Fun, Feelings and Peer Armies serve your (lazy) customer. Take-aways after 1 day of trendseminar (3/3) #TrendSemAMS

1 Day trendseminar – 6 key take-aways on making your organisation future proof!

–disclaimer: Are this the only elements to make your organisation future proof? No, off course not! It’s all about detecting changes around you (and not only in your market), and adapting them to your organisation.–

Key 1 – Your customer is demographicaly undefined!
Key 2 – Needs over behaviour, behaviour over technology
Key 3 – New-ism is multiplying expectations to serve instant gratification in a hyper-personal world
Key 4 – Your customer wants guilt free indulgence to show-off!

Key 5 – Fun is where your (lazy?) customer is.

Don’t take everything to serious! …. A brand experience should be fun and engaging, without to many effort. Your customer wants to be treated as a lazy customer. Little effort, maximum result….and if possible connected with your brand, peers or others. Push for pizza, snapdonate, ThisisL.,…. are all examples the serve the lazy customer, but also make you laugh a bit!

Even serendipity can be used as a key element to surprise your customer. TWorlds app connects you and your pictures with others around the world bases on your activities, location, …. It’s fun!
In another way this lazy connected customer is very powerful ….and connects your brand with its peer, creating peer armies. Peer armies empower your brand, to serve your customers. Tap into their life, use their powers like Skol did during the World Cup in Brazil when they asked their Brazilian customers to be the host for world-wide visitors to the World Cup, or maybe you’re more familiar with AirBnB where the peer army sets you up with an alternative to hotel stay!

Key 6 – A compelling brand is still about feelings and not about technology.

Feelings over technology, it’s about you treat your customer, and how he treats you! Your customers can be real brand fanatics, if you treat them well….strange things happens when your customers really cares about you! Ikea allowed it’s customers to dress-up like their favorite product, share the experience and get the product for free. Would you be in for a masquerade into a lamp? 127 Malaysian fans did! Or as Reebok did, when they asked their true (crossfit) fans to get a Reebok tattoo with their Reebok Forever campaign….would you? 94 did!
It’s not only about being treating your customer well, it’s also about how your customer treats you! Your feelings towards your customer are also important. Your customer relation is becoming two-way transparent! Brands, or organisations, are ready to take it to the next level in their customer relation, telling them how they feel about you as a customer.  This is new! We’re all used to the customer reviewing the brand, or organisation, but the brand or organisation reviewing the customer is the next step.  Pret, for instance, gives their waiters a daily sum of money they can spent on their customers; saying thank you for being polite, or just treating them right! It’s up to the waiter to decide who and when he gives a little extra!

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