The Instragram added power for Facebook

With more than 40 millions users who are sharing pictures through the Instagram network, Instagram has given a whole new meaning (and destination) on photography in the 21st Century. While Kodak is fainting away, digital and mobile photography has taken over….with Instagram taking the lead.

Easy vintage photography and sharing through the Instagram-app, has got a lot of people enthusiast on taking pictures with their smartphones. The smartphone (thanks to the miniaturization of the camera and lenses) is replacing the classic digital camera. Together with better camera quality and instant sharing in the social networks, social photography is taking a high-rise over the last year. Instagram grew over 1600% in 1 year…. And when we speak social, Facebook is present (as leading social network). Most Instagram’s pictures were shared through the Twitter network, so Facebook needed to take action on this (keeping is status as market leader), and take over Instagram with a staggering 1 bio dollar bid.

In my opinion Facebook has 2 major benefits with this acquisition:

  1. owning the biggest (and -for the moment – hyped) social photography platform, which makes integration with Facebook easier. Zuckerberg will probably keep the Instagram platform and brand alive, but will probably makes picture sharing through Facebook easier, while gaining access to all the millions of data in the Instagram network.
    Since Facebook one and only true money driving asset is data, more data gives better insights, so more money can be made….
  2. making shure Twitter doesn’t buy Instagram and getting the lead in sharing the Instagram pictures through the Twitter network. Off course we can still share our Instagram pictures in the Twitter network, but Facebook will know our data.

With the IPO of Facebook this week, the Instagram deal gives some added power and value to the opening bod and valuation of the Facebook Stock. Let’s see where this will take us, when Facebook goes public and how stock prices will react in the near and mid future!?

In the added infograph Instagram’s big numbers are listed and give nice insights of the true power/value Instagram is adding to the Facebook wallet.

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7 comments on “The Instragram added power for Facebook
  1. To be honest I never use instagram and the reason for that is mentioned in the text: “facebook uses your data”.
    I must be honest that it is very easy to share pictures with your friends via instagram. But it is just a trick from facebook so that you share even more information about your personal life.

    Now almost every person had a smartphone with a camera and all the social media sites get overloaded with pictures from everything.

    The only reason why facebook is connected with instagram is that they could earn more money with this free social media page.

    What i don’t like is that facebook earns alot of money thanks to us…
    more data = more money

  2. Alexander De Winter says:

    I think the war between Facebook and Twitter is growing. Last week Instragram announced that they are going to minimalize the connection with Twitter in the hope that people would come to Instagram to react en share their photos. When you share an Instagram picture on Twitter you only see a small picture instead of the normal sized photo.

  3. Helsen Jonas says:

    First of all: update! This week, Twitter has stopped the cooperation with Instagram/facebook. It’s no longer possible to see photos, made with instagram, directly on Twitter. And this after a long series of discussions and frustrations. I find this unpleasant. I only posted my insta-pics on Twitter. Fortunately, Twitter is busy developping their own app with filters. I’m curious! Go Twitter!

  4. Good move of Facebook, has some really nice potential!

    Facebook (FB) + Instagram (I) = FBI :p

  5. Andreea Bucur says:

    I am a user of Instagram, but knowing that facebook shares this information, I just use the application to upload photos of places, things, animals, … but not pictures of me or my family or friends. I think it was a good choice that Facebook made to buy Instragram, because they monopolized this application and its users. I’m sure there were people using Instagram on Twitter , and now they still use it on Facebook. Therefore, Facebook maybe won more users.

  6. Devin Hendrickx says:

    Like Jonas Helsen already said, Instragram is no longer useful in twitter. it’s just a link to your Instagram page instead of a photo on your twitter account. Now twitter is making their own filters but I’m seriously frustrated that i can’t no longer use Instagram on twitter. I loved the fact I could combine my social platforms and don’t have to share a picture on every platform separately. Now twitter and their effects are pretty standard and very similar to those from Instagram, but I miss the fact that I could post one picture on one platform. Share the picture with one click over all over my platforms and having people reacting and liking it on every platform seperatly.

  7. Christophe Van Opstal says:

    Instagram has had it’s best days I think. There a lot of privacy issues since the company was recently bought by Facebook. As we all know Facebook doesn’t care about your privacy. Add-up the bad twitter support and you see why this app has lost it’s charm. And the filters are horrible by the way!

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