Leave behind little extra’s so people remember you! #entrepreneur #startup #sxswV2V

The big South by South West show landed in Las Vegas for a much more intimite version on entrepreneurship, startups and innovation! Although I like the Austin version, because it’s bigger then life and just seems endless, this version in Las Vegas is more spot-on and cosier. Easer to meet up with other participants, speakers, joint lunches, …. all this makes this event already a succes only after a couple of hours!

But let’s get on topic and into the theme of the SxSwV2V conference: Entrepreneurship, startups and innovation.
Arie Horie (CEO Women’s StartUp Lab) took the first keynote stage inspiring us with already know insights on how to succeed as an entrepreneur. Going on stage and explaining how to succeed, might be easy, but realy succeeding is something different!
Nevertheless, it all comes down to start walking, step by step. You don’t have to jump into the deep right away, but you have to de persistant, aim high and remain creative because you never know what’s going to happen on your way to succes!

Another nice aspect in your road to understanding entrepreneurial succes is the fact that an entrepreneur is a litte extra – ordinary. As an entrepreneur you should embrace the fact you stick out, and you are a little extra-ordinary in striving for your entrepreneurial succes! This means that you’ll experience failure, from which you can learn and show your creativity (which will then again make you a little more extra-ordinary). So it’s not about your results, but from the lessons you learn(ed) from your failures!
Key element in this road to succes is “hiro,” a critical friend which you can reach out to support you!


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