Your customer wants something new, and guilt-free, on a daily-basis! Take-aways after 1 day of trendseminar (2/3) #TrendSemAMS

1 Day trendseminar – 6 key take-aways on making your organisation future proof!

–disclaimer: Are this the only elements to make your organisation future proof? No, off course not! It’s all about detecting changes around you (and not only in your market), and adapting them to your organisation.–

Key 1 – Your customer is demographicaly undefined!
Key 2 – Needs over behaviour, behaviour over technology

Key 3 – New-ism is multiplying expectations to serve instant gratification in a hyper-personal world

Remember that moment you bought your first cell phone? And the second? And the third? Probably you do. It’s only 8 years ago when Apple launched it’s first iPhone, and now 8 years later we’ve got version number 8….Each phone got better and better, and raised the expectation bar over and over again. Consumers are getting used of this over the top ‘creative destruction’. Result of this new-ism behaviour is that brands need to serve this unstoppable greed for new products on a daily basis. What’s new today, is history tomorrow. Product life cycles, therefore, are getting shorter, and shorter.
Another effect of this new-ism trend is that needs are met quicker, and quicker….and are becoming instant. To become instant….our product and service world is a full transparent world, where an ordinary staples even gets +600 reviews! Just so you know…

Key 4 – Your customer wants guilt free indulgence to show-off!

Before status becomes important, basic needs need to be served, but when they are served…your customer wants to show off his life in the best possible way. Social media enabled your customer show their indulgences. Hotel chain Marriott teamed-up with GoPro to empower their customers to visualize their holiday experience (and shared that afterwards). Meito Xiu Xiu takes it even one step further, and automatically enhances your selfie. This way, with one press on the button, you can publish your best selfie ever…over and over again!
On the other hand, your customer also wants guilt-free indulgences, and is aware of the impact that his consumer behaviour has on society. Brands who pick up on this social responsible element can provide their customers with guilt-free services and products. G-star teamed up with Pharell Williams and bionic yarn to develop a clothing line based on recycled marine plastic, raw from the ocean. Jeans was never so guilt-free. Tesla is servicing similar client needs with their cars and powerwall.
As a customer you can enjoy your pleasures in a guilt-free way….but as Tessa Wernick, co-founder of Fairphone, puts it: “Guilt free indulgance should not be a trend, but a fundamental movement”

In the third and last part it will be all about fun and feelings.


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