Mobile 3.0 – How Context shapes our future life!

Qualcomm shipped their first contexual awareness platform for cell phones to SDK, who is embedding this in their Gimbal project. With the introduction of contextual awareness to your cell phone the mobile 3.0 era is starting. Your phone will therefore be able to interact with you based on the context you are in. Although this technology still is quite premature, it’s the first time context really touches mobile!

Although mobile history is only 15 years old, we’re already entering the third phase of the mobile revolution. The first phase was the traditional cell phone in which you can talk, and make telephone call with. The second phase came when the iPhone was introduced in 2007. Now you could touch the mobile screen, and a lot of interactive features were added to the mobile device (better known as smart phone by now.) And now, 2012, we’re entering the third phase (similar to the web 3.0 era), the phase were context is becoming important. Your device will start to communicate with you with respect for the context you’re in. No touching needed, the mobile device will know how en when you need it!
The first true ideas on contextual awareness in cell phones come from the Gimbal project (from SDK). In the next movie they show you how they see context entering your life through mobile.

Off course this will mean a new mindset of our users, regarding privacy and use of the mobile device! Since we haven’t got used to the second era of mobile connection (and all it’s interactive features), I think it will take a few years (maybe 2…) before this technology will take a high rise. But as always technology will enter quite early in development stages, so bugs and others faults can be fixed and minds can get ready to use this awareness technology.

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2 comments on “Mobile 3.0 – How Context shapes our future life!
  1. Christine Hofstätter says:

    On the one hand I am fascinating about the mobile era 3.0 but on the other hand I am afraid about its effect on our society.

    This mobile era will make our lives easier and more comfortable. I am sure that this applications offer us a lot of new possibilities to reach a higher standard of living.

    Nevertheless I have big concerns about its impact on people, especially on kids. These mobile phones are thinking for us! Our society will unlearn major things, like making decisions about your own life.

    In the long term I am a bit afraid of degenerating our society by using “thinking mobile phones”.

  2. petervankeer says:

    I saw the youtubemovie and I really wanted to say something about it. They present ‘Samantha’, and say she always gets email – texts – appnotifications,… She gets frustrated about it. I get that.. But then at ~ 2:40 they say she will get notifications from e.g. the pizzastore.. EVEN MORE notifications… How will that get her ‘less frustrated’…?
    And about the privacy, I think they’re a bit wrong too… The app will almost get to know you like a real ‘friend’. That’s not privacy! It’s still a device, with a company collecting your information!

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