The future of identity – your to be (social) currency #SxSw #socialcurrency

Through out the years humans have developed a lot off skills to survive the -at that time- present society. He learned to develop basic skills like feeling pain, being like other people and be able to learn from others. Over the last 1000 years this transfer of information/knwoledge came into a rollercoaster developing a lot of speed and new possibilities to pass information. From handwriting, to publishing over the internet, mankind has accelerated the capabilities of knowledge transfer. This acceleration was necessary since interacting and sharing of information began at a hight cost, time.
The trading solution (in which you transfer knowledge) isn’t always flawless. Lies and mistakes being great examples of a false trade-off. So who do you share with, what do you share with who and who do you trust are becomming more and more important in present society!
Today we build a (social) network/graph to deal with this trade off! A social system to survive and thrive, and will this influence our future!?

Technology operates on 2 axis: making things (moving atoms) and move things (moving bits).
Over the years we have become very good in moving atoms. We builded presses, we builded cars, …. all tangible stuff which gave us the capacity to have more trading partners, which led to more efficient trading and more hapiness in the end.
Today we have evolved into technologies who move information even more efficienty through mobile bits (like the internet), which gives us even better knowledge on our trading partners.
The peace in which these atoms and bits change is different as shown on the graph.
The enormous growth in bits gives us 3 superpowers:
Infinite memory
Instant free communication
Tons of processing

What is the outcome of those superpowers over the next years?
How will this change our life? Our identity?

1 Information is going to centralize and cluster. All the available information will come together and give us new insights on our behaviour.
2 We will share a lot more about ourselves (wether we like this or not!). The economic value of sharing will be more profitable then not sharing and companies/organisations/government will take out the friction on sharing. We will probably share a lot faster in the future (being the first will be more valuable) and we’ll share in a more structured way (cyborg/AI idea).
3 We will be locals everywhere, and not because everywhere will be same. Our information will travel with us, which makes it a lot easier to travel (and feel comfortable outside your natural habitat).
4 Cost structures will become variable and ownership will become an inferior good. Only the poor will own something, like a home for instance. “Rich” people will use thing without owning it (making movement easy!). This is trend we see already happening (taskrabbit, netjets, rentskis, iTunes,…)
Social capital will get more fungible and as a result social capital will become currency to use transaction wize. The acceleration of the informationspeed will make cash (M1) less relevant. We have probably experienced the peak cash moment!
We’ll be transacting a lot more without cash, but with other social currencies

This article is based on notes from Sam Lessin at SxSwi.

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One comment on “The future of identity – your to be (social) currency #SxSw #socialcurrency
  1. Alexander Ceulemans says:

    This is a theory I’ve never heard of before but a clever point of view although it’s a simple statement that technology only operates on 2 axis. I don’t think that the graph of moving atoms is stagnating. In my opinion both factors are expansing but the moving bits factor more than the other one. Furthermore I think the prediction that we have experienced the peak cash moment is a trend which is true. Information is going to centralize but surely not all information, it’s a manner of time.

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