The Google Glass experience will be lean or won’t be…. #SxSw #GoogleGlass #ProjectGlass

Googles wants to change the world. With there moonshots program they’re developing radical ideas to change the world. The first real project to be come alive in the real world is “Project Glass”. This project (which is probably the first step, from many to come) wants to rethink the relationship to technology…with “Project Glass” Google introduces technology that isn’t in the way of your actions like traditional screens (from smartphones, cameras,…) are. With “Project Glass” you have access to your applications without a screen sitting in your way.

At SxSw Timothy Gordon introduces the interface Api’s to build Glass experiences and kickstart the conversation about the “Glass” possibilities and “Glass” experiences.
How is “Glass” going to change the user experience?
How does “Glass” fits/blends in our life?
Building the “Glass” experience looking forward and not backward!

With a live demo of Google Glass they introduced a “Timeline” on which you can swipe forward and backward (sliding your finger on the side of the glass) to travel your “Timeline”. On this “Timeline” there’re “Timecards” which hold your experiences (text, images, video or bundles of those).

To make a great glass service Timothy Gordon introduces guidelines:

Design for glass
It’s a unique mobile experience, not something you have experienced yet on any other mobile device. So start building experiences from the ground up, instead of adapting existing ones.
Don’t get in the way
In when they want it, out of the way when it’s not needed (you don’t want the push something to glass).
Keep it timely
Glass is a right now device – in the moment and up to date with real time notifications.
Avoid the unexpected
Be transparent for the user, and give the expected functionality because he’s wearing Glass.

Google has worked together with The New York Times, Gmail, Evernote and Path to build the first “Glass” experiences. During the demo it struck me, that the only way a “Glass” experience will work is when it is a lean experience without a lot extra’s…just a primary experience build on small and quick interactions (otherwise this technology will be in your way…)
A challenge for creative entrepreneurs…but not something which can’t be done!

Based on a session by Timothy Gordon (Google) at SxSwi.

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