Is Big Data killing creativity? #SxSw #bigdata #creativity

Everyone has an opinion on marketing – nobody trusts marketeers – they’re just a bunch of colourpickers and thinking about new ways to sell the same. Today marketing is a different story, a story led by data…a story looked at by marketeers as threatening. Where is the “gut” feeling and creativity in big data.
These data trend is driven by the current data explosion. More then 2 exabytes of data is being produced each month. Data which are being used by companies, CMO’s and other marketeers.
How do we – marketeers – make sense of this big data?

Looking for a one size fits all definition of big data, still remains hard. So defining Big Data – as in this post – should be seen as a definition instead of the definition.
Big data is the collection and analysis of lare amount of data to create a competitive advantage, and should therefor enable companies, marketeers to create big advantages over their competitirs regarding market insights and consumer behaviour regarding their product or service.
What’s so hard with Big Data, is that you easily make the wrong decissions based on incomplete data. So using Big Data means you got to zoom out enough to see the bigger picture!
A lot of marketeers or Big Data Analysts don’t do this enough and base their findings on incomplete data, making wrong choices….and we all know what that means: “Big Data doesn’t work!”

Within the company enterprise data is being uwed, but most os these data is fragmented data. Needless to say that these company “big data” aren’t to be taken as the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. Although these company data can become interesting to get to know your customer better, especially when you aggregated all your company data together to one dataset (instead of keeping silos alive inside the company).
This way you’ll understand your customer betterand you can feed him with better customized information.

4 strategies to drive creativity with big data
– Become a big data goeroe
Do you know what moved the needle? How it was moved?
Usebig data to feed your business model, but always remain loyal to your business model, company vision, company strategy and company goals. Big Date gives you insights, but they don’t build a model.
– Learn from big data
We all work with test results, but those results immobilize hippo’s (highest paid people opinions). Although how valuable their (and your) opinion is, she’s irrelevant, since your customer always has the last word, and knows it better. Let Big Data be the driver to understand your customer behaviour.
– Become automatic
Develop reliable predictive models which you can use to better understand your customers.
– Match
How do we better connect with each individual customer? Use the data to fit customer needs.

How did big data help the Adobe “creative cloud” launch?
Big data discovered 4 different key-audience segments for all adobe products: photographers, students, creative directors and video producers. So launching this new “creative cloud” adobe build different offers for each segment on Facebook, using gamification as a driver, to launch the new product. Both offers had the same goals behind it, but offered different value proposition on the front-end. In the end each segment had different results, but all customer gaint profit for the company
Adobe used the insights of Big Data to drive their creativity.

Based on a session from Matthew Langie, Adobe sr. Director Product Marketing, at SxSwi

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