Media opportunities…Change is bound to happen! – 5 – 15 yrs: We are (not) digital?

1019 people were surveyed during the last 6 weeks by my students Digital Culture (Cross Media Management @ University College Karel de Grote – Antwerp) on their (digital) media ownership and usage. Today I’m launching the fifth part of my daily updates with the results of this survey. The first parts are the results per age category, my 6th and last update will contain overall results!

Part 5 – 5 – 15 yrs: We are(not) traditional

Even gat this young age, teens prefer have own (or have access) to digital media.  61% says they have a PC or LapTop, with 30% claiming to own a tablet and 35% a smart phone.  With 10% owning all 4 devices this is the less connected group of all, but taken their age into consideration I still find this quite a high number.  The iTeen/screenager certainly is born! Let’s take a closer look on how they use traditional media.

Newspaper what?
39% of the teens don’t read a newspaper (even with the older teens (+12 yrs old n=66) 35% admits to never read a newspaper). Only a small amount of 10% says they read a newspaper daily. Of those teens who read newspaper one way or the other (n=59), do read a paper version instead of a digital one.

Magazines whatever!
Teens don’t like to read? Only 35% say they read a magazine on weekly basis, but with only 24% saying they never read a magazine. Looks like this generation isn’t so loyal when it comes to reading magazines.  Off course those teens who read a magazine (n=73) 90% prefers a paper version. Again a digital version doesn’t offer proper value for this generation to check out (let alone read).

Screen Love
Screenagers aren’t only digital “natives” as they (wrongly are named). 78% of this teens watches television every day on and they do so on an ordinary television set (96%).  Are they multiscreen-lovers? Yes they are! Of those who own or have access to a smart phone or tablet (n=64), 59% uses his mobile devices while watching a television show. Although only 10% uses dedicated second screen apps, 25% says they like to connect with television shows of channels through social media.

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59 comments on “Media opportunities…Change is bound to happen! – 5 – 15 yrs: We are (not) digital?
  1. Lina Chaoui says:

    Actually, the test is true. I can see it at my own family. I have younger sisters and brothers and they love our laptop. But only for playing games and homework ofourse. But they’re also addicted at the TV. And they think it’s cosy to sit and watch TV together with the family and drink a cup of tea.
    But I see the change, they play less outside or with their fantasy. Reading a book? No, only for school. A magazine? Yes, but only when our mother brings is with her from the store. It’s a pity actually, cause they’re missing so much, their childhood has become so different compare to mine. But that’s revolution, isn’t it?

    • Nadina Ruedl says:

      I agree with the statement of Lina. In former times it was a kind of luxury to have a PC, computer games and so on. Instead of beeing “mobile, online…” we played in the garden, meet friends and pactised sports.
      Nowaday the children grow up with that “luxury”, it is even a requirment at elementary school to have an own laptop. Often, the results of the development are overweight, unsociability….

      I do not believe that it is a bad development in generall, but parents have to watch out HOW the internet (and so on) influences the childhood of a child/ teenager.

      • Sebastian Bühler says:

        This is the difference between the generations. Today’s kids are more concerned about consumer electronics due to the availabilty of these goods. When I think back of my childhood, those gadgets were not available. But they grow up in a digital environment which did not exist a couple of years ago (let’s say 10 years back). I am curious about the new innovation coming up in a few years. Maybe we will smile about the rise and fall of the “smartphone” in 2020 😉

  2. Maud says:

    It is incrediable to see that 10% of the population (5-15 years) own a PC, Laptop, tablet and smartphone. I am 20 years old but I can’t imagine that I should have all those 4 devices when I was 10 years old. My mother should say, you have to play outside not only behind the electronically. It is not good for your eyes, hihi! But I think this is an revolution who grow so fast that it isn’t follow by your own. But one thing is for sure, It cost a lot of money if you have to pay as parents those devices.

  3. Yolanda Van Mechelen says:

    Those young teens having so much access to the internet, it worries me to be honest. Not only do I think they’re not aware enough of the dangers of the internet to be on it without supervision, I think a lot of parents aren’t either. But it’s true, I see it in my environment, kids who’re barely 12 are walking over the street with an iPhone. Seems like the age we get that equipment in our hands moves as fast as technology.

    • maxim lemmens says:

      I agree with that. I also think that young teens have to play outside an do things instead of staying inside while playing on there mobile cellphone, playstation, etc

      • Markus Mutter says:

        I don´t think it is completely wrong that young teens have that much access to the internet. Of course it is important for them to play outside and such things, but my perception is that they are doing this anyway. In fact i saw once a statistic that showed that kids today are as long outside at the fresh air then the kids of yesterday … unfortunately i forgot where it was .. 😉

  4. Jonas Helsen says:

    Changes need to be there to keep u with the big world. However, a good balance between playing at the iPad and outdoors is necessarely. A good imagination or problemsolving skill while making a camp are even more important than the skill of tabbing a tablet, in my opinion. At last, it is a good thing that younger kids are still learning so fast!

  5. lislot says:

    It’s not because you didn’t have something when you were little, they shouldn’t have it either. It’s just a change of time, children grow up with computers, tablets and smart phones. Just like we grew up with computers and mobile phones, our parents grew up watching the television once or twice a week, a computer was a luxurious product for the happy few.

    I think children nowadays learn to be more creative and work together via the internet (which is faster than having to meet eachother after school hours). It’s a different era and considering I study cross media management, I believe we should embrace these children and follow their steps. They can learn us a lot.

  6. Manon says:

    Nowadays a lot of children used internet even more than us. It is crazy when I see my sister of 11 years old speak with her friends on facebook or on skype. And my other sister (also younger than me) use more social websides and options than me.
    I think that it is sad that this young generation don’t play outside and stay just in front of their computer because of this addiction.

  7. Jassin Uddin says:

    I think it’s very disturbing to see the huge amount of time that kids spend before their TV-screens and computers. Ok, there are many positive things to say about multimedia, like learning kids how the world works and help them to gain knowledge about almost everything. But let’s face it: the world has never been in a worse shape -physically spoken- and spending hours in front of your television won’t help that fact. And we all know the saying: bend the twig and bend the tree!

  8. These numbers really don’t suprise me, I have a nephew of 6 and a sister of 14 years old and I see it everyday. My nephew watches TV constantly and while he is watching he plays on his dad’s iPad or on his phone. The first thing he asks when I enter the room is: “Can I play on your phone?”. My sister also watches TV while spending all her time on her laptop. The only thing to get her off her laptop and away from the internet is a real paper teen magazine (like for example ‘joepie’) and sometimes (not really often) a book. I think that it’s really a shame, at the age of 14, I was playing outside and meeting with my friends as much a possible. It’s too bad, but that’s the way children live nowadays, I think everyone thinks that childhood was better when they were young 🙂

  9. Monaa says:

    Actually i am not really surprised by these numbers of this category. My nephew when he was 2,5 years old he already knew how my laptop worked.. Now he is 5years old and his favorite toy is his Ipod Touch. Even when I asked him what do you want for your birthday he answered me back and said ‘ i would like to have an Itunes Card .. I was like , no toys ? He said no an Itunes card so i can buy games in the App store. When I was his age i used to play with dolls and hardly watched any television. Now i know children with the age 10-12 watch more television then they play outside with there friends ..

    Well anyway i guess this is just the future, we grew up with other stuff. This generation grows up with tablets, smartphones, pc’s and so many other stuff.
    What will the next generation grow up with ?

  10. Jasmien Hendrickx says:

    My nephew is even younger. He’s only 3 and he knows the Ipad better than me.

  11. Dennis Baerts says:

    I expect that if the survey is done again by students 2 years from now we can see some real change. Especially within the 5 to 15 years catagory i think there will be a significant difference between the numbers of the laptop and the tablet in favor of the tablet.
    Probably a huge rise in the smartphone catagory too.

  12. Nicholas Bellon says:

    Youngster and toddlers nowadays can easily master different kinds of platforms (desktop, laptop, tablet, smartphones, etc). I think this is a logical evolution. Most people think this is quite remarkable, which it acutally isn’t, because these devices have always been part of their environment since they were born.

  13. Alexander De Winter says:

    Children should be able to play outside instead of sitting in front of the TV or another electronic device. I don’t understand the way parents are nurturing their children. I my eyes it’s better when children start playing with educational toys. And discover the world by them instead of finding everything on the internet. But for the older kids (12-15y) I think it’s useful to use electronic devices to speed up education and communication.

  14. Christophe Van Opstal says:

    I think it’s a good thing that children still read a lot on papaer. I’m glad they still see the value of it, in the end I think it’s a more natural way of gathering information and something every child should be able to experience, even if the electronic devices today do just about the same thing.

  15. Vince Campforts says:

    When I was the age of 5 I only had television, when I was 13 I first started using a computer. It is fascinating to see this evolution, I wonder how things will be in 10 years from now.

    Nevertheless I can still enjoy reading a newspaper or a magazine in the morning (if I have enough time) it’s part of my daily routine and I like to keep it that way!

  16. Max Heylen-Buelens says:

    The result of this survey is very remarkable, but doesn’t surprise me at all. Children will enter the digital world earlier and earlier in their lives. And things aren’t about to change. In our current society, some parents will try to slow down the evolution of their child into a digital addict. As our generation soon will be entirely digitalized, we won’t keep our children away from all of these digital devices.

  17. It’s not surprising that only a minority of youngsters like us read a newspaper on a daily basis. I can find all the news I need/want on the internet, from legitimate sources ofcourse. The fact that magazines score better is probably because they lie within the borders of people’s personal interests. I myself for example buy Top Gear magazine every month. That’s because I love cars, I’m a petrolhead, and TG magazine brings the specific news I like to read. But it’s undeniable that the print business is in crisis. About the second screening or even multiple screening I find myself guilty. It is quite common that I’m scrolling Twitter on my iPhone while watching TV. Worst case scenario : my laptop joins the club. The problem with all that screening is that it makes me, us, asocial. Wether it’s Twitter or Facebook, somehow social networks make me an asocial person. Pretty much the opposite. For example when I’m scrolling Twitter on my phone I do not listen to what people around me have to say. That’s annoying. I talk less as well. And this is something that worries me somehow. I wonder how my kids – in 5 years or so – will be like…

  18. Wilma says:

    I feel myself lucky to have been able to grow up without Facebook or Smartphones etc. I think young people have become quite lazy and just sit in front of screens and play games or chat with friends online. We used to play in the streets all day and call each other if we had something to say. I’m not against social media but the way phones and other digital devices have revolutionized the way we communicate and work, it’s really amazing!

  19. Denis Vandepitte says:

    I think these results are quite shocking if I look back at what I had when I was about 10 years old. However I think the range in this category is a bit too wide. I think there’s a very big difference between someone who is 5 and someone who is 15.. A 15 year old kid who owns a laptop, smartphone and tablet is already a bit strange in my opinion, but can you imagine a 5 year old owning all of these?

  20. I think we all knew these results. Everyone is getting more digital even the younger people are getting stunned by all this new technology. Even though they know alot more about it then their parents they are also too young to understand the dangerous side of it.

    This digital world is something good for me. I read the newspaper on my Ipad and i also read books on my laptop. Something i never did before.
    Digital and mobile are our future with all his advantages and disadvantages.

  21. adilkdg says:

    This is not a big surprise for me,
    In my oppinion this has his pro’s and cons.
    one of the pro’s are that the younger generation gets used to the technology of today very fast
    There are also cons like that they do not go outside and socialize, but i mostly blame the parents for that

  22. Yannick Vercauteren says:

    When I was at a birthday party of my little niece (6 years old) I was checking something on my smartphone and she asked if she could play a game on it. I said ofcourse, but there’s a code on my phone before you can use it. But she saw me doing that code a few times already and she took my phone and unlocked it right away. I was amazed. She started scrolling my screen and found the games pretty quick. She opened the map and started playing Angry Birds. All this happened in just 1-2 minutes.

  23. Gabriela Dos Santos says:

    I think the results are very interesting especially if I compare to my generation (I was born on 1988). I haven’t owned a computer before I was 10, neither had access to internet before 12 because my parents though that the -on that time- chatting rooms were way too dangerous. My first mobile I’ve got for my “sweet 16”, but, I had subscriptions on 2 magazines. Nowadays I see my nieces, they’re about 6 and all of them have Nintendo DS, laptops or even tablets. I see a lot of kids busy with social networks but I don’t think that it ADD-value to them, at least not at their ages.

    What I want to say is that I think that the new generation is rushing too much on everything, I have a 7months old son and I’m really concerned about that, I’m not intent to let him have access to the digital world very soon. As a mother I want him to be a child and to enjoy it, want him to have access to literature and all the “old-school” ways of communication.

    I read you intend to persuade this research in the coming years and I’m looking forward to see the new results.

  24. Bart Van Bosch says:

    I think children who have this age (5 – 15 year) should not have all that digital equipement. They just don’t need it… What’s wrong with an oldschool education? Children should play with each other and breath healty air. Nowadays they only breath air when they are going to school. They should make more real friends and talk with each other offline.

  25. Didier Van Hove says:

    A more proper name for those is ‘The Instagram Age’. Because most of these youngsters are in their hipster period of life, have an iPhone or BlackBerry. They just make the dumbest pictures of their self, and the fact that they can use it to upload to social media platforms only makes it better for them. Every moment they can, for every situation there is they post something online. Most of this is totally random and total crap, but their posse loves all of that stuff and makes them just go on and on with this. It’s also common with this age that the hype of mobile smartphones is the biggest, just like they also enjoy posing with in in their bathroom and make pictures of themselves.

  26. Kevin Velghe says:

    I don’t think the increase of mobile access for teenagers is a bad thing. Kids can pick up so much more from simply googling their interests. They can learn stuff they won’t ever learn in school and we should encourage this.
    Sure there are cases of teenagers growing addicted to their mobile devices, but deep down, kids will always be kid, and they know they’ll always have more fun by playing or hanging out with friends outside than winning a Fifa game online.

  27. Brecht Spruit says:

    I doubt you can draw a usefull conclusion of a population of just 96.

  28. pauwelsnick says:

    I’m not really surprised by these numbers of this category. My little niece is 1 years old and she already knows how a touchscreen works. She can watch the photo album and she know how to take pictures. When I was a little boy the computer was just hatched and not so popular. Know in this society is it normal that you use a laptop or a smart phone. The kids now plays more on the smart phones than dolls or little cars.

  29. Geoff Hendrickx says:

    These numbers didn’t surprise me at all. In the weekend I give tennis lessons to little children of that age. Most of them own a Smartphone. I think that the amount of access to the internet has its positive and negative points. The children don’t know anymore how to play on the old school way. All of them are playing to much on the mobile devices and I think that’s not good. A positive point is for example that they are prepared to the new digital world.

  30. Matti Verhaegen says:

    These high numbers don’t surprise me. If I look to myself when I was between five and fifteen years old, the behavior of children has already changed. I got my first mobile when I was around 11, 12 years old, I think. But it was a very simple mobile phone and I used it only to text and call someone. Now, one on every ten between 5 and 15 years old has a laptop or desktop, tablet AND smartphone!

    According to me, these numbers will get higher and higher in the future because the society is getting more and more social. It’s not a problem for me that young children have already a smartphone and tablet. Why would their parents pay for expensive toys, if their children can play applications for free on a tablet?

  31. Annelies Mampaey says:

    I’m not surprised that so many children have access to a computer. It’s really essential that you can work with a computer before you go to high school. In primary school they learn to use a pc. Parents are forced to give their children access to it so that they can practice. Because they learn it so young, they are real experts who can’t live without it anymore.
    It’s obviously that these kids are addicted to the screen. More than we, they really grow up with it. Magazines, newspapers and books are losing their popularity. I’m pretty sure that in the future they will read everything on tablets, specially the children who are 5 years now.

  32. Devin Hendrickx says:

    I find it to be pretty weird, how young some kids are and already having a iPhone and other expensive digital equipment. I don’t find it a good thing because kids will maybe lose their interest in playing outside and meeting new friends. Off course when you’re 15, it’s pretty obvious that you have a cellphone and a laptop, but when you’re 10 years old you don’t need an expensive smartphone or an expensive tablet. In my opinion there are far more life lessons to be learned by playing outside with your friends instead of playing angry birds on your fancy new tablet. I also read some articles of schools trying to use tablets in kindergarten. That’s absurd to me. The new generation isn’t very educated in repairing and making things with their own hands. By adding tablets and other digital equipment in kindergarten projects, in my opinion by adding those things you’re only making it worse.

  33. Ernest Nwanu says:

    Particulary interested in this upcoming generation. Already handling these devices like it’s nothing. While I’m happy I didn’t grow up with all this tech surrounding me, I’m still curious to see the progress of these kids. We will have to cater to their needs and offer services at their rate.

  34. Andreea Bucur says:

    Wow! It is amazing to see that 10% of young people surveyed have all four devices: PC, laptop, tablet and smartphone. Nowadays, children don’t enjoy the childhood we had. With the age that they have they should be playing with other children outside, not through electronic devices. It makes me sad to see when children are more addicted to facebook or games, than adults. I am impressed to see my six year old cousin taking the iPhone from his mother to play games, and most of all downloading himself the games.
    I think that children should be able to access these devices after a certain age, not at 5.

  35. I’m not surprised by the numbers in this article. I see it everyday. When I’m on the bus heading to school, the kid next to me pulls up his tablet and starts surfing on the internet. Nowadays, sometimes children can explain more about these things than adults can.
    Actually, It’s quit sad because where it the social factor in all of this? Sure, they chat online while watching tv and sure, they like each other’s photos on Instagram or FB. But there will be a time when there are no more photos to like because everyone is sitting in front of their laptop/tablet and not spending any real life time.
    I wonder if children don’t miss out on anything if they become so viral. When I was a kid, I used to enjoy spending the afternoon outside to play with the neighbor’s kids. When you are 16 or you have our age, it’s normal to explore the mobile world. But for now, let kids be kids!

  36. It is Bossche says:

    The numbers are not strange to me. The little guys in my family are all use a smartphone.

  37. Antje says:

    When I hear this numbers it is actually shocking how much time has changed. Our childhood was a little bit different. But still it is not bad how it had developed. It is just different. And when kids learn early how to handle new devices it is helpful because it will be part of their future. That this won’t become harmful for the kids is the responsibility of the parents. They have to take care that kids and new technologic devices fit together in a right way.

  38. Alina says:

    They say the children are our future. And this is the fact. And yes we are digital. Nowadays children that are not even three years old and they are digital. They watch YouTube movies about toys and watch cartoons on tablets. And it looks quite easy for them. Of course we would like to see them play outside but we must not forget that they also learn a lot with this kind of multimedia. With apps how to learn to count, spell and e.g. Geography.
    But this is the future and it’s difficult to stop. These young ones see it everywhere around them. Parents are also watching tv on their tablets or PC and read a magazine or newspaper.

  39. Andreas Bodenmüller says:

    My sister got a daughter last year and from the beginning on she had a special connection to screen based devices. At first we recognized that she stops crying when a mobile phone or camera got in her interest although nothing else stopped her crying. Since she was 6 month old, she loves to grope around on touch screen devices like smartphones or pads.
    To my opinion it is good that the young generation grows up with these devices. They change our life and gain more and more importance every day. So why not allowing the young generation to make first experiences early in their life?

    I see no big difference to our interest in things that were usual respectively modern when we were young. The issue is to teach them a good way of usage, to show them the value such devices can deliver and to learn them that there are other things as well. An example could be to do some outdoor activity with them and afterwards allowing to post e.g. pictures of their adventures during the day.

    Now there might be people who think that the young generation is kind of addicted to screen devices and don’t know how to play outside. The question I am asking me here is, does this happen if you support the youngsters playing outside e.g. in joining them and showing them how much fun it can be? – I don’t think so.

  40. Alexander Seibel says:

    I have two nephews (3 and 5 years old) and sometime a don´t believe what they are doing with the tablet. I mean, both can´t even read but they are handeling the device excelent by playing games or watching picture on it. I dont know how, but it works. I always think about, if its good or not. Should they keep their hands away from it or the other way around and spending more time with such devices? Compare with my childhood I would say, they should better spend more time by playing outside with some other kids, or to do handicraft work for example. But is it right how I am thinking? During the last few months my opinion changed extremely. I try to give an example: What are the kids going to learn in the kindergarden or at the beginning at school in the future? Well, probably they will have to do anything with a electric device. Why? Because of, that will be the main part of our future. And if they dont learn it as soon as possible, they will miss some skills at school and other children´s will have an advantage probably.
    I think we are all victims our time and you cant escape from it. You should better adapt it and jump on the train.

  41. Please consider that children are learning with these new devices. Used in a sensitive way, kids gain a very useful knowledge. I am sure that kids having no possibility to use a device or the internet are disadvantaged to those growing up with the mobile internet.

  42. Michael Sickinger says:

    In your lecture you told us about your son. That he is the new IPad specialist 🙂 did you regulate the time he can play on it?

    Many post says, sitting in front of the screen for hours is the reason for the bad physical shape of this generation.
    It’s like all, the right dose is crucial, i think. It`s the change kid`s should play and work with that. But don`t forget the good old things too, like climb up a tree IN REAL.

  43. Ahmed EL Bitar says:

    its a normal change.its the time a digital the opinion we should but we have to use this kind of communicate to control the study system in schools.the students do not want to read a big Artikel anymoe. they need exact on point information. its now our Roul to act.alot of countries use this new way to teach the students.why we have to stuck to the past. i do not say books are bad.but when we found a new way to transfer the information to the yus why we do not use it.

  44. Thomas Fedrigotti says:

    Recently my nephew had his 8. birthday. He came to me and said: “uncle, for my birhday i want a iPhone form you”. I response: “What, are you f***g crazy?” He answered me: ” Oh sorry…exactly iPhone 5…” I repeat: “Aaaaah only i iPhone 5…you have something else? “Yep, iPad for christmas!” ….”So nephew, now run before i get you in my arms…run forrest run!!!”

    His he digital native? Or he’s he only “a product” of ads and environment? Who knows 😉

    • Benedikta Mathis says:

      good question …. baby today customer tomorrow ….

      In fact, I think that the new generation is really digital native … but the boundaries between just a “product” of ads and new behaviour blur so fast

  45. Eva Zuggal says:

    When reading this article … the thousands of videos from baby’s using an Ipad, not being able to cope with traditional newspapers came up to my mind…

    In my opinion… todays baby’s are real digitals…

  46. Christian Graf says:

    It`s amzing how babys nowadys intuitive can handle with new technology like tablets. I`m still remember how I was spending my first time on a cell-phone or even on a computer. At this time I had to show my parents how this new technology was working, it` was easy for me:-). I`m 27 years old, now and allready waiting when this small baby like in the video are showing and explaining me the newest digital technology.

  47. Nicolai Lindel says:

    Looking at my famialy I can confirm that young children do not use traditional mediadas as extensively as the older generation used to. On one hand it might be even important that childeren get in touch with “modern” media, like the internet. On the other hand parents need to take care about how theire children handle modern medias. It is also a question of education and responsibility, how children and teenagers use modern media and if they are even getting in touch with traditional medias like newspapers etc.

  48. Alexander Ehret says:

    By the dramatic technological change within the last 10 years, children and teenagers are having a new access to new technologies. This leads to the fact that every young person now a days owns a PC, smartphone, tablet etc. For this generation it is standard to own one or many electrical devices. Without having access to that kind of technology, they might even fell isolated. The internet enables them to have easy access to knowledge, information, news, trends etc. This is also a reason why they do not buy and read traditional papers.

  49. Philipp Notheis says:

    I agree… It’s very hard to believe that.
    When I see the kids in elementary school almost everyone has a smartphone. When I look back, I got my first cell phone at age 15. And there was a big discussion about that topic. Today, it is normal for children to use mobile phones. The children are always available and they use social media.
    I am excited about what is in 10 years.

  50. Manuel Frey says:

    In my opinion this smartphone-tablet-generation is a big step forward. It is making communication easier and accelerates the knowledge exchange, kids can just email their homework to the teachers But on the other hand the threat of kids using computers and smartphones at young age, is that they are stuck in this digital world and can´t see what is happening in the “real world”

  51. Mat Kappeler says:

    My friend’s child is 3 years old and I’m really surprise how well he handle the Ipad. My friend told me that he is learning many movements for different applications on his own. But on the other hand he is telling me that Lukas start to get addicted to the tablet. When I heard that, I was asking myself. Is this the right way? Shouldn’t the kids prefer to play with friends outside rather than being in a virtual world? I guess that is a hard challenge for the parents to find the right mix for their kids to let them have the best possible education and not missing their real childhood

  52. Petra says:

    It’s amazing to see how the time has changed. Only a few years ago kids were playing outside, creating their own games etc. Nowadays kids are playing games on electronical devices. Even small kids get the mobile devices from their parents to play with in case they are quarreling. It’s also astonishing to see how fast they learn to use these electronical devices. That’s the new generation.

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