tips to prepare for and survive your SxSw – edition.

  1. Read the program ahead – My mistake last time, but I did not read the program ahead. So when I arrived I was overwelmed with the huge amount of sessions, wokshops, panels SxSw has to offer. This time I started reading the  program a few weeks ahead and mark all sessions that where of interest for me. Don’t be afraid to be selective, even than you’ll have a plenty to choose from! This way I got familiar with the major topics of this edition. 
  2. Get familiar with the Austin city lay-out – SxSw truly takes over most of the downtown area of Austin. But like most American cities, this is not a small city and the festival uses over 10 different locations. So knowing where venues are located will help you to use your (limited) time efficient. Keep in mind travel time!
  3. Be prepared to cue – although the program is huge and (most) venues are big, so is the attenting crowd. If you realy want to attend a specific session, cue upfront to make shure that you can enter. Rooms close when they are full! Don’t be just in time….you might not get in
  4. Think about transportation – you probably didn’t book a hotel downtown (neither did I). Know that you need to travel back and forth from your hotel. I bought vouchers ahead to make shure that I get downtown on time…..and get back in the hotel at night!
  5. Enjoy the atmosphere – although SxSw might look overwelming, it is a realy relax atmosphere where you can meet up with a lot of cool people, get inspired with new ideas, …. but this will only happen if you enjoy it, don’t stress over a missed sessions due to a long cue, underestimad traveltime between venues, …. just pick another sessions and be surprised!

Let’s meet up and share the experience! It’s gonna be fun!

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