Googles Glass project becomes reality in 2013…maybe!

For a few days now buzz around the new Google glasses is up again.
It was early 2012 when Google said they were developing a glass interface to explore and connect the world…Off course Google is developing all kind of things (phones, tablets, ….) but somehow they never see the light of day. With Google glasses I tend to think different.  The last few weeks Google employes were spot with glasses on, but on friday Google co-founder Sergey Brin will appear on Current TV with his Google glasses on. To proof this is the real stuff the host Gavin Newson tried them on, a could experience the “abilities” of the Google glasses. attached you can find footage of this episode (which was released by the station already). From chatting to mailing over mapping and routing to checking in and explore everything is possible with the Google glasses.  Project Glass: one day… gives us a demo on what’s possible in the near future since Sergey Brin announced that it might be possible for Google to get these glasses on the market no sooner than in 2013….Let’ wait, and see!

Glass project: one day


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17 comments on “Googles Glass project becomes reality in 2013…maybe!
  1. Lina Chaoui says:

    I think it’s all cool and nice and stuff, but I’m never gonna buy this. It will make me more dependent of internet en I really trying to avoid that. If people will ware these glasses, How can you ever start a conversation to someone in the bus or train?
    The person with these google glasses will keep his attention to it, not to people or even nature around him. I hope it will be a rage and not something that will stay for ever.

    For me is it a ‘no go’.

  2. Alexander De Winter says:

    How do you actually connect with this pair of glasses? It’s not pleasant when your smartphone doesn’t react or when it does something else that you didn’t want. But how do you control this? Are we not getting too dependent on electronic devices?

  3. Michal Kowalski says:

    For me this is a prelude to what will come in about 15-20 years from now. If you’d study some of the works of people like Ray Kurzweil or Michio Kaku (futurologists) you’d get the same impression. These guys predict that within two decades we’ll have electronic compartments implanted into our bodies,we’ll be re-programing some of our genes. It might sound like science fiction,but to people from the begining of the XX century what we can do know would be science fiction as well. Personaly I don’t think I’ll get Google Glasses,mainly because I’d become totally dependant on the knowledge it can provide me due to constant Internet connection. On the other hand I’m almost certain that such sollutions will be soon unavoidable.

    For anyone who’s interested in the predictions of what developements in means of industry and science are going to be introduced in the next 40 years I recommend a movie “Transcendent Man” – documentary with Ray Kurtzweil himself,talking exactly what will happen to us and to the world in particular dates.

  4. Im not sure this concept will work, i don’t think people like me who don’t “have” to wear glasses will want to buy glasses and wear them all the time. Another disadvantage is that the glasses will allways be visible, everybody on the street will notice if you use these glasses and this will inevitably attract theives. Altough this visibility might also become an advantage like when the ipod ears first popped up on the streets and everybody wanted them.

    Overal i don’t think people will want these glasses i don’t see what they can offer more than the smartphones of today.

  5. petervankeer says:

    It could be something nice… But imagine wearing this while your cycling, riding a car… It could kill us! People are already distracted so much by a text message that makes your phone vibrate.
    A smartphone with all those possibilities is already enough for me.
    Still.. it’s a nice idea.

  6. Julien Garnier says:

    Are they kiding us ? What kind of civilisation will humans be in the future ? People who can’t even do something by their own ? Totally assisted ?
    This is an awfull project, slaving the humans and i don’t even speak about the rape of our privacy ! I’d really like to have a look on their security protocoles….. Every hacker will be able to know what your are doing and see everything ? Will our world lookalike 1984 from George Orwell ?
    I pretty liked the moment in the video when the guy is buying a book ! This is a nice joke from the advertisers ! I mean this had has glasses which permit him to be connected at any moment and so download a book at any moment but no, in this technology world we would still buy books……kill me !

  7. Nicholas Bellon says:

    All I can think of is the movie Minority Report from 2002. When I first saw this movie I knew that the scene where Tom Cruise uses the touch sensitive glass would be the future someday (as shown in this picture : I’m really looking forward to glass cellphones, glass mirrors and other applications. I just hope people will not get lazy and will have the discipline to disconnect from it every now and then.

  8. alejandro navalon says:

    in my opinion this glasses are amazing with them you would be able to do everything you do in your laptop whenever you want and even more when they improve the glasses. The problem is that you can turn on a slave of this glasses and that’s not the point, i think you should wear this glasses only when you need to, not because you are hooked and you can’t stop using them. If that happens there will be a really big dependence problem.

  9. Beatriz Polo says:

    this could be of course a breakthrough, making our life even easier than now, but i think this will be just the missing piece to stop having a social life, you would be all the day with your glasses conected to internet without beeing aware of what’s in front of you except for that glasses. i imagine people in bars and restaurants with their friends and all with the glasses, paying attention to what’s on internet instead of talking with your friends..i dn’t think this will be such a good idea.

  10. Shahin Koobasi says:

    It’s more of a “cool” gadget than anything else. Like some said it can be dangerous if using while driving or riding a bike. Can be used by techie freaks but not for the mainstream I’m afraid.

  11. The students of XM2 made this before it was Mainstream 😛

  12. Andreea Bucur says:

    It is interesting, but if some day they put it on sale, I do not buy it. It seems to me exaggerated. Already the smartphones do much for us, and make our lives easier if we are regular users. But if those glasses are going to exist I think that is something a bit extreme, because people who will use it will be simply connected more to an object than a person. It is nice to have social relationships with people, not through an electronic product. They want us to be totally assisted? it would seem that you are in a video game. This product is not something that is going to fascinate me. I see it like something very innovative, but I don’t like it.

  13. Jesse ten Hoor says:

    I think this particular device will remain a ‘gadget’, even though the technology behind it is amazing of course. The thought behind it, however, is part of a more general trend I would say. People all over the world are getting more and more interactive, which means that trends like these will become parts of our lives within, let’s say, 10 to 20 years. The funny thing is that nobody exactly knows what will happen. A classic example is of course the availability of internet on your smart phone. 10 years ago people had no idea that mobile internet would become ‘mainstream’, and look at where we are now…The point I want to make is that, despite all experts on social media, NOBODY knows what the future will bring.

  14. Monaa says:

    This looks very interesting but I wouldn’t really go for it. I would probably try it out but using it every day I think that would be a little annoying. I guess if this would ever become reality, people would only be busy with their glasses and the world would become totally different. I mean guess you are sitting on the bus and every person on that same bus has a pair of glasses on and are checking their facebook or having a chat. I think that would also be really annoying.

  15. Christian Graf says:

    This is a interesting new technology, but why do you like to be your whole day digital?
    I don`t like to have a relationship with a electronic device, wich offer me new discounts, products,….or even new friendships!!

    So we will see how it is ending in a couple of years.

  16. Marc Eberle says:

    the future must be to connect offline with online… and the glass Project is a perekt way to make this Connection in the everyday life! there is more than just a big opportunity for Google, to develop a medium which connects off and online than perfect to get part of the daily Routine!

  17. Juergen Fink says:

    The basic idea of google glasses is really great. It has the potential to replace mobiles, tablets and desktop computers. All these devices which we are using nowadays are just a poor interface to the digital world. One difference remains. I personally wear glasses. This means I wear them all the time. So with google glasses first time ever I will be “online” really ALL the time when I am awake. This might influence the way we personally interfere. I often find it very nice to be in the mountains with friends at places where there is no network access. Sometimes I find that people start to feel uncomfortable without being online what I find a bit strange.

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