About customer segmentation and understanding innovation…Take-aways after 1 day of trendseminar #TrendSemAMS (1/3)

1 Day trendseminar – 6 key take-aways on making your organisation future proof!

–disclaimer: Are this the only elements to make your organisation future proof? No, off course not! It’s all about detecting changes around you (and not only in your market), and adapting them to your organisation.–

Key 1 – Your customer is demographicaly undefined!

Today’s customers aren’t boxed in traditional demographics anymore (like age, gender, lifestage,…). You will find a lot of your customers outside of the traditional market segmentation areas. Lululemon, for instance, opened a dedicated male store in New York, because male yoga audience (and that’s not your average traditional demographic audience for yoga!) wanted it’s own store and collection. Yes, you still need to segment your audience, but in a different way based on joint needs and less on similar demographics. Understanding your customer needs, that your value is servicing is the most important element in your company strategie to target your customer. Look outside of your traditional market box for similar needs that want to be served!

Key 2 – Needs over behaviour, behaviour over technology

When most organisations start innovating, the start at the end of the innovation cycle….how can we implement new technology? Of course it’s better to start at the beginning, the (basic?) need that your customers want to be served. (Basic) needs haven’t changed over time, behaviour towards those needs has. For instance, we still are hungry for news. Instead of reading a newspaper, we read the (latest!) news on our connecte device. Our behaviour towards news has changed, not our need for news. After you understand your customers need, you can start by understanding his behaviour towards that need…and even so maybe changing that behaviour to meet that need. Technology enters the innovation model to facilitate the behaviour to meet the need.

Tomorrow key 3 & 4 on how your customers forces you to be in innovative!

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