The giving graph – Let big data and social media tap into your social responsability #SxSw #givinggraph

We’re living in a graph era (more informartion in my slideshare understanding the social graph) were we share billions of social objects and have trillions of connections. It’s safe to say this is a huge amount of information – or big data as we call this. A lot of our experiences are based on our graph. Like the Amazon experience where Amazon feeds us with extra information based on our graph profile (others who bought this, also bought that f.i.). Our (social) graph lets us explore new boundaries. So why don’t we create a “giving graph.”

In the giving graph we would centralize ghe data and gain sector intelligence on the giving behaviour.
For Instance when Yelp shows us search results based on our graph regarding nearby restaurants, they could incorporate information on which restaurant is donating to a good cause (5% of your bill will be donated to the Cancer Foundation f.i.) And if you make your choice you might want to consider this restaurant over another, and donate to a good cause.
So you’re not changing your intent, nor are you being send forward to 3rd party website where you’re donating. Thanks to this giving graph the giving proces becomes relevant, remains natural and is incorporated in the initial proces.

So we’re not building new community, network or graph, but we’re adding giving content to the existing graph. And this all thanks to big data.
Off course building a giving graph doesn’t come without challenges:
– major data players should add to the giving graph
– enable my giving graph to finetune the graph
– non profit marketeers should gain insight on the graph behaviour
– users need to be able to control the application of the giving graph
– developer community: semantic Mark-up

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