Generation Flux – How fear and chaos drive creativity in these agile times #SxSw #generationflux #creativity

A few months back Fast Company came up with an article on Generation Flux, the generation of people who drive on current flows and survive well in current society. Who are they? What are they all about? It got me curious then… Generation Flux came as a reaction on the New Economy Generation in the late nineties. This New Economy Generation was the generation to live in the global and connected world and was well described back then….BUT off course this description remained a paper model/writing piece and looking at reality didn’t have the answers we were waiting for.
Generation Flux is again an observation of the moment….wether or not this is al reality we’ll see in next years. One thing is for shure, generation flux is the first generation which is not about age, but about mind-set and attitude!

We live in a rapid and high velocity change driven society which is being accelerated by mobile and globale change. This era is all about a global, social and interconnected world, which holds a lot of ambiguity and chaos. In this chaos there are a lot of opportunities, but with this opportunities come new challenges and change, which means constant fear for the ‘what we have situation”. This generation flux survives the best in these always changing environments.

Flux is all about change
The landscape of technology is what is driving this distruction. There will be more then 50 billion connected devices in 2020. With this pace of change there are no rules that can ever keep up!
Flux sees through these changes and asks the right questions to survive and go on….It’s their fear of extintion in combination with the right analytics, creativity and intuition makes them search for new opportunties. “Evolve or die” can be seen as their motto to live by
Generation Flux creates the new models as they go along, and adapt or change when needed.

Generation Flux don’t seperate work and personnal space anymore. You’re one and the same person instead of a split personality. On Twitter for instance you can say that your tweets are your own, but your graph still sees you a person who works for a certain brand or company. It’s hard for your graph to ser the difference between your personal tweets and those who are company related.
Even if you only have professional account, people want to know you are and not just your job title.
You belong to different communities, and social media brings them together (wether you like it or not).
A second aspect of this mixing work and personal is they don’t believe in 9-to-5 mentality. They explore new ways of unsettled working and living. Although they live in this connected society, they also connect through (deliberate) disconnection.
Regarding money, this generation is one of the first generation of the last decades that isn’t all about showing the money. Not everything has got to make a profit. They want to inspire and engage others, it’s more about the social currency of influence that matters to them.

Chaos as creativity driver
All companies are kn desperate need for creative people, hire them and the they don’t know what to do with them once they’ve hired them. An interesting problem to tackle!
Some basic guidelines from generation flux to boost creativity:

  • The best creativity happens when their is a breach
  • Creativity without somekind of guidelines is chaos
  • Cultivate partnerships with start-ups which brings fear inside your organisation (as a cultural disruption), but brings out the best of your own people…and start-ups are agile enough to catalyse this fear
  • Middel management is mostly afraid of this change because they are the most threated by this creative change. Generation Flux sees a lot of inefficiencies in businesses today, and mostly it is about middle management or intermidiaries that they want to bypass.
    Like with the music industry for instance where starting a band you only need an instagram-account, a twitter handle and your good to go. So today you can start a music business without the big record labels or companies setting up big campaign (which you’re paying for with a % of your fees).

    When we’re uncomfortable, we gain the most out of it (like when you were in training).
    Break through your normal pattern – because you’re not satisfied, you are searching for something else.

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