The Digital Arena – A Geeky Shoppers Delight #thinkIAB @nickhugh75 @casparch

The second part of my digital arena series is all about brands and shopping. Online shopping isn’t a fad anymore, and remains a challenge for most brands. Digital empowers consumers (again) to go online and shop, it’s the shops, the brands that are looking for new ways of integrated marketing to again connect with the online customer! Aim for convenience and experience in this digital (second screen) world…

Empowering the content geek!

It’s time to unlock the geek in everyone! Especialy marketeers and their brands should embrace geekyness. Adding new technology to complement instore activity and entice the brand experience. Look at how Chevrolet won the Superbowl with its second screen campaign by adding an experience on the second screen (= the new technology), without returning to traditional advertising patterns.

Or how Adidas experimented with putting the shopping in the window, giving a complete new meaning to windowshopping.

What both cases have in common is that they use digital to do something else (in real-time and indiviviualized – check my first post on the digital era) then just advertising and unlocking the true power of integrated and content marketing.

Coca-Cola is taking this a step further with their liquid and linked 2020 strategy as you can see in the next movie!

It’s a shoppers revolution
You can’t talk digital without talking about the shoppers revolution and the impact of online shopping. Online shopping is not a fad, even in Belgium it’s growing fast and quick…so having a strategy might come in handy. Instead of complaininh about the showrooming trend, you should embrace mobile, add extras, add convenience, …. and arm your brand, your store for this revolution (I even heard today about stores who are willing to experiment with replacing in store salesforce by apps, or digigal versions). No mather wether it is in store, in a living room or on the go, online shopping is always about convenience (and sometimes about price!).
So arm your products and organisation for online sales through mobile devices! Good packshots might come in handy for instance.
Online differs from off line through it’s data driveness which enables online shopping to have a memory and a history for this shopper! This is a huge advantage over off line shopping where yiu’re stuck with the in-store moment and your own (failing?) memory.

Data-driven, the words are out…(big) data plays a huge role in the digital era. Digital enables data and empowers consumers, companies and brands on understanding their behaviour. We all agree on the fact that big data is going to play a huge role in the future marketing (decissions, actions, ….), although there may be some legal issues to take care off first! But the true challenge remains finding the right data within the big data and especially the why-question (what marketing is all about) is still a white piece of paper in the big data section….To be continued!

Based on contributions from
Nick Hugh @nickhugh75 – VP Yahoo
Karel Demeester – Coca Cola Enterprises
Casper Schlickum @casparsch – Xaxis’

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