The Digital Arena – Serving individual Needs in “real-time” #thinkIAB @pietergoiris @congbo

The first part of a small serie on the digital arena, based on the IAB Think Digital Conference. In this first part I focus the digital era as a driver for the individual consumer who has a need for instant individual gratification. Not only does the digital era enables this, the “real-time” era adds an extra dimension to this individual need.

Digital enables the individual consumer!
Traditional advertising focusses on mass communication for mass concumption needs but today every customer wants his individual needs to be served. Digital makes it easier to serve individual wishes without loosing the social experience. F.i. Nike ID enables you to create your personnal clothes/shoes and share this with your network creating a culture around the brand (where you want to be part of).
Developing the technological aspects of these culture (most of the time) is the easy part, giving meaning to your products is the difficult one! Have a promise for each individual consumer and delivering it (still is the challenge for each brand/product/service/company).

We are living the age of real-time
Digital is more then social media, digital is all about now – real-time engagement/communication – in which social media (off-course) plays a role. The real-time is also all about reactive, live, adabtable, dynamic, responsive,….which enables the customer to set the pace of the conversation.
Companies or brands can only succeed if they leave a silo based structure and adapt to a lean and mean communication process where data is being used to understand and adapt instead of being reportive afterwards.

Therefore content/communication layers, processes and actors need to interact closely with each other as seen on the picture: the real-time content model.
We see different brands evolving in this process, like Red Bull or Gillette which are almost becomming publishing brands (skipping traditional media).
Off course a full real time brand is hard to be and maintain. Ikea had the 365 every day different campaign which they stopped after a year since it was very hard to keep up the pace (in this was only a lightversion of real-time)
A key to real-time success is based on many light weight interactions over time with content to initiate and maintain connections instead of only announcing stuff.
This gives cosumers the opportunity to work with the brand or the logo or the values….but it’s ha for marketeers to let go of the tight grip on these! Although your customers most of the time knows best, and is your best ambassador, so why don’t you enable him to work with your brand, logo, values,….

Based on the main contributions from
Helge Tenno @congbo
Pieter Goiris (Boondoggle) @PieterGoiris

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