Converged Media Imperative

Today’s consumer is different from yesterday’s, since media availability is omnipresent to him. Everywhere he goes he’s got (almost) total media access (thanks to the mobile era he lives in!). Although advertisers, companies & brands most of the time are stuck in a traditional media paradigm, where media was paid (and gave access to your targeted consumer), today’s media pattern is different. It’s a (or at least should be) a mix of paid, earned and owned media. When using a good mixture of this media types, you get full access to your consumer and get a chance to really reach out and connect with him. The latest Altimeter Report shows that a true converged media campaign is the only way out to fully reach your customer.

Last May during the IAB Think Digital congress in Brussels, advertisers/agencies/brands/…. showed their fear of really using a converged media strategies using paid, earned & owned. “Let’s focus on the first screen instead of developing/implementing second screen strategies,” was one of the quotes of the day (read more on this congress here). While recent PEW research shows us that the connected viewer is amongst us! (More on the PEW report can be read here).

The altimeter report shows us that most of the time companies struggle with a true convergence of media types because of the blurred KPI’s and measurable outcome. With paid media it’s easy, you pay for an ad and know your potential reach (or have pay per clicks/click trough rates/….), all measurable outcomes. Even on your owned media it’s quite easy to see reach (visits on your company website, or fan page, likes, …), again measurable. But above all both media channels are controlled or introduced by the company/brand/agency. With earned media it’s different…with’s the (desired) measurable outcome or KPI on an earned channel. How do you measure engagement or true interaction? But earned should be the bottom line of every campaign.

The Altimeter report shows that a conversion between at least 2 media types is a must for future success. In it’s report it has a few examples on how current campaign run. A great example is the Clear Channel billboard campaign were Clear Channel makes the audience the media (sounds like “the media is the message”, not?). This is a true converged media campaign with cross over between owned and earned media.

Off course with converged campaign their come big challenges, but these challenges should be opportunities then great things can happen!

Fast Company – The future of TV is two screens, one held firmly in your hands
Altimeter Group – The Converged Media Imperative
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5 comments on “Converged Media Imperative
  1. Bart Van Bosch says:

    It’s a fact different sorts of media are a part of a strategy. But I think too much information is reaching for us. We’re overwhelmed by companies and brands with their advertisements. They say in the article that they must have 2 different media channels to reach for their consumer in a successful way… I hope next years are going to be a total reversal because I have enough with all the media arround in the world. Only 1 sort of media: earned media.

  2. Max Heylen-Buelens says:

    It is a good move to be active on as many media as possible to try to reach your potential customers. The more a person sees the logo or the name of a certain company, the bigger the chance he will remember it, or even become interested in it. It is good to give a potential customer the possibility to click through to your website, or show him that your brand has developed a new product or campaign.

  3. Jasmien Hendrickx says:

    I think this is a great chance for expanding business. For example : more than 50 % of my facebook friends love to play games on social media. If you somehow can connect what people love to do with your brand, that’s great. Because a lot of people get to know your brand without them realizing it. You also respond to their emotions, which leads to engagement with your brand.

  4. Thanks for finally writing about >Converged Media
    Imperative Flat World Business <Loved it!

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