Don’t look back in anger! Embrace & create opportunity #SxSw #entrepreneurship #creativity

It’s been 2 weeks now, since I returned from SxSWi (Austin, Tx.)…after a cold turkey/jet lag I have returned to my everyday life…but this experience changed my mindset! What an amazing experience, vibe and atmosphere this was….I got sucked in and survived, but I don’t want it to stop for a year! SxSWi showed me how entrepreneurial, creative and opportunist our world can be. Back in Belgium I only notice status-quo. Our ancient economy should look ahead instead of back, should look for opportunities instead maintaining what we have…I know we can do this, but we need to adapt our society, education, work,….Without throwing everything overboard, there are some easy steps to take to become more creative, entrepreneurial and opportunist!

Don’t think it’s impossible! – Elon Musk
When you can think of it, our society (or you) will be able to develop it. Like Elon Musk showed us, how he’s developing re-useable rocket engine. Elon Musk is taking space travel to the nex step. ….is not a government owned company, not initiative it’s a privatly owned and financed initiative that shows us that research and development are far more efficient outside goverment institutes then inside. NASA evens calls in the knowledge of ….. A brighg future for all of us who live for the change, and strive the impossible!

Don’t badmouth other ideas, change it for the better – Tina Roth Eisenberg
Instead of complaining all the time over how bad product, service, …. is, think of how hou can change this for the better and bring it to the market! Everybody can be an entrepreneur, challenging the competition and making things better. Rethink the idea, product, service….first movere have some advantage, but ‘copycats’ bring better products! Apple did’t invent the tablet, nor did it invent the smartphone…Apple was able to adapt and upgrade the initial product/idea to fake over the market. SwissMiss (Tina Roth Eisenberg) did the same with her tattooshop. Seeing how badlu it was done, she just returned to her drawing table and created a whole new standard on removeable tattoo-art!

Off course this sounds easy, it is not….like Deadmau5 and Ritchke Hawtin so nicely said: ‘schools (and our society) wants to keep students (people) creativity in between a bandwith, instead of showing them the whole creative (sound) range.’ I couldn’t have said it better….education wize we cultivate clear guidelines, a good roadmap and a wanted solutions for a giving problem instead of challenging our students to go beyond their (and our) knowledge, craving the new, the opportunity to embrace it and change our society!

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