The 4C’s of a Conversation Company Survey shows work needs to be done…step by step!

In his new book, The Conversation Company, Steven Van Belleghem introduces the 4C impact model (of a conversation company): Customer Experience, Conversation Management, collaboration Management & Content Management. With the (free) research report “The 4 C’s of the Conversation Company” Steven and Katia (Pallini) show that most companies in Belgium, Netherlands, France,Germany, UK and US aren’t (yet) a true conversation company. This research shows that:

  • Identification with the corporate image/values are necessary (for management) to impelement social media.
    If your manager doesn’t identify himself with the framework of the company values, it will be hard for him to show (and act) according these valeus with employees and all other stakeholders. And since social media shows everything (in the open – compelete transparancy) this lack of identification will be out and about on show for everybody.
  • High social media adoption but low social media integration
    Most companies are using social media (71%), but aren’t working with its true power and have social media integrated within their company culture (only 12% has).
  • 4C’s aren’t implemented yet….only 39% adopts customers experience, 24% is working on conversation management, while content management and collaboration managemnt are barely (19% and 16% ) being used.
  • The digital gap is growing….companies who are investing in becoming a conversation company today will continue this in the future, but companies who aren’t investing today won’t do so tommorow! Does this meand we’ll grow in to a business world of conversating companies and non-conversating companies (and which role will each play in this total business environment )?
    Off course some markets are more conversation minded then others, but in the end we all need to start the conversation & collaboration.
  • Companies who’re investing in the 4C’s have better employee satisfaction and recommandation rate then others.
    With your own employees as brand ambassadors you never can go wrong….(but for them to be your brand ambassador…a manager needs to be one by himself! – see first bullet!)
    Apparently it’s easier for smaller companies to do this…

The full report can be read in below, but with these 5 keye elements to take home….you can start building your own conversation company!

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One comment on “The 4C’s of a Conversation Company Survey shows work needs to be done…step by step!
  1. Mª Teresa Poyo says:

    Really good article. Nowadays, there has been a ” social boom” during which a lot of companies have made profiles in social media like Facebook or Twitter but without taking care of them. Social media does not have the ability to do magic! It is not enough to create a facebook, twitter or youtube channel and then forget about it. They are tools to connect adn engage with people, not to sell. Sales will come after engaging with your followers. If you give us truly useful content, we will share it with our peers because we believe in the company/ brand and then we and our peers will go an buy your stuff. By the way, that means we will be doing free advertisement for you! So please, stop with silly “promotion ads”, only useful content.

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