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An afternoon in Amsterdam on consumer trends….exciting and confirming what we see happening around us. The hyperconnected individual who brings ON and OFF line together is here. Although this sounds like a paradox, individualism and connected society OR on and off-line, it is not. Next year will be about this individual, consumer or just ordinary person, who wants (and gets) more control over his life, his health, his expenses, his …. . And above all this connected individual doesn’t want traditional marketing or other 20th century models to help him out ordening and informing his life. Yes, you marketeer better be ready to shift into marketing x.0 to serve this individual.

It’s not information overload, you stupid, it’s infolust we’re taking about!
This connected consumer is confronted with a compelling amount of information, often called an information overload. Nevertheless this consumer has a true appetite for information AS long AS it is relevant for him/her. This is the big shift, where we used to be overwhelmed with information when we all searched Google, our connected customer has access to relevant information through spot on access points. For Instance JC Penny’s in store kiosks give customers relevant information on any item they want to purchase (reviews, additional information, …) OR C&A Brazil who equipped their clothing hangers with small screen which show the likes of the clothes on display, so you can see what’s hot and what’s not! Relevant information for you as an individual.
These examples also show how the online world is integrated with the off-line world.

As posted in my previous post, Do It Yourself health is also an example of this. But The British National Health Service (NHS) has gone one step further, asking their doctors to prescribe health apps to their patients. This way people can track and follow-up their own health. Research has shown that people who keep track of their health are less often ill (and this way save NHS a lot of money).

Marketeers move over, it’s customer time!
This has been the talk of town for a couple of years now, but recent numbers show a decrease in trust towards advertising or traditional marketing and a rise in trust from community or peer reviews, recommendations, …. A company or brand can regain this trust be being (or becoming) honest, open or just being genuine! It’s about your product or service, not about your image or campaign
Above this our connected customer surfs on the wave of “Make It Yourself”. This customers wants to be involved! So you need to bring this customer into your company/product/brand, and this is more than just collaboration, this is institutionalised co-creation.
These trends tend to freak out traditional marketeers, since they’re used to tell their story instead of building and creating a story with the (individual) customer. The individual between brackets is a rather important side-note to this, since you’re addressing to one individual. Social and database marketing will be the reference. And if I recall correctly, recent studies show marketeers aren’t to fond of and struggle with “big data”… To be continued!

Image http://www.coloribus.com/adsarchive/ambient-directmarketing-casestudy/ca-fashion-like-image-15513855/resizes/1600/

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20 comments on “Future Trends – Consumerism
  1. Jasmien Hendrickx says:

    Ik vind het een leuk idee, maar het lijkt me vrij duur. Dus ik denk niet dat het voor alle bedrijven weggelegd zal zijn en zo niet veel mogelijkheden zal bieden.

    • Jasmien Hendrickx says:

      I think it’s a good idea. But it’s also very expensive. I guess it’s not for all companies and it doesn’t offer a lot of opportunities.

  2. Christine Hofstätter says:

    I think it is true that a customer wants to have individual products. For instance, I don’t want to have the same house as my neighbours and I don’t want to wear the same clothes as some of my colleagues.

    Consumers want to participate in creating the product, which they are going to buy. It should be unique for them. That gives them a kind of powerful position as a consumer.

    This power of the customer is very well supported by existing web-technologies which offer users to contribute their experience with a product.

    The years are gone, where marketing changed our behaviour. Now we are changing marketing strategies!

  3. pauwelsnick says:

    It’s a nice idea but what is the value thereof? It will be too expensive for what it is.

  4. i don’t believe all consumers are really waiting for this kind of technology. I believe it’s good to involve consumers with the brand and to use new technology but the example of the clothes store which shows the like’s of clothes on display sounds just to “Pushy”. In my opinion the true individualists will not take kindly to this system because it almost forces you to buy something because other people like it.

    At least i know i still prefer to produce my own opinion about a product before i buy it even though reviews or additional information can still be good guidelines.

  5. I don’t think this kind of technology is really improving our way of buying things, clothes look different on everybody, what looks good on 1 person might not look good on another. Style is subjective.
    What I do think is true is that people will look at their own environment and listen more to people they know or to people that are not related to the product you are checking out. I draw from my own experience that when I want to book a vacation I ALWAYS go check out tripadvisor first, I need to know what other people think, not what the hotel thinks of itself (because this will always be good, I know, I watched “the hotel inspector”). I feel I can rely on these people that comment, because they actually spend time writing a review to help other people.
    In short; I think this technology might be a bit over the top but having other people’s opinion (people who are not related to the product) about certain other products can be really helpfull in actually finding a gem.

  6. Magalie Descamps says:

    marketers don’t like it but they have no other choice than excepting it. But never the less, old school campaigns are still important. This gets the conversation going. It is a good idea to adapt and to give your junior marketing manager a chance. It comes more naturally to him to understand the new and improved media world.

    Combining On and Offline will be a trend in the future. Your consumers want to be a part of your product, they want to be able to decide things that could be significant to your merchandise. Give them a chance to get involved in their favourite product.

  7. Julien Garnier says:

    I definitly agree with Bertien Van Peer, style is subjective and moreover, clothes are not making the people, their mind are making them ! Nowadays we definitly have an overload of technology in our everyday life ! Do you really need your phone or you tablet to choose some clothes ? c’mon !!! We are not thinking anymore, we are tools assisted ! TEchnology is really great buit in a certain amount of use. The big problem is also that people think they are really outgoing and aware about their relatives only because they are really present in social medias. This is not life ! Let your computer, tablet or whatever and go in the street, talk to the people, you’ll see it’s not as easy as in your virtual life. Sometimes, when i’m in a bar and i start talking to someone i really don’t know, thoses persons can really react weird at it; they are not used to it anymore ! This is called individualism and this individualism is increazing with the “connected life”………..We are assisting to the murder of the real life by the virtiual one…….if nothing changes, in some years (we will be probably already dead) nobody will go out from their place, really communication and oral exchange won’t exist anymore . We have to be aware of that !

  8. Gabriela Dos Santos says:

    This trend is all long happening; at least I see it almost daily. People are searching more and more for advices about the products they want to purchase via other customers. The famous “worth of mouth” communication is becoming more and more effective.

    How stores are going to interact with that on-offline behavior of their costumers is the big question. I just loved what C&A did in Brazil, very very creative! Must admit that I’m very proud since I am a Brazilian myself and I’m looking forward to check it with my own eyes.

    But I don’t think that companies are going to go so far. I’ll be already happy if they provide free Wi-Fi to its customers.

  9. Interactive shopping, this is the future, every store/product with its own social network where people share experiences, reviews and tips…

  10. Nicholas bellon says:

    I just hope that in the future offline connection to society will not be manipulated by marketeers. By ‘manipulation’ I mean modifications of these ratings done by companies so consumers will not get a truthful image of a specific item.

  11. It may be a good idea, but i don’t like it at all. When i buy clothes i don’t want to let other people know where it’s from or purchase it. I think it’s good for big clothing stores like H&M, if they can afford it. But it woulnd’t be possible for small retailers in Antwerp.

  12. Ernest Nwanu says:

    I can see this being popular with the ladies. Personally, I couldn’t be bothered. Too much input from others can influence your own personality (Which is isn’t always good)

  13. Monaa says:

    It looks pretty interesting but i also think to realise this it will be very expensive. Although if this would happen in the future I would use it.

  14. For me, I think that people are naturally insecure, they want to know what other people are wearing, so they can choose for themselves. For C&A, I think, this has potential. It’s an original way to get in touch with their clothing line. I think this is clever and original way of social media, although I only see this as a one-time-only stunt.

  15. Christophe Van Opstal says:

    I don’t see the added value of this, considering the cost, I as a company holder would not go for it. It’s like matthiasprovo said, it would be nice for a one time stunt. But I don’t think it will catch on as a trend to stay.

  16. Markus Mutter says:

    I think that will be a really big challenge in the next years. When the old, calssic marketing will ne replaced by the described new one, that will mean a lot of effort for the companies. It´s just completely new! But for me as a customer it could get very interesting … i´m excited …

  17. Benedikta Mathis says:

    is this really still a trend or is it already reality? i think it is hard to say ….

    the order question for me is … do we still need marketing experts for challenges like this or just creative customers????

  18. Manuel Frey says:

    I guess for fashion-ignorant people this marketing idea of C&A will work because it assists them on buying what is popular. But for those who want to be individual won´t use it. I mean who wants to have the same cloths like your classmates or your colleagues?

  19. Maria Halasi says:

    This is so amazing, especially about the health app the british doctors have to subsribe. Even in the lesson when I heard it I could hardly believe that something like this actually happens already. I think I really am behind in this digital development. Thank you very much for your lessons as well, I really learned a lot where my knowledge greatly lacked on this subject. These cases, examples put already some interesting ideas in my head. As well as a customer I look forward to experience this kind of things more in the future from companies, it seems for me that this trend will become the standard in the near future.

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