Why knowing your digital stage matters! 5 Simple quetions.

It only took 50 years for internetaccess to become a fundamental human right!  They way internet, and by extention, digital has transformed business is enormous.  With the rise of the commercial internet in the 90-ies, companies were the first to jump the internet train.
In the (web) 1.0 era – the internet era – companies devolleped websites to connect with their customer. At least that was what they tought….what they realy did was, put out a digital leaflet of their company.  Less or no interaction was implemented…although looks changed, most websites are still stuck in this model.
When social media took the stand in 2005, this changed!  Companies had the opportunity to connect with their customers more directly – (web) 2.0-era.  At first, companies struggled with the direct interaction of their customers. As years passed on more companies are experimenting with the use of social or direct media channels to service their customers (needs).
Mobile – (web) 4.0-era – devices triggered this interaction even more and empowered customers to connect in real-time and collaborate on a scale as never (seen) before.
In the meantime digital technology evolved even more and enabled machines to start communicating with other machines in a more autonomous way – (web) 3.0.

What’s next? Singularity? … We’ll see.

If your brand wants to enter the digital era of the next phase, it might be important to detect which digital stage your brand is in.

Five easy questions to answer and check which stage your brand is in.

  1. Are other digital devices helping you in the proces of communication with your customer? (in an autonomous way)
    No, than you did not enter the 3.0 era yet.
  2. Does your brand use any other digital (mobile f.i.) communication channel?
    No, than you have not entered the 4.0 era yet.
  3. Do you interact with your customer (in real-time)?
    No, than you have not entered the 2.0 era yet.
  4. Does my website offer more than just information (or a-synchronous communication)?
    No, than you’re probably in the 1.0 internet era.
    You can asked yourself the next question: Can I improve my customer service by interacting in real-time?
  5. Do you have a website?
    No, than you probably have not entered the digital era yet.
    You can asked yourself the next question: Is it still relevant for me to start with a website?

In which stage are you taking your brand next?

For more in dept reading on the digital stages you can always check my page Web 1.0, 2.0, 3.0, 4.0, … A birds eye on a defenition.

Image credit (and further reading): https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/collaborative-economy-sets-stage-autonomous-jeremiah-owyang

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