Millennials, Technology & Education

Recent study of University of Ghent says most youngsters (millennial) own a smartphone (81%), BUT use it to text message ( an average of 71 messages a day).  This because online connection is to expensive (most of the time). Together with a couple of recent infographs on technology, millennials and education, I feel safe to say our youngsters are tech “nerds”. They never knew a society without mobile and connected technology….Off course this has an effect on their life, 70% of US students (but I see similar things happening in Belgium as well) take digital notes, 38% of US college students check email every 10 minutes (f.i.) – talking about compulsive behaviour –  but only 6% of teenagers use Email to communicate (so we already see new patterns between college students and teens).

More interesting stats and numbers can be found in both infographs.

Source: De Standaard [Belgian Newspaper], 8/5/2012 & Mashable

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3 comments on “Millennials, Technology & Education
  1. Mats Blankers says:

    I think it’s true that we, millennials, can’t miss our cellphone, smartphone anymore. We use it as a diary, notebook, calculator and camera. We even read the headlines of the newspaper on it and last but not least we use it to post messages on Twitter and Facebook or sending text messages.
    We go to school with our laptop, smartphone and some books. We take notes on our laptop, we can find messages from school on blackboard, where we also can find our results. Everything is going digital, although there are some teachers who still remain to the old system and don’t allow computers in class.

  2. Beatriz Polo says:

    Nowadays if we lose our smart phones i think we would be lost, because we have all the information we need there. For instance if we need to search for something related to school or university we get our phones and search for it there. If we need some information about anything that’s surrounding us we look for it in the phone, we even use it for the camara, to comunicate with everyone, as a lantern, as a calculator, to play games…etc. In this days you need your phone for everything, even adults so we can imagine the kids that have grown with this devices…in my opinion they will never know to live without a smart phone.

  3. Bart Van Bosch says:

    I really hope this evolution continuous until pen & paper isn’t used anymore. It has a lot of advantages: less paper waste, correcting notes is much easier, only thing to carry to school, …

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