Media opportunities…Change is bound to happen! – 26 to 40 yrs: We use digital media

1019 people were surveyed during the last 6 weeks by my students Digital Culture (Cross Media Management @ University College Karel de Grote – Antwerp) on their (digital) media ownership and usage. Today I’m launching the second of my daily updates with the results of this survey. The first parts are the results per age category, my 5th and last update will contain overall results!

Part 2 – 26 to 40 yrs: We use digital median=163

All young adults have access to digital media, nobody doesn’t have access through a PC, LapTop, Tablet nor Smartphone.  24% of these category has access with all devices. The fact that these young adults work will probably explain why almost 25% has all devices in his possession.  72% owns a Smartphone, 42% owns a Tablet and 34% has both mobile devices.  How does this possession of digital devices affect traditional media consumption?

Newspaper love
43% reads a daily newspaper, while only 6% claims to never read a newspaper.  If we take a closer look on how this generation reads its newspaper, we see that they don’t have a specific favor for a paper version. 27% en 31% prefer reading their newspaper through the app on their mobile device or on the website (viewed on a LapTop or PC), while “only” 34% reads a paper version of the daily news.
When they read their newspaper less frequently the preference for a paper version rises (97% of weekend readers prefer a paper version.)

We read magazines, but will this be enough?
This generation still reads magazines, only 15% claims to never read a magazine. 37% even admits to read a magazine on weekly basis. Young adults absolutely prefer the paper version of this magazine (70%) (Even a staggering 90% of heavy magazine readers (n=66) prefer a paper magazine). The digital offer of magazines doesn’t serve this audience. Magazines shure have some challenges ahead (to survive?)!

We still grew up with (traditional) television
67% of this generation watches television on daily basis, using a traditional television (97% of daily viewers uses a traditional television set to watch television).  Of those daily viewers 60% uses its mobile device (Smart phone of Tablet) while watching television,  but only 10% of this young adults claims to interact through social media with Television channels/shows. Even less viewers (8%) say they use second screen apps to interact with a television show. Less intensive viewers have similar habits in this generation.

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27 comments on “Media opportunities…Change is bound to happen! – 26 to 40 yrs: We use digital media
  1. Mª Teresa Poyo says:

    Something I found curious is that this age category (26-40) is more in to online newspapers than the one ( 16-25 yrs) that owns the digital media!

  2. Yannick Vercauteren says:

    What surprises me is how 72% owns a smartphone. Not the fact that 72% owns one, but the fact that the number is higher than the number in the previous article (60%)

  3. Annelies Mampaey says:

    It doesn’t surprises me that the people who read their newspapers in the weekend prefer the paper versions. The week is too busy, you are in a hurry and it’s easier to read things quickly on your phone or tablet. The weekend is more relaxing. Their newspaper is a part of the morning ritual.

  4. Alexander De Winter says:

    I think this is the generation that will adapt the fastest to the new media. They have a fixed income and are curious. Already 25% have all the devices and in think this will rise really fast.

  5. Nicholas Bellon says:

    I think the trend we are seeing right now, will only magnify in the future. People will eventually exchange their beloved paper magazine and newspaper for a digital alternative (although some people will stay conservative). Times just change and media will have to adapt to this evolution or they will see a downhill development to their market share and revenue.

  6. Max Heylen-Buelens says:

    The numbers mentioned about the possession of digital devices mentioned in this article, are much higher than I expected. The fact that this generation uses more media than the generation of youngsters aged 16-25 also took my breath. I think this might be caused by the increase of usage digital devices in the world of business. You must be completely up to date, if you want to make yourself count in our current society. The clearest example is that you can’t function in today’s world without having a mobile phone!

  7. Hans Francken says:

    These results really reflects what I’ve remarked at my home. People use digital media on frequent basis but also like to use traditional media, old habits don’t die easily.

  8. lislot says:

    Digital media is being used on a daily basis, but paper newspapers and magazines are still being prefered over the digital versions. I think this trend will hold for another few years.

  9. Didier Van Hove says:

    This generation – 26 to 40 – is what I think the generation that grew up with this fast evolving technology better than the younger audience. Most of them where young in the end of the ’80s or mid ’90s. They used vinyl, cassette and then the compact disc came more and more often until the MP3’s showed up, they started working on the first personal computer systems with MS-DOS, Window 95, … and evolved with it. They were the generation that had the first mobile phones. Most say that our generation is the one that grew up with this, but personally I think this is the one that more likely grew up with it first. They were in the big revolution of digital technology, but it was just another time. It wasn’t that open back then like it is today because it was just in its beginning stage and the technology wasn’t that far. And also it wasn’t that cheap like it is on this day. But if you look at movies from that area like Sneakers from 1992, or Hackers from 1995 you can see how much effect this already had back then and how the youth was really going in to it to be part of this. Even television shows like The X-Files had a big influence to the use of this technology because they started to show how open and mainstream it could be to use this, they were also the first that used this on a television program. And the best example to show how influential it was back then already, I think, is Terminator 2. The scene where John Connor used a Atari palmtop computer to crack an ATM, and later to open a secured door. And that movie is almost 22 years old, most of us weren’t even born then.

  10. Lara G.F. says:

    As I have said in a previous post digital media is fine, and people use it a lot, but people who like the traditional paper and will not change unless the information is complete and will stop producing. But if it is clear that there are many people that the paper has already forgotten, and that’s very good!

  11. Denis Vandepitte says:

    I agree with Alexander de Winter. If I reflect this on myself, at around 30, if I have a steady income and I could afford it, I’d probably also buy myself a tablet so I’d also have all devices. Between 16-25 the majority is still studying and probably thinks it’s all a bit expensive.

  12. Lina Chaoui says:

    I don’t know so much people who are over 26, so I can’t say that the results are true. But I can guess. I still prefer paper newspapers, so I believe that 26 years old people love to do it too. It is so chaotic on the internet.

    When I’m older, I will have money. And that comes with expensive devices like an iPhone, iPad (yes, I like Apple very much). If I have all these things, I don’t think I will read a paper or watch so much tv. I will do everything on these devices.

  13. Stefaan Tiepermann says:

    Even though the newspaper/magazine biz is in quite the crisis I’m sure they will somehow bounce back. It’s not that they will disappear forever. The mobile devices are replacing printed content but not entirely. Besides, not every paper/magazine provides digital content. Old fashioned.

  14. Gabriela Dos Santos says:

    This generation grew up with the technology evolution; they were probably the first ones to have access to internet at home, desktops, and laptops and so on. I think when you fallow the flow of evolution you want to try all new technologies so you can compare for example a laptop with a tablet.

    Due to the fact that they’re the biggest active working force of the population it is understandable that they are the ones with the most devices.

    On my point of view it makes a lot of sense to read the paper version of newspaper only in the weekend. I don’t think that when you work or have a busy life you find the time to read a newspaper properly, at least I don’t have.

  15. yaboydennis says:

    I also expect that the reason the young adults have more devices then the 16 to 25 category is because they need it for work (or because they work and have the money to buy these things).
    But that doesn’t mean they are (or will be) the most adepted to social media. The younger categorie of people are grown up in these social platforms and know everything about it, they are used to monitoring several platforms at once and keeping it all in order.
    The 26-40 generation will always have little bit of catching up to do.
    But this will happen to every generation at some time as new technologies come and go.

  16. Carla Moya says:

    In my opinion, it’s normal the big use of the digital media because it just brings facilities.
    I think reading paper version of the newspaper is more for a free day while you are having a coffee, but if you do it because you want to be informed of everything, online version allows you to check everything easily and without loosing much time, just focusing on the important things.
    Even though, I found the numbers in general very low, social media is going to increase for sure, and more with these young people that is living with it.

  17. Monaa says:

    This generation is like in the middle of the things going around about social media. They use digital media on a daily base but they though like to read the paper version of the newspaper or magazine. Well my sister is the same, she is totally in to all the social media stuff. But she does make time free to read the paper version of the newspaper.

  18. Matti Verhaegen says:

    I don’t have many friends from this category. But I think this is the category with the active digital immigrants in it. They are not born with the social media, smartphones, etc. but they are young enough to adapt. In that way they can join the group of the digital natives and follow the newest trends! I think that explains for the greater part why they use digital media. They have lately got to know what digital media was, now they know how to use it and they have discovered what the advantages are from digital media!

  19. Geoff Hendrickx says:

    People use digital media on a frequent basis but they also like the traditional media, for example the newspaper. I think people who are used to this will prefer using the paper version for another few years.

  20. Yolanda Van Mechelen says:

    The first comment my twenty-eight-year-old niece gave me when I asked her to fill in the survey was “I might as well be 40.” and I do think she’s right, 26-40 seems too much of an age gap for me to really have a clear view on the situation. Because I have cousins who’re around 30 and yes they do match what’s said here but then I have uncles who just turned 38 and 39, they don’t match the description at all so I think this age-group was to broad for these results to be really objective.

  21. Vince Campforts says:

    I can totally relate to those stats. My 2 cousins (+-30 years old) are exacly the same as the results say. They both own a smartphone, read the newspaper every morning and watch tv on a daily basis. I guess it’s hard to discard old habits.

  22. Devin Hendrickx says:

    I thinks this age group is the group, that will follow anything that is ‘mainstream’. Not a lot of these people are on tumblr,pinterest or any other social media platform that is not that popular. But almost all of them are on facebook and know the basics of social media.

  23. Sabrina R says:

    I (28) mostly find myself in these results and I really agree with Didier Van Hove and Monaa: We are the ones who really grew up with all the developments and took them on, e.g. I first learned how to use the word program and an internet browser in 5th grade… I played some funny black/white games on my dad`s ATARI and I remember the horrible sound the telephone line made when it tried to connect to the internet – and finally made it after like 20 mins 🙂 My first Nokia mobile phone was HUUUGE and everybody had the same one 😀 could go on like this…
    Conclusion is: as we grew up with that, we might be the most “exciting” group to do further research on this topic. I dare to say that we also might be the most flexible group as we always adapted to the new developments.
    Regarding the mix of using “old” (paper magazines and new things (social media, mobile shopping, owning all the devices,…): As long as both is there and we can afford to chose: WHY NOT? 🙂

  24. Markus Mutter says:

    I also read the daily news with my smartphone or with my tablet (because it´s mor comfortable with a bigger screen). Strange to say, but i think if i would still read a weekly magazine it would be strange to read it on a mobile device. So i propably also would prefer a paper verison of it.
    The advantage of reading newspaper online is that you get access to a lot of different ones and mostly you even dont have to pay for it.

  25. Daniela Proksch says:

    If I used paper versions of newspapers, magazines and co. to get the information I want I would need to go to the recycling centre every day in order to get rid of the huge piles of paper (by only reading 1 article in each newspaper btw). Also I would need to go to the kiosk like every 5 minutes to buy a paper edition, as the demand on knowledge is sudden. Don’t get me wrong – I actually LOVE reading newspapers in paper editions – but for me it’s not about the information but about the feeling & atmosphere behind it. Sitting at the breakfast table on a sunday morning, the smell of my coffee next to me, no time pressure and then thumbing through the crappy recycling paper – with that special newspaper smell in the nose 🙂

    Unfortunately I suspect that this “retro feeling” which we have because of nice memories of the past and because we saw this at our parents, won’t be felt by younger generations anymore because of course this didn’t belong to THEIR past experiences ever….

  26. Hatem Louati says:

    The speed of this development it scares me. In my first study which I finished in 2010 I had everything on paper (e.g. slides) and nothing digitally. Now, three years later it is just the opposite….

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