Media opportunities…change is bound to happen! – 16 to 25 yrs: We own digital media

1019 people were surveyed during the last 6 weeks by my students Digital Culture (Cross Media Management @ University College Karel de Grote – Antwerp) on their (digital) media ownership and usage. Today I’m launching a series of (daily) updates with the results of this survey. The first parts are the results per age category, my 5th and last update will contain overall results!

Part 1 – 16 – 25 year olds: We own digital media!

All 16-25 yrs are connected with digital one way or the other.  0% of this generation doesn’t have a PC, Lap Top, Tablet or Smart Phone, but only 20% own all of these media devices, and 60% off them owns a smart phone.  One thing is for shure 16 – 25 yrs are connected and have access to digital media (device).
If we take a closer look on how they access newspapers, magazines and television (traditional media) we see a different kind of story.

Newspapers aren’t dead yet!
Youth does read newspapers, but only 32% reads newspapers on a daily basis, while 7% doesn’t read any newspaper at all.  Those who read newspapers daily prefer paper newspapers (37%) over digital versions (31% uses the website on their PC or LapTop and 25% uses an app on their smart phone or tablet). The preference for the paper version is confirmed in the other categories of newspaper reading intensity.

Magazines are (almost)!
32% of these youngsters also read magazines on weekly basis, but 61% says they never read any magazine! Those who read magazines are loyal, but most of 16-25 yrs aren’t interested in magazines anymore! The how and the why wasn’t subject of this survey but will be part of the next!
Even more than newspapers youth prefers its magazines in a paper version (87%). For the moment digital versions through apps or website aren’t servicing the needs of these generation.

Addicted to the screen(s)
57% of the responding youngsters watches television daily, while only 1% said to never watch television. This generation still loves watching (ordinary) television using a traditional television (90%  of daily users).  But if we analyze the less frequent viewers, we see those young people also watching television using their laptop. (In the category “only watching television once a week” 46% said to watch television using a laptop, while 30% used a classic television (n=26).)
But those heavy TV users (n=283) aren’t only watching television, 70% is using its mobile device (tablet or smart phone) while they’re watching television shows. (If we only look a those people who own a smart phone or tablet this is 81%).  So television doesn’t have the sole attention of this viewers anymore!
If asked for second screen apps and interaction with television shows or channels they’re watching, 92% says they don’t interact with the TV show they are viewing. 28%/19% says he/she uses Facebook/Twitter to connect with a television show or channel.

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42 comments on “Media opportunities…change is bound to happen! – 16 to 25 yrs: We own digital media
  1. Magalie Descamps says:

    As this is my own generation, the outcome isn’t really a surprise for me. While I was reading this article I was compering everything to myself. I read the weekend-newspaper every week in paper. I would be able to read it digitally, but I manly don’t want to because I can’t fill out the Sudoku. I only read magazines when I really, really don’t know what to do. And when I do, I read a paper magazine. Television is for me something I can’t miss. I have many favorite programs and when I have to wait for an episode or miss one I go crazy. well, not crazy but I will be disappointed. That is why I love the app “Yelo TV” from Telenet. With this app I’m able to record my favorite programs when I’m not at home.

  2. Mª Teresa Poyo says:

    I am also part of this digital generation and as Magalie I found quite interesting to compare the general results with myself. In my case, I read the newspaper everyday in the online version because it is mainly free and it allows me to keep a copy of any interesting news I found.

    However during the weekend I prefer the paper version of the newspaper as well as for magazines because I consider it is a time to relax, enjoy and also a way to disconnect from this frenetic digital world.

    I was very surprised with the television results, still a lot of young people is loyal to traditional television. In my case I don’t usually watch traditional tv, I prefer to use my laptop so this way I can watch anything I want whenever I want!

    These results, and the importance that traditional media still has make me wonder if i it is just a matter of time that traditional media will start losing more and more presence in the marketplace or if they have an ensured place in it.

  3. Yannick Vercauteren says:

    I’m not surprised by this, but what did surprise me was how only 60% owns a smartphone. When I take a look at my friends that number is way higher. (90-95%)

  4. Lina Chaoui says:

    When I look at myself, I’m not part of the 60% with a smartphone. Just because my old phone works just fine. I read everyday a paper newspaper or magazine. But at the other hand, I barely watch TV, I am most of the time on my laptop.

    Actually, I am not surprised by the numbers and facts. This is a new life, internet is now in. Everyone has a laptop, computer or any other device to go on the internet.. Mostly to go on Facebook or Twitter,.. cause that is what we do on the internet.

  5. Monaa says:

    Now only 60% of the people between 16-25years old own a smartphone. But you will see if you do this same survey in 2 or 3 years you will see that at least 90% will then own a smartphone. The young generation is really in to this technology, on the other hand, the percentage of reading the newspaper daily is low, but not that low. What does suprises me is that they mostly read the paper version in stead of the digital. But then again in a few years i think it will all be digital.

    I do read the newspaper every day but then in the digital form. The percentage of teenagers who watch television is pretty high, but you can see also when people are watching televison they are mostly busy on their smartphone or laptop. Just like I do.

  6. Mats Blankers says:

    I, part of the 16-25 yrs group, read the newspaper every day in a paper version but also in the digital form. You have the same headlines but the other articles could be different. I think a lot of my peers read the paper version because their parents buy it or have a subscription.
    I’am not surprised by the results for television. We grew up with television and as I read in an other article 80% of our parents watch television every day. When we want to see an other program, we will watch it on our laptop. You don’t have to miss anything, we really can’t miss digital media. While watching television I’am always online via Twitter or Facebook.

  7. lislot says:

    I love paper newspapers and magazines! Call me old skool, but when you’re laptop crashes or your tablet runs out of power, you can’t even read your newspaper.

    What really surprised me is that only 60% has a smartphone! But maybe it’s just a matter of money, which the category between 26 and 40 can easily (or more easy) pay for.

  8. Max Heylen-Buelens says:

    Living without being connected to the rest of this generation is no longer possible. This generation just has to be able to find information on the internet or to be available on social media. That’s why they all possess at least 1 media device.
    The functions of these devices keep evolving. This might be the reason why so few people have all of the media devices mentioned in the article. For example, you can go on the internet with all of these gadgets nowadays.

  9. I beleive that people from my generation don’t have any other choice but to remain connected. Slightly we are forced to go along into the new media and it is smarter to embrace this than to remain behind and only make things harder for yourself. This is something our generation knows better.
    Thats why the 16-25 year old people have scored highest in this survey.

  10. Lara G.F. says:

    I am of this generation, and I have my smartphone, I have my iPad, I have my computer … actually if I’m honest, I use them, but to watch movies, listen to music, to do my work, to call my friends, to be at all times in contact with them. But the great traditions such as reading the newspaper and read my paper books, I have not lost and I think I will not lose unless never to end someday. But the essence you can have when you’re reading a paper book is not the same as the read it to you in a machine.

  11. petervankeer says:

    I am an absolute Media – tech – … freak, however you want to call it.. But sometimes I just need “the good old paper” in my hands. When reading a book, news, magazines, it’s almost always a paper version, (e.g. I can make notes in it, “pin” a postagenote on it…

  12. Denis Vandepitte says:

    The fact that 70% of tv-viewers uses a mobile device while watching television is easy to explain: commercials.. I don’t think many people use a mobile device WHILE watching tv. If that’s the case you would just be using your mobile device in front of the tv. I think people really turn away from tv durring commercials.

  13. adilkdg says:

    I totally expected this!
    im glad that i am part of this generation, it has a perfect balance, we are well aware of the technology since we have grown up with it. But did not forget the classic ways like reading a magazine or a newspaper!

  14. I think my generation (turned 20 couple weeks ago) is a bit of a phase generetion. We’re always connected through our devices but still can’t let go of traditional media.

    In my personal experience for example, I still love to read the newspaper on paper. If I’m on a train, first thing I do is search for a newspaper while I could perfectly check all the news on my iPhone.

  15. Gabriela Dos Santos says:

    The only statement that surprises me is that 61% never read any magazine. I seriously don’t believe on that, I think they didn’t understand the question. Magazines are extremely popular with teenagers, particularly with the girls.

    As someone posted here before I also think that our generation has no choice when we talk about being connected. Everyone owns a Facebook/twitter/whatever account and it is normal that you also want to have one yourself.

    Maybe doesn’t match with the research goal but when we see the results it is impossible to don’t think about how they are spending their time online. The question that remains is: “How are they interacting and what for”. Are they only interested on knowing someone’s relationship-status or posting them weekend photos or are they also using it as a tool to build their online reputation.

  16. Bart Van Bosch says:

    There is a logical explanation for the fact that we (16 to 25 years) are that active with social media and media in general. Every teenager in his own puberty has its own innovation. My parents grew up with a television e.g. They know everything about that device and they use is every day. We grew up with this innovation, so we are automatically more active with it than other generations. If you continue to think that way then it is also logical we own the social media and know everything about it. Reading the paper version of a magazine or journal is not really efficient then. Everything I want to know is online, so why should I pay for it and why should I go outside to get it?

  17. Kevin Velghe says:

    Expected results, but luckily we’re a generation that can still appreciate the paper version of a magazine, the newspaper, a book, etc.
    I didn’t grow up in a time where all of this (Facebook, online newspapers, eBooks, 24/7 internet connectivity) already existed, I’m lucky to have witnessed, and am still witnessing the growth of it all while very easily adapting to it.

  18. Didier Van Hove says:

    I still like reading printed media, but I also enjoy scrolling on newspaper sites. The same counts for magazines. I never watch ‘live’ TV, because I download everything and watch it afterwards. But that are mostly ABC/HBO series the day after they were aired in the States. I only have a portable computer. I don’t really have the need for anything else because for what I use it and for the time I use it, this is the best solution I can have. And I prefer the physical touch of something so I’m not really for those touchscreen devices.

  19. alejandro navalon says:

    Our generation grew up with all the electronic boom, we saw the evolution of cell phones to smart phones, from computers to laptops… i’m impressed with the fact that only 60% of the population between 16 and 25 have a smart phone. As far as i see everybody that i know has a smartphone and in the street i can see everyone (between those ages) with one. About the newspaper, i prefer to read a real newspaper and feel the paper in my hands rather than seeing it on a screen and i’m afraid we are going to lose them in a near future.

  20. Shahin Koobasi says:

    I don’t read printed media but on the internet or app on phone. I own a smartphone and laptop and PC. I only read magazines like 2 or 3 times a year. I watch tv on a daily basis, mostly along with my smartphone.
    One thing to people who say they don’t need a smartphone, indeed we don’t need one to life, but once you own one you can’t get back!

  21. Carla Moya says:

    I think we can notice the difference with a higher generation (26 to 40) in that we have grown when all this electronic was developing so we are more used to this things and we use them much more.
    I think we will notice even more difference when younger generations grow, we have to adapt to not become obsolete.

  22. Geoff Hendrickx says:

    I’m part of the group 16-25 yrs, I read every day the newspaper. It depends what type digital or paper but most of the time I prefer the digital form. Mostly I read the newspaper on my smartphone but when there is a paper version I read the paper version. What did surprise me was how only 60% owns a smartphone. When I look at the people of my age I think 80 – 90% will own a smartphone .

  23. Antje says:

    I belong to this group as well. When I compare the results to my live I fit to this group and the results very well. I don’t read a newspaper everyday but when then online. My television behavior is a little bit different. At my parents home I watch TV every day. But when I am in my flat (there is TV) I never watch. I use the Internet. When I’m home I use the old manners when I was little. When I’m in my place I found my own new ones.

  24. Sari says:

    I belong to this generation also. I own a laptop but not a smartphone. Nowadays you need internet for almost everything. You can’t even do your homework if you don’t have access to the internet. Back in Finland, smartphone would be really useful for me, because I spend every school day one and half hours on the train daily. So with my smartphone I would be able to do part of my homework already on the train. Actually, I think when I will return to Finland I will buy one.

    I don’t read so much newspapers or magazines. Usually if I read them, I read online newspapers via my laptop or my home PC. If I would have a smartphone I think I would read online newspapers via it also. Magazines I don’t really read anymore. Television programs though I watch almost daily, but from TV. Sometimes, but rarely, I watch them from my laptop. But when I watch TV, I really watch it. I don’t have a smartphone or a tablet, but if I would have I think I wouldn’t use them while I watch TV.

  25. Stefaan Tiepermann says:

    This part of the survey describes my way of using different sorts of media perfectly. Ofcourse I’m in this age category but I have to say most things are spot on. I love to watch television, practically on a daily basis. But, I usually have a second screen. Sometimes even a third. I’ve tried reading newspapers on a daily basis but my iPhone and laptop just won’t let me anymore. I can easily access news and all that’s happening in the world through my smartphone or laptop. Magazines on the other hand are different. I love cars, I love to buy car magazines and I love them in a paper version. In English. It just feels more real than reading a digital magazine, which is odd because it’s the complete opposite of what I stated about reading news/newspapers. I can’t really tell why that is but I wonder if the next generation will prefer only digital yes or no. We’ll have to wait and see.

  26. Annelies Mampaey says:

    Now a days, people really multitask. They read their mails on the way to the busstation, check facebook while they are watching a show on tv and tweet while taking a bath. It’s really creepy that people can’t turn off their phone for like an hour. We live in a community that always want to stay in touch.
    It isn’t surprising that we always want to be online. We are the generation that really grew up together with the technology. We still know the paper things like a book or a magazine but we also experienced the big bang of new media. Because everything was so new, we all wanted it back then. Now I can really enjoy reading a real book instead of an E-book. Maybe I’m a little nostalgic.

  27. I’m a part of this generation and i can confirm all the stats about this survey! When i’m watching TV, it’s with my MacBook or iPhone with me. Watching a movie or serie while i’m talking with friends on social platforms. I only read the paper newspaper for the sport section. Magazines are for when i visit the doctor or dentist.

  28. Matti Verhaegen says:

    We are the digital natives! Me and my sister are both in this category and we try to always follow the newest general trends. We both have a smartphone and laptop, and we have a collective tablet. We almost feel ourselves obliged to have the newest things. If we want to stay connected with our friends at any time, we must buy the newest products. If we don’t do that, we got comments of our friends that we don’t respond fast enough. We, indeed, own the digital media and we try to know everything about it.

  29. Yolanda Van Mechelen says:

    These numbers seem to reflect my own life, yes I do prefer everything digital, except when we’re talking about newspapers or magazines…
    Don’t call me, send me an email. Don’t give me a paper with an assignment on, make sure it’s on a blog somewhere. It’s what the internet did to us, everything has to be digital for our generation, we have to be able to access it from our computer/smartphone or tablet.

  30. Ernest Nwanu says:

    A true multitasker here. Watching TV with a laptop on my lap, and having my smartphone in my hands at the same time is not rare at all. The world we live in requires speed, and all this wonderful tech around us helps us.

  31. Manon says:

    Today, thanks to smartphones and laptops, there is still more opportunity to watch television. Indeed, one can for example watch TV in the bus thanks to our smartphone or watch replays on our laptop.

  32. Devin Hendrickx says:

    I did not except that so many people are still watching ordinary television. In my group of friends, very few of them are still watching television. A lot of people just watch series on their laptop, tablet or desktop. They are watching those series, without ever seeing it on an ordinary television.

  33. Vince Campforts says:

    Newspapers and magazines are my best friends when I’m drinking my coffee in the morning, when I’m at work and even when I’m on the toilet. As far as television goes, that’s decreasing in a downward spiral. It’s getting less and less every week. I just don’t have time to relax in the sofa and watch tv.

  34. I have to say; I’m not surprised by any of these stats. Even though I never/barely watch television, I know that a lot of friends do. And I can imagine them using all of their other media devices whenever a commercial or a boring show comes up! Also I prefer reading a ‘regular’ newspaper and a ‘real’ magazine.. An app cannot compare to the paper in your hands, I love folding it, solving a puzzle or even tearing out a piece that I want to keep or stick on the fridge!

  35. It is Bossche says:

    I prefer to read the digital version of a newspaper! Much more convenient, orderly and afterwards no problem with the trash!

  36. Andy Schnell says:

    I’m also part of this generation. The outcome isn’t really a surprise. Just the number of only 60% of people who owe a smartphone seems a little low. But if this is the fact i think this number will increase rapidly in the year 2013 to more than 75%. Today regular mobiles are dieing off and so there is only the oppotunity to buy a smartphone. Even when it is a stupid one.

  37. Sebastian Bühler says:

    Beside the results of the survey I would like to mention that web-enabled devices are omnipresent in our daily life. They seem to be smarter than having a newspaper in my bag. Checking news with smartphones is ok, but for serious “reading” the screen size is too small. This could be a reason why people prefer magazines in a paper version.

  38. Brigitte Ortlieb says:

    Not only the 16-25 years old are connected and own the digital media. Also the younger ones are tech-savvy digital youngsters, using all digital devices. They are growing up with the fact that all digital devices are ubiquitous and you get access to digital media whenever, whereever and whatever you want. But don´t forget: also the older generation is catching up – they don´t want to lag miles behind their children.

  39. Alexander Ehret says:

    I belong to this generation. I am always available on my smart phone. I find it great that the internet provides so many different opportunities. Nowadays many things can be done simultaneously such as watching movies or soccer while chatting with friends. I always read magazines and newspapers online.

  40. Philipp Notheis says:

    I am also part of this generation. The result of 0% of this generation (between 16 – 25 years) doesn’t have a PC, Lap Top, Tablet or Smart Phone. That is absolutely true, because everyone needs a PC or Laptop to get prepared for school, university or apprenticeship. That is a must in our generation…
    That’s what I expected.

  41. Maria Halasi says:

    I am part of this generation as well so I felt inclined to give my view on the subject as well. The findings sounds true to me, I see most of it on myself and by my friends.
    However the part “0% of this generation doesn’t have a PC, Lap Top, Tablet or Smart Phone” is I think not just about us getting more digital because we want to, but because it was “forced” on us by society. I remember when computers existed though, but we rarely used it, many of my classmates was even afraid to boot the PC. In my opinion these children (we were around 12 years old) wouldn’t have become this attached to these devices if at that time they hadn’t need to learn it to get at least a passing grade.
    What I would find interesting to have this research made in more countries and compare the results internationally. I am a hungarian, so my above opinion comes from my experiences in a hungarian school, so maybe we were a bit behind in digital development from west Europe, I am not sure.

  42. Alexander Ceulemans says:

    I’ve got the feeling that I’m totally fitting in my age group after reading this survey. Although I’m surprised by some results, 61% says they never read any magazine?! Besides that I think it’s normal our generation is addicted to the screens, we simply grew up with it. It’s remarkable that 70% is using their mobile device while watching television. Aren’t the television programs satisfying enough anymore? It seems like we desire more screens at a time and we are evolving to a more multitasking society, we want everything to go faster.
    Also I want to share an opinion with Maria Halasi that we are in some way ‘forced’ by society to own al these electronic devices, as she said in the previous comment.

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