The state of the Internet – 8 snippets to remember regarding one major trend: mobile connection

It was that day of the year where everyone was waiting for. The day when Mary Meeker (KPCB) would present her new ‘state of the internet’ report at the “all things digital” – conference . As always the presentation contained many good insights and recent numbers on Internet and mobile usage of the last year. I’m taking out my 8 key -thoughts for the next year, but one way or the other they support a bigger picture: our mobile connected economy!

  1. Emerging markets drive the Internet growth.
    In 2011 Internet usage grew with 8% to 2,3 billion users worldwide…this means we haven’t yet touched the limit of Internet use, but it are emerging economies who gain the most users. So when you focus on internet growth, look for emerging markets!
  2. Mobile knows growth, but  doesn’t tip Internet penetration (yet)
    With an average growth of 37% mobile connection shure are rising, but highest penetration is still in developed countries.
    Although emerging economies like Brazil, India and China note more than 100% growth over one year time, penetration rate remains low.
    Mobile connection still will be the future and replacing wired connection….2012/2013 should be the tipping point (is being said!)
    (In India mobile usage surpassed desktop usage  in may 2012.)
  3. eCommerce & Mobile commerce are on a growth path
    E-tail,M-Commerce, F-tail,… new “terms” replacing (or added to) retail in 2011. E-commerce takes 15% of the retail, while mobile commerce is already up to 5%…we’ll probably see a high-rise in this types of shopping habits over the next years. Certainly when mobile takes a high-rise…
  4. Advertising still isn’t up to speed with Internet & mobile advertising
    (I’ve noticed this as well at IAB think digital)
    Most advertising budget is still being spend on traditional advertising channels, while Internet and mobile create huge opportunities. Especially print advertising should be reconsidered since time spend on reading is going down rapidly! (f.i.the end of Encyclopedia Britannica in print version)
    BUT (average) revenue (per user) on mobile is lower than on desktop!
  5. We love apps!
    App downloads in the iTunes store  have a steep rise over the last year. Everybody though iTunes music (cumulative) downloads were a success, but the (cumulative) app download in the iTunes store is many times bigger. Customers love apps, and adapting to the use of it much faster than music download (f.i.).
  6. Tablet and mobile are the new connectivity items (instead of land lines, desktops and lap tops)
    This means society thinks different about life stories, news and information flow, note taking, drawing, photography, …. every one of these items is digitalized (one way or the other!)….thanks to mobile apps, Facebook, …
    AND don’t forget we’re still in the early stages of this chance….the “best” is yet to come and will be overwhelming. Our society is going to a transitional phase at this moment…
  7. “Made in the USA” when we talk mobile
    In 6 years time US made mobile operating systems (iOS, Android & Windows Mobile) have replaced others in the market (having 64%, market share at the moment).
    USA taking the lead again in technology…
  8. Bubble or not….
    Time will tell…With recent IPO’s of social (media) companies the talk of the town became reality…most company value was overrated which made stock market price drop…is this the social bubble…we’ll see. One thing we know for sure, social media companies will think twice before valueing their company the next year

For the full presentation:

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